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Stephan Davis Bio, Age, Job, Love In The Jungle

Stephan Davis was tired of modern dating when he signed up for Discovery Plus’s Love in the Jungle. But little did he know that he’d be assigned “Bee” as his animal persona and to make things harder, he wouldn’t be allowed to communicate with others.

This Stephan Davis Bio explores his life.

Stephan Davis On Discovery Plus’s Love In The Jungle

Discovery Plus’s Love in the Jungle premiered on May 8, 2022, and it saw 14 “sexy” singles including Stephan Davis, who each identified as an animal they feel best resembled their personality and were ready to let their animal instincts find love for them.

Our star, Stephan, after a bunch of different personality evaluations, was assigned the persona of a “Bee” — as he was always buzzing around his classmates. “I was like ‘Wow, I dance around, I’m kind of that person when I’m in a room, anyways.’ So, I guess it correlates,” he acknowledged.

Also, Stephan added that Bees’ way of communication was dancing — “They do it for different reasons, like locating the best flower or signaling that they want to mate.” So, guess, we might be seeing a lot of “Stephan dance” as his mating ritual on Love in the Jungle.

Furthermore, besides getting into their animal persona, the contestants weren’t even allowed to talk. This gave the singles a unique way to look at things. Being stripped of every kind of superficial peripheral thing, they learned to trust their gut not only with physical attraction but emotional as well. 

“It was very difficult without words, but you can give them a little nudge on the shoulder to show that you’re interested. It almost comes from a place of being playful, so that was cool,” Stephan explained. 

As for Stephan, it was definitely in the eye contact.

But on the flip side, Stephan mentioned that the hugging and the kissing were almost amplified, to show affection when they couldn’t talk.

The inaugural season of Love in the Jungle was filmed on a private eco-reserve in Colombia.

“They’ll fight like aggressive toads, strut like flamingos, and bellow like red deer,” an official press release read.

Is Stephan Davis Dating Anyone?

Stephan Davis’ dating life as of early 2022 was kept a mystery. Because where’s the fun if we already know who he ends up with, or if he comes out from the show single.

Meanwhile, just bear with all the cringeworthy moments, from astronomically impossible tasks to outrageous animal mating rituals, if you want to know who’s Stephan’s girlfriend.

Stephan Davis Age

Stephan Davis was 31 years of age when  Love in the Jungle premiered in May 2022.

However, he was 30 years of age when he first started filming the show.

Stephan Davis Job

Stephan Davis is a behavior specialist who especially worked with mentally disabled people.

Besides that, Stephan is a model who’s worked with companies and individuals like Sprayground, Kwabs Couture, Sebastien Schutt, and MYKO. Also, he’s graced the ramps of the Fashion Week Brooklyn kick-off event in November 2017 and the AIC Fashion Show in 2014.

Overall, Stephan has been continuing his passion for modeling alongside his day job for over 5 years. He did print, runway, high fashion, streetwear, and fitness modeling. But he was also open to expanding and working with more creatives in the area of modeling.

As for his education, Stephan graduated from Newfield High School in 2009 and went on to join American International College. During his time there, he played five basketball games off the bench (season 2011-12) — scored two points with one rebound at UMass Lowell (1/3), and scored a season-high six points with one rebound and one blocked shot at Stonehill (1/17).

Also, Stephan was on AIC’s football team.

Is Stephan Davis On Instagram?

As of May 2022, Stephan was on Instagram @stephan_davis12 with 2.1k followers. Most of his posts then flaunted his single modeling pics. However, over a few, we saw him accompanied by the likes of Katt Rardi.

Also, here’s his Facebook page.

Stephan Davis Height

Stephan Davis stands tall at a height of 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm) and weighs 97 kg (215 lbs).

His body measurements are — Neck: 41 cm, Waist: 81 cm, and Sleeve: 107 cm. Also, he wore 11 US shoes.

Mentioning his district features, Stephan has brown eyes, dark hair, and a ripped body with tattoos all over it. His most prominent tattoo would be the owl with spread wings over his chest.

Stephan Davis Family

Stephan Davis didn’t talk much about his family.

However, we do know that he was born to his parents, Rohan Davis and Winsome McLeod.

Here’s his mother’s FB.

Information about his siblings wasn’t shared.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Stephan Davis Birthday?

Stephan celebrates his birthday on January 21st, making him of the Aquarius zodiac.

On his 30th birthday, he took it to his FB to wish himself, “Made It To see another year feeling thankful & Blessed 🙏🏾🙌🏾 #Thisis30 Happy Birthday To Me.”

  • Where Is Stephan Davis From?

He hails from Selden, N.Y.

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