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Blair Delgado Bio, The Big D, Job, Age, Dating, Instagram

USA’s newest reality dating competition show The Big D is about bringing together newly divorced couples. They are expected to either find new love or rekindle their relationship. So, in this show, set in beautiful Costa Rica, Blair Delgado and Ariel Lyndsey were amongst the couples living together in a beautiful villa. Like other couples, their’s marriage also ended in divorce. However, despite having parted ways, one of them continued to hold out hope for rekindling, which is why they landed on Big D to understand and see if there is really a chance for them.

In the rest of the writing, let’s find out who Blair Delgado is and what it was like for him on the reality show with his ex.

The Big D: Are Blair Delgado And Ariel Lyndsey Together?

As of June 2023, it looked like Blair Delgado and Ariel Lyndsey are no longer together.

The two married within months of dating. In The Big D, it is then revealed that four years into their marriage, their interpersonal issues became glaringly visible, and the two, therefore, felt that necessary actions had to be taken. Blair was blamed to have been unfaithful to Ariel and was said to have concentrated more on social media than on her marriage and husband.

So, Blair sought comfort elsewhere, and ultimately, they signed divorce papers after four and a half years of marriage. For some good time, Ariel continued to hold out hope for rekindling. But, Blair, who had moved on hoping to find someone else, was not on the same page.

Ariel filed a divorce lawsuit against Blair on 19 October 2020. The case was filed in Pinellas County Courts, Clearwater Historic Courthouse – Circuit located in Pinellas, Florida.

Is Blair Delgado Dating Anyone?

As of 2023, it looked like Blair Delgado was taking time to focus on himself instead of seeking romantic camaraderie. Despite keeping his life under wraps, it has come to our notice that he has a girlfriend named Ashley. Just on 8 May 2023, Blair’s mom mentioned her on a social media post saying “We had an amazing family day with my son Blair and his sweet girlfriend Ashley.”

Blair Delgado Age

Blair Delgado was born in 1990. So, he reached the age of 33 in 2023.

What Is Blair Delgado’s Real Name?

Blair Delgado’s real name is Damaso Delgado.

Blair Delgado Job

Blair Delgado describes himself as a globe trotter and traveler. Per LinkedIn, he has been working full-time at KnowBe4 of Clearwater, Florida since May 2019. He joined as a tech touch customer success manager and got promoted to different positions over the years. Most recently, he was working as a senior enterprise customer success manager.

So, in his profession, Blair has steadily grown over the years, like his ex-wife Ariel who has worked to expand her presence on social media with time. Ariel began her journey on social media when she and Blair were still married. With her skills as a dancer and artistic abilities, she has today gone on to make make a name on different online media platforms. Her TikTok account, among others, has over a million followers now. Ariel also is a sneaker artist.

Is Blair Delgado On Instagram?

Yes. Blair Delgado can be found on Instagram. However, his account @lastcall10mm, with 33 posts and 9,536 followers, was kept private as of 20 June 2023.

Blair also showed now and then glimpses of his life on ‘Blair Delgado’ Facebook.

Blair Delgado Family

Blair’s mother is Maria Paola Delgado Webb. In her career, she has mostly worked as an office manager at the law offices of Matthew C. Hines. She is from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, and is now based in Atlanta, Georgia. She reached the age of 45 in February 2023. At this point, she also is married to Mark A. Webb, Blair’s stepfather. Mark, per LinkedIn, is a business consultant and business owner, bringing sanity to the workplace with a step-by-step system.

Also, here are a few things that we know about Blair’s siblings.

One of them is his sister Stephanie Delgado. As of now, she had been working at Scientology New York. The other sister is Michelle Delgado, an alumnus of Marietta High School. She was residing in Spring Hill, Tennessee as of now. There are two more sisters: Natalie and Gabrielle Delgado. Also, it turns out Michelle and Gabrielle are twins.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Blair Delgado?

Blair Delgado stands above 5’10” in height.

  • Where Is Blair Delgado From?

Blair Delgado originally hails from Clearwater, a city in Florida’s Tampa Bay area, which is known for its sunny weather and gulf coast beaches.

  • When Is Blair Delgado’s Birthday?

Blair Delgado’s birthday is on May 10th. That day in 2021, his mom took to her social media to wish him a happy birthday. She called him her handsome, sweet, loving son and shining armor. “I love how much you love to help, what an amazing son you are. I m so proud of who you are and how hard you are working to achieve your goals!
I love our adventures and kicking your ass on the climbing wall”, she also said this about him.

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