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Bobby Schubenski Bio, Age, Net Worth, Noella Bergener

Meet Bobby Schubenski, the new man in the life of The Real Housewives of Orange County star Noella Bergener. Learn about his age, net worth, job, and details regarding his relationship with Noella below.

Keep reading to learn more about Bobby.

Meet Bobby Schubenski, Noella Bergener Boyfriend

Bobby Schubenski and Noella Bergener have been making a social media appearances. She teased her IG followers with pictures and videos of the two together which ignited the rumor that Noella might be in a new relationship. She didn’t reveal his identity until Andy Cohen asked during the RHOC reunion.

Fans of reality shows might know him from ‘Total Divas’. In addition, Noella also revealed that Bobby gifted her a sex toys company just three weeks into dating! In an interview with US Weekly, Noella shared that she knew Bobby for years.

She gushed, “He knew me married and knew my husband. That’s not weird at all, but we just have a lot of love and respect for each other. He was one of those that just constantly checked in on me… Like the moment James left, just like, ‘How are you? Did you need anything? Do the kids need anything?’ Like one of those.” “It’s just slow. It’s very, very fresh,”.

Noella added, “So, who knows. At the end of the day, I have an amazing friend, but right now, we’re friends who kiss”.

Furthermore, while speaking with DailyMail, she opened up about her meeting with Bobby. She explained, “So we actually met like three years ago, and he was friends with Dennis Rodman who is at a dinner table at Maestro’s.”

“I saw him, he had a very interesting table, I was at a very interesting table, our friends who knew each other kind of interconnected, and afterward the invite came out during COVID. There was nothing going on in Orange County, everything was shut down, so we like we heat the pool, heat up the barbeque, invite cool interesting people over, and he came over with friends”

She added more, “I even tell him, “you’re so cool, you’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, by far in Orange County, what are you doing here? Like why are you here, you’re too cool to be here.” COVID after parties definitely were very useful.”

The romance reportedly started only after her split from her ex-husband Sweet James Bergener. And as you know, James filed for divorce almost over a year and a half after their marriage. He cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. They share a son together named James Jr.

Why Did Rosa Mendes And Bobby Schubenski Split?

Before dating Noella, Bobby Schunenski was dating WWE wrestler Milena Roucka AKA Rosa Mendes. They were reportedly expecting a baby together and during a trip to Paris, he had proposed to Rosa in October 2016. When Rosa started gaining weight throughout her pregnancy, Bobby’s unappealing behavior started coming out.

Bobby reportedly started making fat jokes about her. Alleged infidelity on the part of Bobby, might also have been one of the reasons behind their split. He reportedly started taking a solo trip to Las Vegas which made Rosa suspect that he might be cheating on her. They separated years later and took the joint custody of their daughter Jordan.

After the split, Rosa shared, “This is not going to make sense, but it’s going to make sense for us. We are exclusive, but we don’t have a title. Me and Bobby Schubenski broke up in December, but basically, he was so immersed in his business, and I was so immersed in my business and we were both immersed with Jordan that we forgot to take care of each other.

Rosa added further, “We weren’t happy so we decided to separate and work on our businesses and take care of Jordan and figure stuff out, but I miss him, and he misses me, so we decided to work things out. The separation was really hard on both of us. He and I are very strong-minded people, and strong people, but it hurts, and we don’t ever want to get back to that hurt phase. It was hard for me to work on Totally Fit Mama, like, it was hard for me.”

She continued, “We are going to take our time, take things super slow and just figure stuff out and want to see what we both have. We don’t want to go all-in right away because we don’t want to break up again. He is so inspiring. I never met anyone that is more motivated than I am I am a big dreamer and a visionary, and he is beyond that so that is one of the things that I fell in love with him. I never imagined falling in love and meeting someone and feeling like that again.”

Bobby Schubenski Age

According to Famous Birthdays, as of April 2022, Bobby Schubenski is 33 years old.

Bobby Schubenski Job

According to LinkedIn, Bobby Schubenski is the CEO and owner of a clothing company named Blackcraft Cult and Blackcraft Whisky. The brand was spawned out of a Southern California attic in the summer of 2012, BlackCraft’s inception was the collaborative brainchild of Jim Somers and Bobby Schubenski.

The duo began with a sparse one hundred dollar investment in their pockets and a singular idea to motivate people in a positive light outside of the realms of organized religion. The brand stands for kindness, gratitude, positivity, self-empowerment, self-expression, and all aspects of life that encourage personal freedom.

Blackcraft Cult had a market capitalization of $219.1 million in 2020. His firm is now so successful that it had a collaboration merch and partnership with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Floyd. You can check out the brand on Instagram (@blackcraftcult) or its website.

The entrepreneur has his hands in wrestling, motocross, and even local golf tournaments, as he’s parlayed his success from playing in several national touring bands into brand management.

Furthermore, Bobby is also one of the hosts of the Danny Wimmer Presents: Space Zebra Show on Twitch. He hosts the program alongside Wes Borland, Josh Balz, and Producer Jake.

Bobby graduated high school from Avella High School.

How Much Is Bobby Schubenski Net Worth?

As of 2022, Bobby Schubenski’s net worth should be above $5 million.

Bobby Schubenski Height

Bobby Schubenski has colorful tattoos all over his body which is his distinct feature. Meanwhile, his height measures 5 feet 11 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Bobby Schubenski Birthday?

Bobby Schubenski celebrates his birthday on 29 August.

  • What Is Bobby Schubenski Ethnicity?

By ethnicity, Bobby Schubenski is White American. However, his ancestry remains a mystery.

  • What Do We Know About Bobby Schubenski Family?

Bobby Schubenski is the only child born to his anonymous parents. He grew up in Avella, in western Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Bobby was raised by his grandfather, who was in the Korean War, and said seeing what he went through meant the world to him because that is the freedom he was fighting for. He felt deeply about the Veterans because his grandfather was one. It was a big part of his grandfather’s life and a big part of his life growing up.

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