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Bling Empire Reiki Healer Janice Mei Bio, Age, Husband

Meet Reiki Healer Janice Mei from Bling Empire who we saw getting romantically involved with Kevin Taejin Kreider. Kevin, who may not be as wealthy as the others but has longstanding relationships with several of the cast members, is one of the most popular celebrities from the series.

Fans of the Netflix series naturally became interested in him because of his romantic involvement with Janice in the third season. Fans want to know if the two are still dating or if they have broken up given the drama that resulted from the pair. Along with that, they are interested to learn more about her so this article covers it all from here.

Meet Janice Mei, The Reiki Healer On Bling Empire Season 3

Bling Empire season 3 premiered on Netflix and we meet a new cast member Janice Mei, a healer.

In the Netflix series “Bling Empire,” some of the richest East and South East Asians are shown residing in Los Angeles, California. Given the small number of individuals who match the stated requirements, most of them are quite familiar with one another and frequently connect at opulent events.

The reality show participants experience plenty of drama, heartbreak, betrayal, and competitiveness, among other things, just like any other social group.

Janice Mei Career

Energy healer Janice Méi has worked for many years and is based in Los Angeles, California. She is a feminine leader, mentor, transformational retreats, Shadow Integrationist, and Soul Alignment Coach.

She has earned certifications as a Kundalini Reiki and Sekhem-Khrem practitioner as well as a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage. By incorporating intuitive guidance, sound healing, crystal healing, guided meditation, visualization, and affirmations into her sessions, she provides a distinctive energy work experience.

Janice provides healing sessions that are customized to each client’s journey and goals. She offers her customers a place to unwind and be the most authentic version of themselves that is secure, caring, and judgment-free. She works with people from many walks of life who have various needs and intents for recovery. Whether it is assisting individuals in recovering from childhood trauma, sickness, mental barriers, emotional pain, heartbreak, or spiritual separation.

Additionally, Janice has found special success using Reiki to treat the physical body. In addition to many other illnesses, she has helped clients with postpartum recovery, injury recovery, pain management, chronic twitching, cancer, insomnia, TMJ, migraines, and addiction. She designs a unique healing experience that is intently focused on the current physical ailment while also offering emotional, mental, and spiritual support.

On, Janice has five stars based on 18 reviews. You can find her on the website where you can learn about her classes. According to her website, energy healing is “when our energetic bodies are intertwined with our physical bodies.” Energy medicine is a gentle, yet powerful antidote to these disturbances in the field.

Her 1:1 Reiki remote session costs $200/90 mins. The session includes Intuitive Guidance, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Reading + Healing + Balancing, Parts Work, Guided Meditation & Visualization Journey, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, and Oracle Card Reading. Moreover, she also provides Sekhem Khrem sessions which costs $200/per 90 minutes and $150/per minute.

Follow her on her IG (@reikimei).

Janice Mei Age

As of Oct 2022, Janice Mei should be at least 28 years old.

Does Janice Mei Have A Husband?

No, Janice Mei doesn’t have a husband as she hasn’t married yet. Her dating life is a mystery so if she is dating someone or she is single is unclear. In the show, Kim Lee introduced Kevin and Janice to one another in Malibu, California. Kevin and Kim had made the decision to take a short getaway with Kane Lim and Kelly Mi Li in order to work out their problems.

Kim thought that the group’s heart-to-heart on their first night in was insufficient, though. She thus made the decision to contact Janice, a Reiki healer Kim had been consulting with during the course of her healing process.

Kim formally introduced Janice to everyone before the session. Kevin, however, asserted that he was aware of the healer since he had looked her up on Google after learning about her through Kim. The group’s dynamic was greatly improved by the session, which did seem to address many repressed feelings.

After some time had passed, Kevin made the decision to take Janice out on a date after becoming impressed by the connection he believed he had made with her. The two seemed to have a good time together and the date seemed to go smoothly. The friendly banter made it clear that Kevin and Janice were connected.

After the date, Kevin and Kim had a conversation about the same thing, which bothered Kim. Kim found it awkward that Kevin was seeing her healer, whom she felt was an essential part of her recovery. Kevin was annoyed by Kim’s rage and argued that she had no right to control his life because they had agreed to put their history behind them and remain friends.

Many people, though, can’t help but wonder if the argument contributed to Kevin and Janice’s growing estrangement. Here is everything we know about the subject in case you are ready for the solutions.

But after the show, they are no longer together.

Janice Mei Ethnic Background

Janice Mei is of Chinese-American ethnicity. In March 2019, she stated, “All the women in my family have the same middle name: Mèi. And in Chinese, it means beautiful.”

Janice Mei Height

Janice Mei stands tall under the height of 5 feet 5 inches. The first tattoo she ever got is on her back which is a latitude and longitude which represents the city in China she was born and grew up, Lanc Lanc (r3pri$ent), and Philadelphia.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Janice Mei Birthday?

No, Janice Mei’s birthday is unclear.

  • Where Is Janice Mei From?

According to Janice Mei’s website, she is based in both Costa Rica and Los Angeles.

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