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Bobye Holt Bio, Age, Job, Daughter, Ex Duggar Family Friend

Bobye Holt has been long known as the ex-family friend of the disgraced Duggars. Who is she? How old is she? Who is her daughter who dated Josh Holt?

Learn all about that in this article below.

Meet Bobye Holt, Ex Duggar Family Friend

Since the falling out of the relationship of Bobye Holt with the Duggar family, Bobye has spoken publicly about the latter. She has now appeared on Prime Video’s newest documentary Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. Bobye’s husband Jim and Jim Bob Duggar have known each other since their time in middle school.

In the documentary series, Jim and Bobye discussed how the molestation issue involving Josh Duggar led to their growing estrangement from the Duggar family. Josh was dating Bobye and Jim’s eldest daughter at the time they found out about the incident.

Bobye says in the documentary, “We’d known him since he was a baby.” “March 30, 2003, when we found out, I went out to the field and just bawled,” her husband recalled about discovering Josh’s past. “He had apparently been doing it since the age of 12, but we found out about it when he was 15.”

Bobye asserted that they approached the Duggar over Josh’s behavior, despite the Duggar matriarch’s assurance that they would wait to inform the Holt family of her son’s background until he had wed their daughter. The connection between the Duggars and the Holts appeared to come to an end when Michelle refused to talk about the controversy.

After Josh was detained on suspicion of child pornography in April 2021, Bobye spoke out against the disgraced TLC star while testifying in the trial that took place in November 2021. Bobye recalled hearing about the sexual assault that took place in the Duggar household while she was testifying.

Bobye Holt met her husband Jim when they were 14 and 19 years old, respectively. InTouch also confirmed that she was granted an order of protection from Jim. Online documents accessed by In Touch show that the paperwork was submitted on April 21, 2023, and that it was closed after the protective order was satisfied.

For the following ten years, the order will remain in effect. While no divorce petition has been filed for Bobye and Jim, it is unknown what events led to the legal action.

However, Without A Crystal Ball, revealed that Bobye was not necessarily the victim in that situation. Her son Samuel was reportedly the one who filed the protection order again Jim.

In Shiny Happy People, Bobye and Jim say that they felt coerced into appearing on the Duggar’s TLC reality show and now regret their involvement. Because of their long-standing relationship, the Holts were aware of the Duggars’ secrets and were crucial witnesses in Josh Duggar’s trial after he was discovered to have child pornography in his possession. During the trial, Bobye Holt testified about the Duggar son’s troubled adolescence, during which he sexually abused multiple girls, including four of his sisters.

Bobye received plenty of support for testifying about what Josh did; however, some criticized her for not taking what she knew to the authorities sooner. Bobye decided to spill the tea on Facebook in order to let nay-sayers know she has been trying to report Josh’s deeds for a long time.

“We’ve been screaming this from the mountain tops for 18+ years!” Bobye told one person, later adding, “You have no idea how many times it has been taken to authorities. When I say, ‘They didn’t do their job,’ I truly mean, they didn’t do their job!”

Bobye Holt Daughter

Kaeleigh Holt is Bobye Holt’s daughter who dated Josh Duggar when they were teenagers (both 14 years old). They dated each other in 2002 before Josh met and married Anna Duggar.

Before Bobye, her mother, gave testimony during Josh’s trial, she avoided talking about the past. Bobye discussed her daughter’s relationship with Josh while she was testifying. Then Kaeleigh posted a message to her fans on Instagram outlining her plans for her public account.

“There are a lot of people here following me because of my relations to the Duggars and they know we were really good friends growing up,” she shared, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “I have taken about a week to really think about what I want to do here. … I didn’t know how to go about [keeping] my privacy at the same time.”

She went on to say that she intended to maintain her privacy. “I’m going to keep my children’s lives private,” Kaeleigh added. “And I am attempting to, not really go too much in-depth about my thoughts.”

In 2022, Kaeleigh took to her social media to share some thoughts on Josh going to prison for 12 years. She took to her Instagram stories to tell him off.

Kaeleigh began: “Well, it’s the sentencing day, the day we have been holding our breaths for several months. I figured I might as well share some thoughts that I have about today. I know for us, it’s the last piece of the puzzle and all of us are exhaling after months in relief that it’s finally done.”

She added further, “My biggest thoughts go out to all the victims. Even though for us it might be a little bit of closure for all of us that are on the outside, it’s gonna be lifelong for them, for Josh’s kids.” She claimed to have looked up Mackynzie’s age, the oldest daughter of Josh and his wife Anna.

Kaeleigh shared she realized “she’s exactly 12 years old and seven months – exactly what [Josh’s] sentencing was.” She found the detail to be “oddly significant.”

She continued: “He’s gonna be gone for half of her life. Those kids don’t deserve that kind of father and it’s gonna be life-long therapy for them, and I hope they get it.”

As of this piece, Kaeleigh Holt is married to Rob Tull. The couple had an outdoor wedding and reception on 28 October 2012. They reportedly share at least five children (Robert Tull, Michael Tull, William Tull, Vivian Tull, and Andrew Tull).

Born in March 1988, Kaeleigh is 35 years old. Her other siblings are Steffan Holt, Kristian Holt, Karessa Holt, Kearah Holt, Spencer Holt, Samuel Holt, Silas Holt, Kharis Holt, Seth Holt, and Scottlen Holt.

Bobye Holt Age

Bobye Holt reached age 53 in 2022. She was born in August 1969.

Where Is Bobye Holt From?

Bobye Holt hailed from Springdale, Arkansas.

Who Is Bobye Holt Mother?

Bobye Holt’s mother is named Rhonda Barenberg.

Rhonda was married to Bobye’s father for 46 years. Sadly, Rhonda lost her husband on 2 September 2021 at the age of 78. He was born in Aurora, Colo., to L.B. and Agnes Barenberg. Bob was the owner of Bob Barenberg Livestock Hauling in Springdale.

Besides Bobye, Rhonda has other three daughters: Mary Ann Adams (Chris), Tammy Cartmell (Floy Bob), and Connie Williams (Kraig).

Rhonda is the daughter of Verna Louise Tackett and Carl Tackett. Her mother passed away at the age of 91 on 12 November 2020. Her one sister Brenda Johnson passed away. Rhonda’s other siblings are Larry Tackett.

Bobye Holt Job

Besides being a doting mother to 11 children, Bobye Holt’s job and career are unclear.

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  • What Is Bobye Holt Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Bobye Holt is Barenberg.

  • Is Bobye Holt On Instagram?

No, Bobye Holt is not on Instagram.

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