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Ben Katzman Bio, Age, Married, Job, Survivor 46

Ben Katzman is a contestant on Survivor 46. Read all about his age, marriage, job, and his parents in this article below. Keep scrolling down this piece to read all about them.

We got it all covered here.

Ben Katzman On Survivor 46

Musician Ben Katzman is the star of CBS’s Survivor 46. He never wanted to do Survivor and people around him believed that he would make it into a TV show before making it as a musician. He added, “I was like, “I’m not going to sell my soul to do reality TV.”

“Ironically enough, when Gabler voted out that girl who lied about listening to Mastodon, that’s when the seed in the back of my head kind of got planted. I was watching that season and that commercial with Jeff Probst — “Do you got what it takes?” — and I’m like, “Man, I want to rock this shit.,” he told LoudWire.

Elaborating on his preparation for the show, Ben shared that he isn’t a physical type of guy. He made a mixtape to pump himself up. Every day he told himself that “this thing is going to be intense. But I’ve lived on the road eating $2 at Taco Bell a day. I can starve. I know that.”

“You can only prepare so much because a lot of it comes down to who you’re cast with. You don’t know what anything’s going to feel like until that moment where something happens. The last month and a half where I should have trained, I was on tour. And when you’re on tour, you don’t have time to go to the gym or go running. I was in Europe taking buses, partying, performing, not resting… I got home, had like a week off and then headed out to Fiji.” Ben added.

Ben Katzman Age

Ben Katzman is 31 years old, as of 3rd March 2024. He was born in 1992.

Who Are Ben Katzman Parents?

Ben Katzman was born to his mother Smadar Fructman Katzman and his father Gil Katzman. His parents married in August 1984 and has been happily married ever since.

In August 2020, Smadar took to her Facebook and wrote, “Fell in love on a cross country road trip, 2 weddings in one week, 2 kids and lots of adventures later…celebrating today with sunrise on the beach …I am ready for cafe con leche Happy anniversary to us.”

Smadar hailed from Haifa, Israel and lives in Miami, Florida. She is working as a Airline Flight Attendant at American Airlines. Gil is working as a Director of Sales and Marketing at Hilton Hotels & Resorts. He attended Florida International University and the University of Houston.

Gil calls Petah Tikva, Israel his hometown.

Is Ben Katzman Married?

Ben Katzman is not married and is likely single. Thanks to his many accomplishments, Ben’s business life is very transparent, but his home life is similarly private. Ben keeps things close to the vest, even though his life revolves around his trips, music tours, and pupils. Splinter, a fluffy four-legged senior rescue dog, is his best friend and appears to like dancing to Ben’s music.

Ben Katzman Job

Ben Katzman is a musician and a music teacher. Currently, music is Ben’s life, and he entered the musical arts field at a relatively young age. It was a result of his attempt to get over speech difficulties that had made him feel alienated. In 2014, he formed the band “DeGreaser” and performed all over the world. His bandmates, which include Deo Budnevich, a previous pupil of his, have shared the stage with some well-known performers across the US, including Mannequin Pussy, Colleen Green, La Luz, and Tall Juan.

Through his adventures, he has had the opportunity to meet Kiss, one of his “spirit guides” who is not Van Halen from the Ramones, and his idol, Nicholas Cage. He has six albums out so far. The final one, dubbed “Transcendental Shreditation,” took place in December 2023.

Ben confessed to Parade that he had never planned to become a teacher. Ben wasn’t particularly drawn to a function that wouldn’t really serve a purpose because he had grown up with teachers who weren’t particularly good role models.

With students, Ben didn’t want to concentrate on technicalities. Rather, he chose a more sentimental and spiritual strategy. Following what he refers to as “a quarter-life crisis,” Ben decided to leave his career and start working at Whole Foods. It was hard for him to work the graveyard shift as he had no outside connections.

Ben was hesitant to accept his friend’s invitation to teach at the latter’s new music school, but he eventually accepted. It proved to be one of his best choices ever as he still has his very first student and he adores doing performances for the young audience. He made the decision to participate in the show partly for his own benefit and also to set a better example of self-honesty for his students.

Sharing his passion and enjoyment of the performing arts, especially rock music, with his Wynwood School of Music pupils is now Ben’s greatest life accomplishment. He also enjoys showing students how to use their personalities to express themselves through art.

Per his LinkedIn, Ben is a CEO at BUFU Records and studied at Berklee College of Music.

Ben Katzman Height

Ben Katzman’s height is above 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ben Katzman From?

Ben Katzman hailed from Miami, Florida.

  • When Is Ben Katzman Birthday?

25 March is reportedly the birthday of Ben Katzman.

  • Is Ben Katzman On Instagram?

On Instagram (@bkdegreaser69), Ben Katzman has 6376 followers as of the time of this article.

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