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Jim Holt Bio, Age, Job, Ex Duggar Family Friend, Who Is He?

Get to know Jim Holt the husband of Bobye Holt and friend of the Duggars. Where is he now? What does she do for a living? How old is he? If you came here looking for answers to these questions then we might be of some assistance.

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Meet Jim Holt, Ex Duggar Family Friend

The start of the friendship between the Holts and Duggars started with Jim Holt and Bob Duggar. They first met each other in middle school and became life-long friends. The family grew closer together as they saw both families thriving personally and professionally.

At one point, Jim and his wife Bobye Holt’s oldest daughter Kaeleigh Holt dated Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s disgraced son Josh Duggar when they were 14. However, when the allegation of Josh molesting underaged girls came to light, it started affecting their relationship.

“March 30, 2003, when we found out, I went out to the field and just bawled,” Jim recalled about discovering Josh’s past. “He had apparently been doing it since the age of 12, but we found out about it when he was 15.”

Though the Duggar matriarch stated that they would not inform the Holt family about her son’s background until after he and their daughter were married, Jim’s wife claimed that they addressed Jim Bob and Michelle with Josh’s misdeeds. The connection between the Duggars and the Holts appeared to come to an end when Michelle refused to talk about the controversy.

Jim had also testified at Josh’s trial but people weren’t satisfied about what he shared with the court. Bobye wanted everyone to know that, decades before she spoke in court, she and her husband Jim did attempt to report Josh Duggar’s sexual assaults on his sisters and another little girl.

She then made the shocking admission that Josh nearly went to court in 2007 for abusing his sisters.

Jim Holt Kids

Jim Holt shares 11 children with his wife Bobye Holt. They are named Kaeleigh Tull, Steffan Holt, Kristian Holt, Karessa Holt, Kearah Holt, Spencer Holt, Samuel Holt, Silas Holt, Kharis Holt, Seth Holt, and Scottlen Holt.

In 2023, his son 20-year-old son Samuel filed a protection order against Jim according to Without A Crystal Ball. After that, his wife was granted 10 years protection order against Jim the YouTuber reported for the alleged cause of domestic violence.

Jim Holt Age

Born on 17 January 1965, Jim Holt turned 58 years old in 2023.

Who Are Jim Holt Parents?

Jim Holt is likely the son of Charles Holt and Geneva Holt. Not much is known about his parents.

As for Jim’s wife, Bobye is the daughter of Rhonda and Barenberg and Bob Barenberg’s daughter. Her parents were married for 46 years. Sadly, Rhonda lost her 78-year-old husband on September 2nd, 2021. To L.B. and Agnes Barenberg in Aurora, Colorado, he was born. Bob Barenberg Livestock Hauling was his company, located in Springdale.

Bobye has three siblings, Mary Ann Adams (Chris), Tammy Cartmell (Floy Bob), and Connie Williams (Kraig), in addition to Bobye.

Jim Holt Job

Jim Holt entered the military in 1987 and worked for the National Security Agency’s U.S. Army Joint Intelligence Operations. He “was involved in highly classified operations during the Cold War, the overthrow of Manuel Noriega in Panama, and Operation Desert Storm,” according to his website. He works as a “part-time counselor and small business operator.” Holt was ordained as a Southern Baptist preacher in 1996.

In the general election of 2000, Jim won his initial election to the Arkansas House of Representatives. From 2001 to 2003, he was a member of the House. During that time, he supported a bill (see Evolution below) that would have made it illegal for Arkansas public schools to teach the theory of evolution. In the general election of 2002, Jim won a seat in the Arkansas Senate, where he served until the end of 2006.

Jim was the U.S. Senate candidate for the Republican Party in 2004. Blanche Lincoln, a Democrat, defeated him by a margin of 55 to 44 percent. Bill Halter, a Democrat, defeated Republican contender for lieutenant governor Holt in 2006 by a margin of 57 to 42 percent.

In the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate in 2010, John Boozman defeated Jim 53–17 percent of the vote, with the remaining percentage being split among six other GOP contenders. In turn, Boozman defeated Lincoln, who Holt had run against six years before.

Related FAQs

  • Is Jim Holt On Instagram?

No, Jim Holt is not on Instagram.

  • Where Is Jim Holt From?

Jim is a native of southern Arkansas. He is currently residing in Springdale, Arizona.

  • Is Jim Holt On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Jim is not on Instagram and Facebook.

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