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Bella Ho Bio, Age, Mom, Boyfriend, Job, House Of Ho

HBO Max’s reality TV series, House of Ho, is about a crazy rich Vietnamese American family living in Houston, Texas. In the first season, we not only saw the opulent lifestyle of the Ho’s but also the drama and cultural clashes that unfolded within the intergenerational Asian family. Back for Season 2, House of Ho is bringing in some new family members–cousins Kim and Bella Ho, and delving into some serious subjects like divorce and IVF struggles.

Find out everything you need to know about Bella Ho in the article below.

Meet Cousin Bella Ho On HBO Max’s House Of Ho

The first season of House of Ho told its viewers the story of Binh and Hue Ho, who left Vietnam in the 70s and immigrated to the US. In the US, they learned to speak English, started doing jobs at gas stations, and gradually created a real estate and banking fortune.

The show also introduced two of their children–Washington and Judy–and other characters like Washington’s wife Lesley, his cousin Sammy, and aunt Tina.

Bella and Kim are the newcomers this season. Bella, Ho’s younger cousin, returned to Texas after studying nursing in California sometime in 2021.

On July 18, 2020, Bella posted  a throwback picture from her childhood with her cousins/co-stars, Jude and Washington with the caption that read: ‘Aint nothing better than family.’

Like the rest of Ho family members who appeared in the first season, Bella revealed that her reality required some adjustment coming into the show House of Ho.

“The first day [filming], it felt really weird. They’re always like, ‘Act like the camera’s not there.’ With three cameras in my face, I don’t know how to do that,” Bella told the Houston Chronicle.

Who Is Bella Ho Mom?

According to, both of her parents are breadwinners of the family; one’s a singer and the other an entrepreneur. Her family structure and upbringing were quite different.

Bella Ho is the daughter of famous Vietnamese American singer Thanh Ha. Thanh had her first experience with a singing competition while during a beauty contest in the refugee camp in the Philippines, she sang for the talent part of the competition in front of an audience. She even won a $150 prize and was surprised to see that so many people liked her voice.

Later, Bella’s mom, Thanh immigrated to the US under the Vietnamese Amerasian American Homecoming Act.

Bella has publicly stated that she’s grateful for everything that she has because of her mother. But, she also admitted that her relationship with her mother is complicated. “For the past 10 years, I’ve tried so hard to be the daughter that she wanted,” Bella said in a heart-wrenching voice in episode 4.

Bella Ho Dad

Andy Ho is Bella Ho’s dad. A resident of Houston, Texas, Andy is a Business Management Consultant at PB Commercial. For education, he attended The University of Texas at Austin and Eisenhower High School.

Taking to Instagram on June 21, 2021, Bella posted a picture with her father with the caption “The best dad.” Later, Bella also featured her dad on her TikTok.

House of Ho star is also close with her mom’s boyfriend or her step-father, Roland Casiquin Jr. About Roland, Bella once told, “He is a very enthusiastic, psychological person and never gets angry with me no matter what…”

In fact, Bella also wrote an essay about her respect for her stepfather when she was in school. Roland was moved to tears after reading her essay.

Bella Ho Age

Reportedly born in the year 1999, Bella Ho’s age was 23 as of August 2022.

Does Bella Ho Have A Boyfriend?

Bella Ho’s relationship status was not clear as of this writing. We did not know if she had any boyfriends or not coming into the show House of Ho.

Once on September 2, 2020, Bella did post a picture with a guy named Bryan. But with the caption “Happy Birthday B. Here’s to over 6 years of friendship, ” it looked more like they were more friends than a couple.

Bella Ho Job

Despite coming from an artistic family, Bella Ho chose to be a nurse and enrolled in a nursing college in California. She completed her nursing studies in 2021 and moved to Houston.

In 2022, Bella’s mother Thanh commented that her daughter is an independent person who can take care of herself while she is away with her artistic activities.

In an interview when asked about how Bella’s mother feels about her daughter entering showbiz, Thanh shared that she wants her daughter to complete her studies first. Once she completes her studies, then the mother and daughter can have time to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of her jobs.

Bella Ho Height

Thanh Ha’s daughter Bella Ho possesses a hybrid beauty, a toned and hot body, and stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Bella Ho On Instagram?

Bella Ho’s Instagram username is @ysabellaho and she has more than 16 thousand followers on her account. You can also find her on TikTok.

  • Where Does Bella Ho Live?

Bella currently lives in Houston, Texas. While studying nursing, she lived in California.

  • When Is Bella Ho Birthday?

Bella Ho celebrates her birthday in the month of September every year. On September 17, 2021, Bella posted a couple of hot pictures of hers and wrote “22” in the caption

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