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Beth And Jen Age, Job, Instagram, 007 Road to a Million

Beth and Jen are one of the nine pairs who competed for a £1 million cash prize come from various walks of life in the new adventure show 007: Road to a Million. In the series, which is currently streaming on Prime Video, eighteen players compete in locales inspired by legendary James Bond moments while taking on challenges. The partners must provide answers to questions that The Controller has placed in secret in various areas in order to earn the jackpot.

The pairs must successfully finish the given task in order to move on to the next round; if they don’t, they are eliminated from the tournament. The three teams that are left in 007: Road to a Million‘s last episode must navigate an extremely difficult off-piste route across the Swiss Alps’ frozen slopes.

In the show, two-person teams must overcome obstacles, find answers to questions hidden in various locations, and make sure they can move on to the next challenge and finish the game while racing through well-known James Bond movie locales like the Scottish Highlands, Brazil, Venice, and Jamaica.

The couples learn The only way to proceed is to shoot the question case down before it explodes, which would finish their adventure, for the Controller has equipped it with heavy explosives.

No one was able to take home the full grand prize but some of the duo took some prize back home. The Controller says: “So, no one reaches the million-pound question. This time. Shame. I wonder if there is anyone out there who has what it takes to go all the way.”

The full list of contestants is Kamara and Josh, Beth and Jen, Sana and Saiqa, James and Sam, Keith and Nick, Colin and Danny, Grace and Daniella, and Tanaka and James.

Read more about Beth and Jen here.

Beth And Jen On 007: Road To A Million

Beth and Jen, with confidence and fear banished, set off on an incredible adventure on 007: Road to a Million. The two women discovered that maintaining composure would be a determining factor in their position on the show as emergency nurses. They conducted themselves calmly the entire competition since they were used to the unadulterated chaos that occurs in hospitals and war zones. They attempted to maintain their composure in the face of uncertainty because of their tumultuous experiences as nurses.

Jen had been at the center of the Afghanistan battle in 2010, while Beth had been one of the responding nurses during the Machester Bombings. In the nation of Southeast Asia, the TV celebrity had experienced the unthinkable while serving as an on-the-ground medic. Having successfully passed many examinations in the past, the two women made the decision to pool their varied skills in order to win the competition.

Not only that, but their international travels allowed them to become closer to one another as well. Beth and Jen acknowledged that they didn’t spend much time together aside from work because they were coworkers who worked nonstop without any breaks. But the time they spent together on the show allowed them to get to know each other better.

They eventually triumphed over all of the difficulties that stood in their way. Whether estimating the age of the rocks at the Applecross Peninsula or scaling a rope in Istanbul, these two women undoubtedly overcame their hurdles. Ultimately, though, they encountered a roadblock.

Beth and Jen had overcome the difficult obstacles and made it to the top of the Swiss Alps. Nevertheless, the medical experts were unable to correctly answer the question and lost the opportunity to win a million pounds. Even yet, they knew they were the only team to have progressed this far and ended the series.

Where Are Beth And Jen Today?

Both as individuals and as professionals, Beth and Jen have achieved even greater heights since showcasing their partnership on the show.

After the show, talking about their journey, Beth explained, “We realized that we’re actually very resilient. We’ve both got different strengths that really supported each other as a team. I feel as though we can hand on heart say this was 100% a team effort. We’ve developed an even closer friendship. I hope Jen doesn’t mind that I sometimes refer to her as my second sister.”

Likewise, Jen added, “I just got to know Beth a lot better. As Beth said, we just became really close. We just trust each other like family.”

“I loved Jamaica. I’ve never been before. It’s a real home of Bond and a beautiful place to go to,” Beth said while talking about favorite locations. Jen said, “For me, it was Switzerland which was so beautiful with the snow and the mountains. And of course, driving the DB5 made it.”

Furthermore, Jen also spoke of the most difficult challenges they had to endure. “Definitely scuba diving. I’m claustrophobic and I found it really difficult. At one point I had a mini panic attack. I couldn’t control my breathing and had to go back to the surface. Having gone through the panic, I just thought, “I’ve got to do this, there’s no way I can get out of this.” I did manage to get right down to the bottom of the depth we were diving at. I’d say it was one of the most challenging things I’ve done,” said Jen.

“The Amazon. I was going through a vast expanse of Amazon water with piranhas and then having to use physical strength to get myself up and out onto a speedboat. It was just fatiguing really quickly. Also, heights weren’t great for me,” Jen added.

Finally, imparting knowledge to future contestants for next season, Beth added, “100% on the physical fitness but also get used to surviving without sleep. As nurses, we’re very blessed, we’ve had years of that.” “You can’t revise anything. I guess it’s good to have some general knowledge and be as physically fit as you can be. That helped me,” Jen said.

Beth And Jen Age

With the age difference of 5 years, Beth is 46 years old and Jen is age 41.

Beth And Jen Job

Learn about Beth and Jen’s job,

  • Jen Dorward

Jen had previously worked as a prison nurse and in 2010 had helped with the Aeromedical Evacuation through the RAF Reserves. She worked for the prison service and the RAF in addition to working overseas helping soldiers and asylum seekers.

Her long list of humanitarian accomplishments doesn’t finish here. The TV celebrity most recently traveled to Guyana to give medical attention to offshore drillship crew members. After filming 007: Road to a Million, Jen is currently employed by a nearby organization. She holds a PG pilot’s license and travels extensively.

Per Jen’s LinkedIn, she has been working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner at Windrush Medical Practice since May 2023. She is also working as a Nurse Practitioner at Day Webster Group.

Moreover, she has also worked in that role at International SOS and Rosebank Health.

Jen is a graduate of University of the West of England.

  • Beth Foxwell

Beth has set herself up for professional success. The reality personality has demonstrated her nursing skills both domestically and abroad. Because of her expertise in emergency medicine, Beth has made a substantial contribution to the field of medicine. She is currently employed in Gloucestershire as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner.

Beth is an Advanced Practice Lead at Cheltenham Central Primary Care Network (PCN) since September 2022. She also works as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner (Nurse) at Berkeley Place Surgery Cheltenham. Furthermore, she worked as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner at WOLFRUN LTD. Learn all about her career via her LinkedIn.

Are Beth And Jen On Instagram?

Yes, both Beth and Jen are available on Instagram (@beth007roadtoamillion & @jen007roadtoamillion).

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Beth And Jen From?

Beth Foxwell lives in Gloucestershire. Jen Dorward is living in Witney.

  • How Tall Are Beth And Jen?

Beth and Jen stand tall under the height of 5 feet 7.5 inches.

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