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Bobby Seagull Wife, Net Worth, Parents, Indian Matchmaking

Bobby Seagull is a maths teacher. He loves solving complex equations. However, when it came to the equations of love, he fell behind! Thus, in search of a partner, he sought help from the matchmaking guru Sima Taparia, and his romantic adventure was featured on Indian Matchmaking season 3.

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Did Bobby Seagull Find A Wife On Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking?

No, Bobby Seagull came out of the show single! It seems he and Priya Ashr just couldn’t find that spark even though their families were already getting together. Infact, Bobby and Priya’s parents were right there when they met for the first time alongside their matchmaker Sima Taparia — it was literally a get-together!

No wonder, they started off surprisingly strong with the help of small talk as well as their common ground of being optimistic, curious, family-oriented individuals. Later, the duo also attended a salsa class Bobby arranged for them to break the ice.

Yet Priya simply could not feel the chemistry with him. She appreciated who he was and what he stood for but it’s just that she also quickly knew something was missing. Hence, she, unfortunately, ended up openly friend-zoning him.

“I think I’m single because… not because I’m fussy or picky. It’s just like sometimes I have not met the right person at the right time. So I’m waiting; I’m a husband-in-waiting,” Bobby said before meeting Priya.

Guess, he’s still a “husband-in-waiting.” But we’re sure Bobby will soon find someone as “enthusiastic and positive” as him who won’t mind him being “too positive, overactive, and energetic.”

Bobby recently spent Valentine’s Day 2023 with an early morning spin class and a visit to his library.

As for Priya, she went on to make a connection with Vim and even went as far as to invite him to meet her only sister and her closest friends during a get-together where she was the host. Sadly, things didn’t work out between them as well.

How Much Is Bobby Seagull Net Worth?

Bobby Seagull flaunted a net worth of above $1.5 million in 2023.

This school maths teacher started his career as an investment banking trader at Lehman Brothers and Nomura in 2006. He was then qualified to become the  Chartered Accountant of PricewaterhouseCoopers — where he worked for 3 ½ years. So, it was at PWC, he had this epiphany that he loved teaching!

Thus, Bobby went to Cambridge University to do his PGCE Maths course, and he started his first job as a maths teacher at East London Science School in 2015. Then, he joined Chesterton Community Sports College and Little Ilford School (where he was teaching at the time of writing this article.)

Alongside teaching, Bobby also has been writing books. So far, he published two books titled The Monkman & Seagull Quiz and The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers.

Thanks to his mathematic skills, Bobby has also been invited as a quizzer, a host, or even a contestant for shows such as Pilgrimage (2023), The Weakest Link (2023), The One Show (2018 – 2023), Countdown (2022), Would I Like to You (2022), The Answer Trap (2021), and many more.

As for his education, he’s studied at Cambridge University; Royal Holloway, University of London; University of Oxford; Eton College; and St Bonaventure’s Catholic Comprehensive Secondary.

Bobby Seagull Age

Bobby Seagull was 39 years of age when he appeared on Indian Matchmaking in 2023.

He is 4 years older than Priya.

Who Are Bobby Seagull Parents?

Bobby Seagull’s parents are originally from Kerala, India. They came to the UK in the 70s before Bobby was born. After arriving in Britain, his father Jose Seagull worked as an accountant while his mother raised the boys.

It was also after coming to the UK, Bobby’s father gave him and his brother Tommy  “Seagull” as a surname, inspired by Richard Bach’s 1970 novella Jonathan Livingston Seagull, about a bird who tried to find a higher meaning in life through perfecting flight.

“My father wanted his children to have the same drive to be the best they can and inspire others, too,” he explained.

However, Bobby’s mother beat Jonathan to the register office when the other two of Bobby’s siblings were born. Thus, they have different surnames — Bobby Seagull, Tommy Seagull, Davey Jose, and John Jose.

But though different surnames, they all share Jay as a first name.  “It’s a south Indian tradition of sorts to share the same first name and to be known by your middle name. My parents came to the UK from Kerala in India which has historic links with Portugal. That’s why my dad’s surname is Jose. He’s an entrepreneur at heart who’s full of ideas and always starting new projects. He made us believe we could do anything,” Bobby explained.

Talking a little about his brother, Davey, he had sustained spinal injuries when he was run over as a toddler. So, now, as an artist, he explores spinal injury in his works at Tate Modern, for Tate Lates. Find his works on FB @daveyjoseart.

Bobby Seagull Height

Bobby Seagull stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Bobby Seagull Birthday?

Bobby celebrates his birthday on February 13 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

  • Is Bobby Seagull On Instagram?

Find Bobby on Instagram @bobby_seagull.

Also, here’s his Twitter @Bobby_Seagull, Youtube @BOBBYSEAGULLTV, and TikTok @bobby_seagull.

  • Where Was Bobby Seagull Born?

Bobby hails from Newham in England.

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