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James And Joey Bone Age, Job, 007 Road to a Million

James and Joey Bone are one of the nine pairs who competed for a £1 million cash prize come from various walks of life in the new adventure show 007: Road to a Million. In the series, which is currently streaming on Prime Video, eighteen players compete in locales inspired by legendary James Bond moments while taking on challenges. The partners must provide answers to questions that The Controller has placed in secret in various areas in order to earn the jackpot.

The pairs must successfully finish the given task in order to move on to the next round; if they don’t, they are eliminated from the tournament. The three teams that are left in 007: Road to a Million‘s last episode must navigate an extremely difficult off-piste route across the Swiss Alps’ frozen slopes.

In the show, two-person teams must overcome obstacles, find answers to questions hidden in various locations, and make sure they can move on to the next challenge and finish the game while racing through well-known James Bond movie locales like the Scottish Highlands, Brazil, Venice, and Jamaica.

The couples learn The only way to proceed is to shoot the question case down before it explodes, which would finish their adventure, for the Controller has equipped it with heavy explosives.

No one was able to take home the full grand prize but some of the duo took some prize back home. The Controller says: “So, no one reaches the million-pound question. This time. Shame. I wonder if there is anyone out there who has what it takes to go all the way.”

The full list of contestants is Kamara and Josh, Beth and Jen, Sana and Saiqa, James and Sam, Keith and Nick, Colin and Danny, Grace and Daniella, and Tanaka and James.

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James And Joey Bone On 007: Road To A Million

James and Joey Bone had planned to win the massive cash prize in the series, and they had taken to alighting boats, automobiles, trucks, and even helicopters. The two made the decision to trust one another and follow each other closely from the beginning. The two persevered despite the Scottish Highlands’ undulating formations being challenging. The South London twins kept up their pace throughout the challenge, whether it was brainstorming and figuring out the right answers for the prize or traveling to far-off places.

James and Joey made the decision to contribute their combined knowledge and win every time, even when they had to cope with the length of a giant serpent or navigate the waterways of Italy to reach a clue. Their journey wasn’t so simple, though.

James and Joey were on the verge of elimination multiple times because of the short turnaround times and unfamiliar locations. Despite several near-misses, the pair persevered through the competition and showed resilience in the face of difficulties.

After completing their last achievement, the brothers were given the opportunity to win £1,000,000 and took off for the Swiss Alps. Their hopes were dashed, though, when they were unable to access the last quiz. Still, the brothers left the series with great satisfaction. They thought their experience on the show was nothing short of extraordinary.

James and Joey thought that their performance had shown the fruits of their labor after navigating the challenging hike through the Scottish Highlands and the riparian forests of the Amazon.

Where Are James And Joey Bone Today?

Ever since they made a lasting impact on the adventure game program, James and Joey have kept improving both personally and professionally. The brothers are separated by six years, but James and Joey still work on their friendship and personal development. While James has been engaged elsewhere, Joey has returned to operating his energy company.

Despite having received training as an electrician, Joey used to work as a taxi driver. Not only that, but the celebrity had also made an appearance on the game program “Common Knowledge.”

He is now concentrating on expanding his clientele and spending time with his family. He and his two children, Hayley and him, are still having a great time together. The reality star brought his significant other along to the “007: Road to Mission” premiere. The younger person living with the Bones, James, has been employed as a copywriter.

Although he spends his daytime hours creating copies, the creative isn’t limited to that. James is not only this but also a musician. His debut album, “At Night, The City Burns,” was just released. His Instagram profile also features his songs for readers and fans to enjoy.

In addition to his diverse professional background, James takes pleasure in spending time with his partner, Delphine Delacroix. In an Instagram post, the reality star expressed his gratitude to his fiancée, a virtual assistant.

He wrote, “… I want to thank my douce chicaroo for being such a bloomin great gf!…Thanks for being such a cool cat and great support all of the time!.”

Speaking about winning the cash prize, James added, “Yeah. I am about to pay off my student loan. Joe and I are both self-employed so it gives us a bit of breathing space. The whole thing was an experience we will treasure forever.”

Joey said, “It speaks for itself. You can do a hell of a lot with it, it’s been life-changing for me.”

Talking about Bond Easter Egg, James said, “The bar we went into in Jamaica was great. And then obviously me being on top of the cable car in Brazil, that’s a classic — a bit of a hairy experience.” Joey then added, “Just ripping around the Caribbean sea — you wouldn’t do that in everyday life. Or if you did, it would have cost you a fortune and we were doing it for free. It’s just fantastic.”

“Try and be a little bit fit. You are not as fit as you think you are! Use each other’s knowledge and bounce off each other to analyze the question but don’t over analyze it.” Joey shared word of advice for future contestants. James said, “I’d say just take one step at a time. Don’t try and think too far ahead, just try and enjoy it. Don’t come out of it with any regrets.”

James And Joey Bone Age

During the filming of the show, James was 37 years old. Whereas, Joey was 43 years old.

James And Joey Bone Job

Talking about their jobs, James and Joey Bone are both self-employed. Before finishing The Knowledge and entering the taxi industry in his 20s, Joey had experience as an electrician. Since then, he has gone back to work as an electrician and owns his own company.

James says he works as a musician at night and as a copywriter during the day. James uploads his music on Spotify and YouTube. Visit his website here.

Are James And Joey Bone On Instagram?

Yes, both James and Joey Bone are available on Instagram. Here are their IG handles (@iamjamesbone) and (@joeybone_).

Related FAQs

  • Where Are James And Joey Bone From?

James and Joey Bone are residing in Tooting, South London, England.

  • How Tall Are James And Joey Bone?

James and Joey Bone both stand tall above the height of 5 feet 11 inches.

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