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Tasha K Husband Cheickna H Kebe: Net Worth, Look Like

Tasha K has enjoyed discussing tea related to several celebrities and it was all fun and games until she got sued by rapper Cardi B. As a counter, she allegedly tried to sue Cardi because her fans were giving death threats to her. In midst of this, she has a very supportive husband with who she has been married for over 15 years.

Learn his real name, what he looks like, his net worth, and if he has HIV? We address it all below.

Tasha K Husband Name

Tasha K Husband’s real name is Cheickna H Kebe. He is a Malian by nationality who worked in the restaurant business for over 20 years. She and her husband met each other for the first time in 2006 and went on a date around the same time. They were both working at a restaurant named Houstons at the time.

According to the “proposal video” of Tasha K, she and Cheickna were dating for only a few weeks and he had planned the proposal. At the time they were in Atlanta, Georgia. On the way to a restaurant, a Cobb County police officer pulled them over. The police asked for his license and registration but by mistake, he ended up giving Tasha’s ID.

Police asked her husband to sit inside the car and asked her to step outside of the vehicle. He arrested her for driving with no insurance no registration and a suspended license because an arrest warrant had been sent out.

The day after her arrest, he proposed to her. They have been together for over 14 years and are parents to at least three children.

In September 2019, Tasha wrote on her Facebook, “I was scrolling through old photos and found these. My husband and I at the ages of 12 & 13. Who would have known that a Malian Boy was being raised to love a poor & broken little girl from Panama City, Florida? Who would have known that we would be raising two beautiful kids together as best friends? I love me some him

Their oldest daughter’s name is Tantou. Their second daughter’s name is Lamine. They also seem to have a son who appears on her IG, but it couldn’t be confirmed.

There have been several rumors regarding her husband and one of them is Cheickna coming out as homosexual.

Fun Fact: Cheickna H Kebe turned 41 years old on 28 October 2021.

Tasha K Husband Cheickna H Kebe Cheating

A year before in November 2020, a YouTuber named Rah Ali claimed that Tasha K’s Husband Cheickna H Kebe cheated on her. Rah shared that Cheickna even had a son with one of Rah’s best friends. In November 2021, Tasha addressed this cheating allegation on her YouTube video titled “Exclusive | Rah Ali Creates Fake Cheating Story on Tasha K’s Husband.”

She even dared the alleged friend of Rah’s friend to come with the child and join the show so that they could have a DNA testing procedure in her show. Based on confidence Tasha’s exuded, she had complete faith in her husband and boasted he wasn’t the type to cheat.

What Does Tasha K Husband Cheickna H Kebe Look Like?

There are a handful of followers on Tasha’s social media who often leaves mean comments whenever she posts pictures of her husband. Like, in an IG post from early October 2021, where she posted pictures of her husband, there were comments about what Tasha K’s husband looked like.

Tasha Kebe and her husband Cheickna Kebe, this is what he looks like (Pic: Tasha’s IG)

One user @mz_delina wrote, “Y’all look like brothers and sisters in this picture 😍😍.”

Another user same_24hours wrote, “Men always choose women who look like their mother. He looks like he yo brother.”

Similarly, another user @itouchedthehemofhisgarment also made similar comments, “Looking like brother and sister. The beautiful couple keep it up 😍”

If you’re asking if he is a celebrity look-alike, then he looks like the TV show “Atlanta” actor LaKeith Stanfield.

Tasha K Husband Cheickna H Kebe Lipstick Alley

There is an unhealthy amount of discussion regarding Tasha K and her husband in Lipstick Alley. One started a tea on Lipstick Alley and wrote: “Just saw her recent live stream and this time I didn’t say “She needs to get her ass beat”. Normally she and Cheetoh Changa are neck and neck. Just saw her recent live stream and this time I didn’t say “She needs to get her ass beat”. Normally she and Cheetoh Changa are neck and neck.

The user further added, “It’s weird. In this video, I saw her swat away her African husband and get busy as a black woman could. She gave Sage advice (I know, I know. I said this shit is weird!) unexpectedly while she read a question that I’m still not sure whether or not she wrote herself. I don’t know but I’m kinda feeling like maybe she deserves the attention ala, Wendy Williams. The girl ain’t stupid. This quarantine is helping all these heaux get great, honestly.”

She ended her tea writing, “But anyway, Perhaps she gets to flip the switch on celebrities that use the press in THEIR favor ALL DAY. They can’t be mad when she’s clever enough to do the SAME thing and get away with this sh*t. Lord knows I’ve wanted to beat the bricks off her ass on behalf of celebrities I don’t even know. Iono, I think she MAY deserve the attention she gets and she’s way smarter than everyone thinks. In the video, I think it shows a lot about who she Truly is Not sure I have enough respect but it’s interesting to watch.”

A few started the thread and left some degrading comments.

Tasha K Husband Cheickna H Kebe Has HIV?

No, Tasha K’s husband Cheickna Kebe doesn’t have HIV. Instead, one of her followers wrote a letter to her who discovered that her husband might have contracted HIV after she found a lot of medicine which are used for treating the disease in his car. You can watch the video here.

Is Tasha K Husband Cheickna H Kebe On Instagram?

No, Tasha K’s husband is not on Instagram. But, he is on Facebook and you can follow him here.

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