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Evelyn Cormier Parents: Jacky Cormier And Antonio Micaiah Cormier

Evelyn Cormier might have separated from her 90 Day Finacee husband David Vázqued Zermeño, but her quest for love hasn’t ended. Seeing her parents married for over 26 years, the girl believes her soulmate is still out there waiting for her.

So, who are her parents — her love icon? Learn everything about them as this article proceeds.

Who Are Evelyn Cormier Parents?

Evelyn Cormier loves her parents, Jacky and Antonio Micaiah Cormier, to the moon. They are her inspiration for love and life. “Thank you for showing Solomon and me what true love and commitment look like through your lives together,” Evelyn boasted about her parent’s relationship on FB.

Also, on her’s parent’s 24th anniversary, Evelyn took it to her IG to write, “Happy 24th Anniversary to my amazing parents! I love you guys and appreciate the example that you’ve set for me and @solomoncormier.”

Meet Evelyn Cormier Father, Antonio Micaiah Cormier

Evelyn Cormier’s dad Antonio Micaiah Cormier was born on November 1, 1976. He is a  property owner, musician, and tool-maker, located in a small town in New Hampshire.

“I currently own my home, as well as a multi-unit while working a 9-5. Looking to invest in more rental properties, but would like to invest using other strategies as well,” Antonio share a little about his job.

In detail, Antonio started his career in March 2003 as a “CNC Machinist” at Creare. The next month he then also started working as a Manager at his self-owned company Cormier Properties.

Working at both companies for over a decade, Antonio then joined Whelen Engineering as an “EDM Lead Person” in 2013, and he was still working there as of 2022.

In between these jobs, Antonio also worked as an “Adjunct CNC Programming Instructor” at River Valley Community College (Jan 2007 – Jan 2011) and as a “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt” at Six Sigma Global Institute (Jul – Sep 2019).

As for his passion for music, Antonio “fooled around” with the guitar even before his daughter was born. But after Evelyn stepped into the world, he put down his guitar for quite a while and only picked it up again after “she showed some talent and wanted to sing in church.”

Now, Antonio and Evelyn, The Cormiers (band),  play and sing regularly in their church in Newport. “It’s quite an honor to be part of what’s going on in my daughter’s life, It shows God’s ability to put people in place to do his work,” Antonio shared.

Likewise, Evelyn found it a “treat” to be able to play with her dad.

The last we checked, the dad-daughter wrote a song called “Nickels And Dimes.”

Overall,  Evelyn was proud of her father/bandmate. She thanked him for all his “dedication and contributions to the band all the while never looking for recognition.”

Evelyn’s father has also graced 90 Day Finacee. His thick beard, luscious long hair, and fit body quickly garnered attention from all the fans — so much so that they labeled him a DILF.

A viewer wrote, “I would actually love to be her friend though, to get close to her dad”

Meet Evelyn Cormier Mother, Jacky Cormier

Evelyn Cormier’s mother Jacky Cormier is older than her husband Antonio. She was born on September 9, 1973.

Like her daughter and husband, Jacky’s involved in music too. She even co-produced a few of  Evelyn’s songs including “Lost.”

According to the 90 Day Finacees star, her mother is her best friend, the person she goes to for advice, the person who gives her her last piece of pie, the first person she wants to share her good/bad news with, and her biggest cheerleader. 

Find Jacky on Instagram @jackycormier96, Facebook @jacalyn.cormier, and Youtube @Renewed Colonial.

Sadly, Jacky’s father (Evelyn’s grandpa), Joseph F. Gnatek Jr. passed away in November 2013 at the age of 80. He worked at Milton Bradley and Hasbro for 33 years and was a member of the Mason’s Lodge in Brooks. In his past time, the old man loved woodworking, gardening, and remodeling his home in Brooks.

Jacky now has 5 siblings named Sujat (husband: Randy of Chicopee), Glenda White (husband: David), Greta Redzko, Ginger Chan, and Joseph Gnatek (wife: Lisa).

Also, her mother Susan Ladany was still alive.

As for her view on her daughter participating in 90 Day Finacee, she didn’t like the idea of Evelyn getting married to a stranger. No wonder, Evelyn carefully kept her mother from knowing about what will happen to her on the show.

Related FAQs

  • Are Evelyn Cormier Parents Still Married?

Yes, Evelyn’s parents are still married (as of 2022).

Jacky and Antonio exchanged vows back on August 10, 1996.

  • Where Do Evelyn Cormier Parents Reside?

Evelyn’s parents resided in Claremont, New Hampshire.

  • How Many Children Do Evelyn Cormier Parents Have?

Evelyn’s parents have two children — Evelyn and her brother Solomon Cormier.

Their son, Solomon is a Community College of Vermont (CCV) graduate who went on to work as a Kitchen Supervisor at North Country Smokehouse, where  Artisanal Smoked Meats were Handcrafted in Small Batches. . Like his family, he is also a musician and plays the piano.

In 2022, Solomon resided in Claremont, New Hampshire with his wife Molly Cormier (married on June 17, 2022).

Molly was Field Technology Advocate at Panera Bread.

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