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Jasmine Pineda Bio, Height, Net Worth, Family, 90 Day Fiance

Meet Jasmine Pineda, girlfriend of Gino Palazzolo from “90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days.” In the TLC preview, Gino hinted at her being controlling and jealous. She replied on her IG recently, “Am I a jealous person? I would say caring, protective, and a little bit possessive When I love…I love hard and what’s mine is just mine”

Jasmine announced her starring on TLC’s show in October 2021. Learn more about her with this Jasmine Pineda Bio. Scroll down to learn more.

90 Day Fiance Stars Jasmine Pineda And Gino Palazzolo’s Relationship

“90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days” is upon us. One of the seven couples to grace the show is Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo. Like many couples, the pair met each other online and got close with each other over time. According to Jasmine’s post from March 2019, Gino commented on the post saying, “Who would have thought we would meet almost 1 year after this post love of my life!”

To which Jasmine commented, “@gpalazz2 aww baby! I love you.” So you know, they reportedly met each other in March 2020.

But the pair has a major age gap and fans of the show don’t see how the couple are compatible with each other that their relationship would flourish.

Gino Surely has taste for international women. He was single coming out of seven years of marriage with his Russian wife that ended in a painful divorce. He seems to be in love with Jasmine. However, he accused Jasmine of having a jealous nature that could probably derail the relationship between the two. But, his ultimate goal with Jasmine is to propose Jasmine. Moreover, he is reportedly desperate to start a family with his girlfriend Jasmine.

Gino’s ex-wife is out of the picture because he scrubbed her off his social media. About Gino, he loves traveling around the world. His plan after meeting Jasmine is to propose to Jasmine once he meets her in Panama.

Jasmine is an animal lover and a vegan. Her socials are filled with photos of her in a bikini and believe, “life is better in a bikini.” Sadly, she also has a serious medical condition called heart arrhythmia. Her heart condition got so bad that one time she was sent to hospital for a week.

So, fans are eager to see how Jasmine would fit into the puzzle that is her boyfriend’s big family who is very important to him. Gino and Jasmine have been interacting with each other since August 2020.

However, Jasmine might be hiding a secret of her own, at least from us fans of the show. Like Gino, she is also previously married. Back in the post from 28 May 2018, she mentioned on her post that she has a husband.

So, the question remains are they still together? Because Jasmine hasn’t posted anything about Gino for a long time. However, there are tell-tell signs that they might be together and their relationship did work properly. In August 2021, Gino’s uncle Marco commented on her post. So, they might be still together because Gino’s family who are important to him, is still in touch with Jasmine.

Jasmine Pineda Height

Speaking of height, Jasmine Pineda stands tall to the height of around 5 feet 8 inches. She has stunning measurements of 37-25-36 inches.

Jasmine Pineda Net Worth

Jasmine Pineda is worth around $250 thousand in net worth. Her posts IG posts suggest that she drives a nice car, lives a good lifestyle, and is financially free so that she could pursue her hobbies. Talking about her job, she works as an American literature teacher. She also expressed with an IG post that she loves what she does.

According to Indeed, a teacher in Panama makes $11.40 per hour.

Besides being a teacher, she is a gym rat and fitness enthusiast. When you go through her IG you can see that she spends a lot of time working out in the gym taking care of herself. To aid her health, even more, she insists people go vegan as she practices the lifestyle herself.

In one of her recent posts about “why vegan?” Jasmine wrote, “There are so many reasons why being vegan is the best and only right choice! But to me, the most important is to express compassion for every sentient being…EVERY. That’s what makes us humans…let’s be human” In 2018, she also wrote, “The magic of the gym. Both photos 117 lbs. But you know, in both I did the same exercise routines … so what changed? My diet, that’s the key! Be vegan” with two pictures of then-and-now side by side.

Furthermore, Jasmine is also on OnlyFans. Her account is (@jasminepanama). She charges $14.99 per month and a bundle package of $33.73 for three months subscription. She also recently created an account on Cameo. The slab rate for her Cameo is $20 for personal use and $105 for business use.

How Old Is Jasmine Pineda?

As of 2021, Jasmine Pineda is 35 years old.

Jasmine Pineda Nationality

By nationality, Jasmine Pineda is Panamanian. She hails from Panama, a transcontinental country in Central America and South America.

Jasmine Pineda Family

Jasmine Pineda has shared very little about her family members. One look at her mother and you won’t wonder where she got her good looks from. Moreover, even Jasmine credits her mother for her attractive appearance. But, she never divulged information on her mom. The latest post where she featured her mom is back in February 2020.

One other family member Jasmine Pineda talked about is her sister Zuellen Pineda Higuera (@zuellen_15). She wished her sister a birthday on 15 July 2021. Her Facebook account is (@ZuLaFlaca).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jasmine Pineda Birthday?

Jasmine Pineda celebrates her birthday every year on 24 August.

  • Is Jasmine Pineda On Instagram, Facebook?

Jasmine is on several social media accounts. Her Instagram account is (@jasminepanama). She is also on TikTok (@jasminepanama). And she also created an eponymous YouTube channel.

  • Where Did Jasmine Pineda Recieve Her Education?

There is no information on Jasmine’s education.

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