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Kim Ho Bio, Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Job, House Of Ho

Kim Ho is the cousin of Washington Ho who viewers met in season 2 of HBO Max’s House of Ho. She is one of the fresh new faces appearing in the show. Along with her, we will also meet Bella Ho, Tran Nguyen, Vanessa Kon, Carlton Kon, and Tammy Gee.

In this article, we will focus more on Kim. Everything from age, job, parents, and boyfriend we got it all covered here. Hence, tag along with this Kim Ho bio and learn more about the new cast of the House of Ho.

Meet Cousin Kim Ho On HBO Max’s House Of Ho

Kim Ho is one of the younger cousins who is the star of HBO Max’s House of Ho. House of Ho is a television series that centers on a well-to-do Vietnamese American family in Houston, Texas. It follows patriarch Binh Ho and every member of his close-knit family, including his children Washington and Judy as well as their influential cousin and disobedient aunt.

The first season of the show focused on the lavish lifestyles of The House of Ho cast members as well as the drama and cultural tensions that arise within an intergenerational Asian family.

According to the teaser, Kim encourages Lesley to get more in touch with her old party side. She revealed to the Houston Chronicle that her and Bella’s stories will revolve a lot around the generational divide in their family.

“Between me and Bella, I think there’s a perspective we bring that’s different from the older generation that was struggling with being displaced from Vietnam and starting fresh,” she said. “Our struggle is showing appreciation for the sacrifices they made for us, but sometimes that can be detrimental to our mental health. Our parents, all they could think about was for the family to succeed and to get food on the table.”

When Kim signed up for the show, she felt very weird during the filming. Her cousin Bella added, “The first day, it felt really weird,” Bella says. “They’re always like, ‘Act like the camera’s not there.’ With three cameras in my face, I don’t know how to do that.”

Kim Ho Age

Kim Ho is reportedly born in the year 1996. Hence in 2022, she is 25 years old.

Who Are Kim Ho Parents?

For Kim Ho, being on House Of Ho is an opportunity and a blessing because she could do a project of such nature with her parents. She was happy to represent a Vietnamese family who carries Asian-American dreams with them.

She told Refinery29 Australia, “So if there’s anyone out there who feels like they’re alone, they’re able to see that [we’re] facing the exact same things, maybe with a little bit luxury in between. But at the end of the day, bare-bones, we’re experiencing the same problems that [others] face individually and as a family.”

During the interview, Kim shared that her parents are traditional. Going by the Vietnamese tradition, her father became the breadwinner of the family meanwhile her mother worked as a homemaker.

Kim’s mother was never rebellious about her role in the family. In fact, she took it as her own responsibility to teach Kim all the Vietnamese traditions. She said, “For the longest time, my mum really wanted me to have a similar lifestyle so she prepared me to be the perfect Vietnamese wife. She made sure I was aware of all the Vietnamese customs, and [made] sure I was able to cook and support my family, which is super cool.”

Kim revealed that her mother never attended high school or college. But, she appreciates the education that her mother bestowed on her. She explained, “What I’ve learned here is that there is importance in honoring your family sacrifices, but it’s also important to live for yourself as well.”

Her parents had wished her to skip college and marry a rich. Although Kim understands her parents’ sacrifices and she carried out their wishes, she felt like she lost a bit of herself during that process.

So, going against her parent’s wishes she attended college and she confirmed to Hollywood Life that was able to learn even more about her culture while learning more about herself.

Meanwhile, Kim also spoke with Houston Preview and added that Asian cultures are not taught to say “I Love You”. Instead, they show love through action which she enlisted such as “cutting up fruit or a home-cooked meal”. She said that her father has an app on his phone to remind him of when each of his four children needs an oil change.

Kim Ho Job

Kim Ho from House Of Ho is an aspiring dermatologist. In May 2018, she finished her MBA studies at UC Berkeley. While there she was also a part of Sigma Phi Omega Zeta sorority.

More from her LinkedIn, Kim attended the University of Houston where she was working as an undergraduate researcher. She worked in that role for only three months. She worked as an MBA Program Marketing Assistant at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Kim is also working as an Undergraduate Researcher for the Patel Lab in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology.

Coming to her net worth, while the exact fortune she has is unclear but it should be under $500K.

Kim Ho Boyfriend

At the time of this article in 2022, Kim Ho is likely happily single. She either doesn’t share her dating life publicly and keeps it a secret or is currently focused on her career.

Is Kim Ho On Instagram?

Yes, Kim Ho is on Instagram. Her IG handle is (@thienkimho).

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Kim Ho?

Kim Ho is a beautiful lady with dark brown hair. She stands tall at a moderate height of under 5’6” inches.

  • Where Is Kim Ho From?

Kim Ho is born and bred in Houston, Texas, and calls the place her hometown. He has also lived in California for a few years.

  • When Is Kim Ho Birthday?

Per Instagram, Kim Ho celebrates his birthday on 18 November.

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