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Bert Weiss Bio, Age, Height, Salary, Sons, Fiancee Tiffany

Atlanta’s famous radio host Bert Weiss announced that he broke up with his fiancee Tiffany Haynes in 2023. His fans have been wanting to know the reason behind their split. Read all about their relationship along with a few additional information about the star himself.

Here we bring you age, height, salary, sons, and more in this article below.

Did Bert Weiss And His Fiancee Tiffany Haynes Break Up?

Many people questioned why Bert Weiss and his fiancée Tiffany Haynes ended their relationship when the famous radio show host revealed on November 1, 2023, that the couple had broken up.

The precise reasons for the split are still unknown, but Bert revealed the news on his radio show. Even though the two were engaged, there is a report that Bert refused to settle down and commit.

Bert seemed to have been the one to break things off in the end, and he did spend a lot of time on his show criticizing Tiffany’s shortcomings. However, since the news, none of them has spoken anything about the other on social media.

Bert and his now ex-fiance Tiffany met at Top Golf in 2016. He reflected in 2021, “She was so beautiful that I wasn’t even entertaining the thought of shooting a shot. But we had off-the-charts chemistry from minute one. Five years feels like a blip in some ways. I love her in ways I never knew I was capable of. Happy Anniversary Tiffany.”

The couple announced their engagement in April 2021.

Tiffany is a mom to her daughter Elizah who made him a “girl bonus dad.” Elizah reached 9 years old in 2023.

As for Tiffany, she is the owner of TDB Investments. She hailed from Gainesville, Georgia, and lives in Johns Creek, Georgia.

  • Bert Weiss And Tiffany Haynes Age Difference

Bert Weiss and Tiffany Haynes have an age difference of 21 years. Born in 1988, Tiffany is 35 years of age whereas, Bert is 56 (as of 2023).

How Many Sons Does Bert Weiss Have?

Bert Weiss has two sons from his previous marriage. They are named Hollis Weiss and Hayden Weiss.

Hollis turned 16 years old in May 2023. Bert wished his son, “Watching him grow into the man he’s becoming is one of my greatest joys. What else could I ask for? He’s kind, funny, humble, gritty and loving. I love walking side by side with him through life. Being a teen now is so much tougher than it was back in the day. This kid fights so hard to discover and stay true to himself. I love and respect him so much. Happy birthday, son.”

Hayden reached age 28 in September 2023. Back in 2022, he wished, “How did this happen so quickly? I have seen so much growth in him over the past two years. College might have been the best thing that ever happened to him. It’s been incredible watching him evolve into the man he’s becoming. Damn, TWENTY! Super proud of the work he’s been putting into himself. Happy bday, Hayden. Love you!”

Bert had both of his sons with his ex-wife Stacey Weiss. Stacey is currently 53 years old.

Bert and Stacey have grown closer and talked about their children more than when they were married. The couple co-parented their children and were proud of their relationship with each other. Bert added, “Our divorce was difficult, painful, resentful and initially there was a lot of blaming. But kids came first. Always.”

He has also reflected on his relationship with on his Facebook back in March 2015 which you can read here.

Bert Weiss Age

Born in 1967, Bert Weiss reached 56 years of age in 2023.

Who Are Bert Weiss Parents?

Via a lengthy post, Bert Weiss shared on his Facebook on Mother’s Day that his mother cut him and his family off around 2009. He said that his mom wanted to leave the past in the past and “she protects her painful decisions at all costs.”

Bert’s mom gave up her three boys to other families. His dad Fred Weiss received Bert’s custody and custody of his oldest ½ brother to his dad. And his mom gave his other ½ brother to Fred’s sister.

Bert understood that parenting is hard and the welfare of Bert and his siblings came second to his mom’s own health. Bert added, “She, essentially, said that the pain associated with the decisions she made when I was young was too difficult to relive. And gave me an ultimatum. Leave it in the past or lose communication.”

Moreover, Bert added, “It really wasn’t a tough decision on my part because my mom didn’t bring much to the relationship. This is the same woman who volunteered to help Stacey and me 15 years ago when Hayden was born. She was due to stay the week. She bailed after 3 days because it was too exhausting. She’s a narcissist and when she visited it was like tending to another child for the week. Almost all communication felt toxic.”

Bert concluded that he doesn’t miss his mom.

He concluded the Mother’s Day post with, “So, I want to honor the moms that understand the awesome responsibility and commitment that mothering truly is. Your mothering doesn’t just have an impact on your child. It has an impact on the entire family tree after you. I’m in awe of those of you who do it with such grace and love. Happy Mother’s Day.”

As for his dad, Fred passed away before 2020. In March 2020 on his father’s heavenly 82nd birthday, he shared that Fred was a “super hard worker, had amazing work ethic, and was a good provider. Fred had also served in the Navy.

Bert Weiss Height

In May 2015, Bert Weiss shared on his IG that he stands tall at the height of 5’4”. However, he looks taller than the said height.

How Much Is Bert Weiss Net Worth?

Although unconfirmed, Bert Weiss’s net worth is above $600 thousand.

Bert Weiss Salary

Bert Weiss draws in salary from multiple sources as he wears many hats. He is the host of the nationally syndicated TheBert Show, CEO/President of Pionaire Podcasting Network, founder of Bert’s Big Adventure, and Author of the podcasting content book, Listenable Talks.

According to his LinkedIn, Pionaire Podcasting is a bold, creative, boutique podcasting, digital, and influencing network specializing in multi-platform influencing. Whereas, Bert’s Big Adventure is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a magical, all-expenses-paid, five-day journey to Walt Disney World® for children with chronic and terminal illnesses and their families.

Bert had previously worked at Cumulus Media in Atlanta, Georgia.

Discussing his career as a host, Bert shared on his bio, ” I was hired in Atlanta 20 years ago because it was LITERALLY the only station in the USA that would give me a chance at hosting. That’s no lie. I wanted this job so badly that I think my initial contract offer to them was that I’d work for free. They said something like ‘That’s actually illegal. We have to pay you something.’ ”

In 2018, The Bert Show got a five-year contract extension with Atlanta-based Cumulus Media, guaranteeing its place on the dial through 2023. It’s consistently top 3 in key demographics and often No. 1.

Moreover, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution announced in January 2022 that Bert has teamed with an artificial intelligence company to replicate his voice in a way that will enable him to do more voiceover work in less time., an artificial intelligence platform, is able to combine voice samples and video footage of him to produce what it refers to as a “high-quality custom synthetic voice cloning solution.”

In a press release, Bert noted, “They say you can’t be in two places at the same time but we’re sure getting close. Between The Bert Show syndication, my new podcasting network, Pionaire, my family, and my nonprofit organization, Bert’s Big Adventure, time is at a premium. We’re all pressed for time.”

As for his education, he attended El Capitan High School and San Diego State University.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Bert Weiss Birthday?

Ber Weiss celebrates his birthday on 12 April, per one Facebook post.

  • Is Bert Weiss On Twitter And Instagram?

Yes, Bert Weiss is available on Instagram (@bertshowbert), Twitter (@BertShowBert), and Facebook (@thebertshowbert).

  • Where Is Bert Weiss From?

Bert Weiss is residing in Atlanta, Georgia now. He calls San Diego, California his hometown.

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