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Big T [The Challenge] Weight Loss, Net Worth, Parents

London-based Malawian girl, Big T made her move in “The Challenge” new installment with a new mindset and strategy. So, what are the things that have changed in her life? Fans are asking questions about her weight loss, her net worth, and her parents.

Let’s take a trip in her life with this article that briefly addresses some questions. Scroll down to learn more.

Big T [The Challenge] Weight Loss

If you look at her earliest photos of her on Instagram and compare them to her recent ones, Big T (The Challenge) hasn’t lost weight instead put a couple of pounds on. She has even addressed several IG posts. Like, in January 2021, she went on her Instagram and revealed that she was posting less on the platform because she no longer fit in her clothes.

She also justified her weight gain sharing that it was inevitable because she was spending time with her family. She even quoted Atticus and wrote, “watch carefully, the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves.” A few months after in March, she wrote another post where she opened up about regretting the pants she had on in that post when she used to fit on it.

Back in July 2020, Big T revealed her take on dieting. She wrote that she never believed in dieting and she had never tried and never will. The Challenge contestant talked about gaining weight and she was happy about it. She insisted that everyone should embrace the different phases of their body changes and shared that life’s too short to be self-conscious.

She wrote, “Enjoy your body but don’t obsess about it because that won’t make you happy.”

Big T [The Challenge] Net Worth

Big T “The Challenge” should have a total net worth of around 300 thousand (£225,145). She signed up with United Talent Agency and traveled for three years to film a web series for Peninsula films. The London-native first starred in the 2019 version of the UK’s Shipwrecked. The show was bad, and the show ended.

Big T struggled the most out of the group and got thrown in by her team as she was perceived as the weakest player. But, somehow she ended up landing a spot in MTV’s “The Challenge.”

She debuted in “War of the Worlds 2” and faced Georgia in the second episode. She lasted 90 minutes in the episode but got eliminated but was able to drop everyone’s jaws. For Total Madness, Big T was the smallest girl, but she always tried her best in the challenges. But, she cut her foot in a piece of broken glass getting a bit too drunk and was forced to leave the game.

Big T’s sincere gameplay has built her a loyal fanbase that was elated to see her back on “Double Agents.”

Is Big T [The Challenge] Married Or Dating?

As of 2021, Big T (The Challenge) is as single as they come. She starred in two shows and multiple seasons but never sparked any romantic entanglements with any of her fellow casts. Speaking with Radio Times, Tula revealed that she was not looking for love on the island. She clarified that she had hoped that she didn’t fancy anyone on the island. Because she didn’t want to meet her dream guy stinking and smelling without all my wigs and her glam on.

She seemed close to Sean Lineker but she had made it clear that she didn’t join the show to find love.

But, she hadn’t up on finding love. She also revealed to the outlet that she was single for too long and having a boyfriend was on the top of her list.

Coming to her social media posts, there is not even a single post that hints at a potential relationship. Which in a way confirms that she might be single or keeping it under wraps to avoid unnecessary attention.

Big T [The Challenge] Parents

For such a cheerful girl, full of energy, who has her fan base, Big T’s fans would be downhearted to know that she has lost her biological parents. She shared that she lost her biological father at the age of 17 whereas she lost her mother when she was only 8. After losing her parents, she was sent to live with her aunt in the United Kingdom, who practically adopted her although there was no such thing “as adoption” in her culture.

Tula spoke, “you just have to stay positive and try to be strong,” because losing parents at a young age is something people don’t get used to.

She once went on her Instagram to commemorate her time in Malawi. She wrote that people shouldn’t forget their roots and the place where her father lived was her beginning.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Big T [The Challenge]?

Big T was born on 10 January 1992. Which means she is 29 years old in 2021.

  • What Is Big T [The Challenge] Real Name?

The real name of Big T is Tula Fazakerley.

  • Why Do They Call Her Big T [The Challenge]?

The family of Tula named her Big T because she has small breasts. She shared with Radio Times, “Yes, that’s correct. Everyone calls me Big T. It’s really funny as when people want to be formal, they call me Big T and if they are chilled out, they call me T.”

  • How Tall Is Big T [The Challenge]?

Big T stands tall to the height of 5 feet 3 inches.

  • Is Big T [The Challenge] On Instagram?

Yes, you can follow Big T on Instagram and her handle is (@bigtfaz).

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