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Benjamin Taylor Bio, Job, Ex-Wife, Age, Akinyi, 90 Day Fiance

It’s been a while since Akinyi Obala appeared on the Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days with Benjamin Taylor. So, was there 90 Day experiment any good? Did they manage to be together even after? Find out in the rest of this ‘Benjamin Taylor Bio’. Over here we shall tell you more and all about Benjamin and his relationship with Akinyi.

90 Day Fiance: Are Benjamin Taylor And Akinyi Obala Still Together?

Akinyi Obala recently shared a post on Instagram with a mystery-creating caption that said “The first year of marriage is the hardest.” She went on to explain this, she heard people say all the time before she was married, and that even though she did not know what it meant then, she does now. She said that she has realized the first year of marriage determines whether or not a couple will last. She ended with a cryptic note by saying, “And I’m just seven months in” causing her fans to wonder what exactly was she referring to or why her marriage has been hard. Was there a problem in the marriage? Her 175K followers on IG @akinyiobala could not tell yet. Still, by the look of sharing on it, they did still seem together and married.

Akinyi of Kenya had appeared on the TLC show with Benjamin Taylor in 2019, where they said the two had met online. They also claimed went through a hard long-distance relationship for three years before the show happened.

The end of the show had shown Benjamin proposing to Akinyi. The couple was not able to get married in the United States for a while due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, they had tied the knot in the States later in April 2021.

Almost a year since then, they are now believed to be married in both of their home countries.

How Much Did Benjamin Taylor Pay For Akinyi Obala?

Upon arrival in Kenya, Benjamin was shocked to learn that once Akinyi Obala’s parents approved of him and he negotiated a proper bride price for her, he would automatically be considered married to Akinyi in Kenya and not just engaged. At the end of 90 Day Fiancé showed him proposing to Akinyi and making a deal with Akinyi’s father that he would pay part of the bride price and continue to send them the rest once he went back to America.

Later, Akinyi had said their custom of allotting price for a bride was the groom’s way of saying thank you to his in-laws for raising his bride thus far. As for Benjamin, Akinyi this price would be a minimum of around $3,000. They also believed it to be fortunate when Akinyi’s father was able to work out a payment plan with his son-in-law.

Who Is Benjamin Taylor’s Ex-Wife?

Benjamin Taylor’s ex-wife is Hanekawa Dravon with whom he shares a son named Grayson. She is reportedly a photographer, blogger, and self-proclaimed “woman boss”. It seemed like she had moved on from her relationship with Benjamin with a new partner. So, when she appeared on 90 Day Fiance, she did not appear bothered by her ex’s reality show fame or Akinyi.

Hanekawa, with the real name Katrina, actually agreed to Akinyi’s reservations about becoming a step-parent to her son.

So you know, there were some cheating allegations and trust issues before Benjamin and Katrina’s marriage fell apart.

Benjamin Taylor’s Age

Early in 2022, Benjamin Taylor turned 37 years old.

Benjamin Taylor Job

As per LinkedIn, Benjamin worked 9 to 5 as a manager at Erus Energy from August 2018 through June 2020. As part of the job, he oversaw the customer support team; trained new team members; developed complaint protocols; responded to online messages, complaints, and reviews, among other things.

Before that, he briefly worked, also full-time, as a parent aide at Arizona Baptist Children’s Services & Family Ministries.

Further study showed that Benjamin has had worked 22 jobs over the years since 2005. (So, you know, in between, his only criminal record was a speeding citation in 2018. Other reports hinted that he had been evicted and has had at least one car repossessed. Meanwhile, on the TLC show, Benjamin is shown taking the bus to work and not driving a car.

Fast forward to today, i.e., he seemed to be jobless since leaving to work at the alternative energy company.

As per, Benjamin’s salary from a recent-former job should have been $43,620 per year. Now, with the money not coming in, he and his family may likely be facing some problems financially. Especially because in the past fans have seen Benjamin and Akinyi argue over money.

While, Benjamin, Akinyi, and the fans seemed to be blaming Benjamin’s ex-wife for stealing his money in a divorce, his ex-wife confronted that he had financial problems long before he met Akinyi. His ex-wife said they barely had any money to start with. Hanekawa also said beforehand that her husband, aka Ben, will have a hard time paying the bride price that he promised Akinyi’s father.

Hanekawa cited that it was probably the cost of the divorce response fee, which was around $280 that emptied his pockets real fast.

Benjamin Taylor’s Net Worth

Still, Benjamin Taylor was said to hold less than $300K as net worth as of March 2022. That explains why he was not able to pay the bride price for Akinyi that was asked of him.

Is Benjamin Taylor On Instagram?

Benjamin Taylor is not just on Instagram but he actually been complained about by some people that he shares way too many personal details on it. The same goes for his wife (of course). Last year, Benjamin had uploaded a video on his Instagram, giving Akinyi an intense morning kiss. This had likely gone viral among fans.

Anyway, you could find Benjamin on @btaylor155 where he entertained 99.5K followers as of 30 March 2022.

Benjamin seemed active on Facebook; Patreon; and together with Akinyi, also promised to show their 94.1K subscribers on the YouTube channel, Benjamin & Akinyi, life as a Kenyan-American couple and family.

Benjamin Taylor Height

Benjamin Taylor stands below 5’11” tall.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Benjamin Taylor’s Birthday?

The 7th of January is when Benjamin celebrates his birthday every year making him a Capricorn.

  • Has Benjamin Taylor Revealed His Parents And Siblings?

We briefly know about Benjamin Taylor’s brother who snitched on him. Benjamin also once showed his parents to his people on Instagram.

  • Where Was Benjamin Taylor Born?

Benjamin Taylor was born in Phoenix, Arizona where he continued to be even today.

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