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Ben Rathbun Bio, Net Worth, Ex-Wife, Height, Family

Meet Ben Rathbun, who stars alongside his love from Peru on the TLC’s new show 90 Day Fiancé – Before the 90 Days Season 5.

Following the reality show’s release on 12 December 2021, fans naturally have been interested to know more about him and the rest of the cast.

However, for now, this ‘Ben Rathbun Bio’ is just about Ben, his net worth, ex-wife, height, and family-related stories.

90 Day Fiance Ben Rathbun And Mahogany Roca’s Relationship

So, on the 22nd of November 2021, Ben Rathbun made his big revelation, and only then, the 90 Day Fiancé was aware of his appearance on the show. “So the rumors are true. Great guesses everybody – no I’m not pregnant, but I am about to be highly scrutinized and it’s gonna get crazy”, he said inviting everyone to witness as the TLC follows his story of love in Peru.

As you know, Ben is coupled, on this journey, with 24-year-old Mahogany Roca from San Bartolo, Peru.

After breaking free from confinement and his marriage, Ben, a former pastor in a strict, conservative religious sect, was struggling to find his way forward. Eventually, after some time of homelessness, he started working as a model and it was after he featured in a fitness magazine when he caught Mahogany’s eye. Mahogany (of course) DM-ed him. That led to intense texting until they finally fell in love. Soon, they also began making plans to meet in person.

Initially, their similar religious views also helped them bond well. They believe that it was God who brought them together.

However, Ben’s family and friends do not agree to this and see countless red flags from the big age gap to the fact that the long-distance couple never video chatted before the meeting.

Blaming her shyness, Mahogany had refused to face time Ben.

Even Reddit commenters and others flagged their relationship because of the significant age gap and Ben’s reasoning for why Mahogany came into their life.

With that being said, Mahogany, on her Facebook continued to write her relationship status as ‘single’.

Ben Rathbun Ex-Wife

Ben Rathbun did mention getting married before but never elaborated on who his ex-wife is.

So now, let us tell you what we know.

Ben claims on being a single dad to his four “unbelievable” kids, two sons, and two daughters. Because the father shares 18 years age gap with likely his eldest son, one among the two Rathbun turned 35 in 2021.

Ben’s middle child, as he puts it, is a smart, creative, and caring daughter named Acadia. She turned 19 on 28 May 2021 and a year before June she made her dad proud as she graduated from college.

Ben’s other daughter was 14 as of October 2021. The youngest one is a gymnast.

Seemingly lacking a mother’s presence in their upbringing, the kids, however, seemed closer to Ben’s mother and their grandmother.

How Much Is Ben Rathbun Net Worth?

Ben Rathbun had less than an estimated $1 million net worth in 2021.

A leading pastor at the Gospel Life Church from November 2000 until June 2014, Ben’s LinkedIn failed to mention his current job. It, however, seemed to tell that Ben is still an executive director of the Michigan Lupus Foundation.

Meanwhile, the education section mentioned — he did his Master of Divinity at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary from 2001 – 2006.

Further, on his website, Ben introduces himself as a life coach, minister, and athlete with over twenty years of experience in counseling as well as a Master’s Degree specializing in spiritual counseling.

He also did mention a pretty crazy journey of his life since 2014 and before late-2019, when he went through a divorce, a financial disaster, homelessness, lost his career, health, and home.

Ben Rathbun Height

Ben Tathbum stands 6 feet and 3 inches tall. Also, feeling better in his earliest 50s he was aiming for a healthy 215 lbs body weight

Always ready to advocate the true secret to his “fountain of youth” the fitness trainer got his first tattoo in early 2020.

Ben Rathbun Family

Last year when Ben got into an accident, his parents had gone to him to cook for him and fill his fridge, all the way from Indiana. Ben, if you should know, is based in Detroit, Michigan.

As of October 2021, his mom was 77 years old.

Meanwhile for siblings, Ben has two brothers and a sister.

How Old Is Ben Rathbun?

Ben Rathbun turned 52 years old in 2021.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ben Rathbun Birthday?

It is on the 29th of June that Ben Rathbun celebrates his birthday every year.

  • Where Was Ben Rathbun Born?

Ben Rathbun was born in Fraser, a city in Macomb County of the United States state of Michigan.

  • Is Ben Rathbun On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes. Ben is on Instagram and Facebook.

Until 12 December 2021, Ben’s account on Instagram @benjaminsage50 had 6,415 followers. Also, you could give him a follow on his ‘Ben Rathbun’ Facebook, on Twitter @benrathbun27, and his self-titled YouTube channel.


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