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Ben Belack Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, Married

After the premiere of Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills, viewers saw Ben Belack speaking about his current standing at The Agency. While viewers got to learn a few things about his professional career, his romantic life also piqued the interest of the fans of the show. Is he married? Does he have any kids?

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Ben Belack On Buying Beverly Hills

Ben Belack is one of the cast members who you’ll see in Buying Beverly Hills, the latest offering of Netflix. Per his bio, he is a self-proclaimed social media expert and a senior agent. This is not his first on-screen gig as he had also starred in shows such as Veronica Mars and Jane the Virgin.

The new show revolves around Mauricio Umansky’s international real estate empire, The Agency, although in this series, the agents are located in the 90210.

Ben Belack Net Worth

Ben Belack moved to Los Angeles to be an actor. To support his acting career, he was waiting tables and one person who told him that he would be good at real estate changed everything for him in around 2010. However, he needed to change his career path so he worked for three years without any salary.

He found his mentor in Keller Williams. After two years, he joined The Agency and the rest is history.

Ben has been with The Agency for 7 years in total at the time of this article. During an interview with Tom Ferry, Ben talked about 5 iconic career moves. The first career move he pointed out was coaching, client appreciation events, working the phones to grow the sphere larger, his YouTube content, and building a team.

Ben can be regularly found traversing the city, from Hollywood Hills to Beverly Hills, through Bel Air to Santa Monica, keeping his finger on the pulse of the market and making sure to know all available inventory, both listed and off-market. Most recently, Ben has participated in over half a billion dollars worth of real estate transactions in his career span of nearly 12 years.

However, he is disappointed with the 80-20% commission split at the company which caused him to feel like he was underappreciated for all the work that they put in.

While many fans inquired if Ben left The Agency but the answer appears to be “No”. It’s hence the fact Ben felt like he wasn’t being appreciated enough or being paid his rightful dues at The Agency that led him to wonder if joining another brokerage altogether would be better.

He shared that compass wanted him on their team and sent him pictures of his office and what it would look like. “Compass [real estate brokerage] is sending me pictures via text of what my office would be,” he said at one point in the docu-soap. “Then it’s ‘Hey, we’re gonna add on a marketing stipend for you. We’re gonna give you this much money to just spend putting your name out there’… As far as the split goes, I would basically be keeping 50% more of what [The Agency] takes from me now.”

Ben felt that if he couldn’t fit his team in the corporation in the office, then he has no options then to move on. Currently, he has ten agents under his wing and sells almost 60 houses a year.

Ben is currently working as a Director of Residential Estates at The Agency in Beverly Hills, California.

Is Ben Belack Married?

No, Ben Belack is not married but he is in a relationship with Amanda York who is also from The Agency. Ben recently posted a short clip of them cruising in September 2022. The pair may be seen cuddling up and traveling to various lovely vacation places in a variety of movies.

Although Ben’s Instagram account leans more toward business, he nevertheless occasionally shares details from his personal life there. If you scroll through the useful real estate information far enough, you’ll see pictures of him and Amanda having a good time together.

On New Year’s Day 2022, Amanda made a short post writing, “2022 with you 🤍✨.”

The earliest they can be spotted together is in September 2020. So, we assume they have been together at least since 2020.

Amanda is a Los Angeles native who loves architecture and design, according to her Zillow biography. She obtained her real estate license at the age of 18 and started working in one of California’s most sought-after markets, Malibu. She now works as a core team member at The Agency’s Beverly Hills offices, where she specializes in marketing jaw-dropping real estate.

Ben Belack Height

While Ben Belack’s scruffy beard is his distinct feature, he stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 9 inches.

Ben Belack Family

Ben Belack’s reserved about family members. Some of his family members are Jill A Belack, Bruce Belack, Jeremy Belack, and Brian Belack.

What Is Ben Belack Age?

In March 2022, Ben Belack celebrated her 43rd birthday. Hence, he was born in 1979.

Related FAQs

  • When Does Ben Belack Celebrate His Birthday?

Ben Belack’s birthday is on 6 March.

  • Where Was Ben Belack Born?

Ben Belack was reportedly born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Ben Belack On Social Media?

Yes, Ben Belack is on Instagram (@benbelack) and Twitter (@benbelack).

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