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Borja De Maqua Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Married

Meet Borja De Maqua, who alongside Dean Poulton, is single-handedly restoring a 5-building, 65-room Georgian manor on land once owned by King Henry VII on HGTV’s Saving The Manor, after it premiered in October 2022. Together, they make an exceptional historic-renovation power couple, and here’s what we know about Borje De Maqua.

Borja De Maqua On HGTV Saving The Manor

Saving The Manor apparently documents the renovation of King Henry VII’s 300-year-old estate in England and Borja De Maqua as well as Dean Poulton happens to be the hosts of the series.

Shot in Coleshill, Warwickshire, England, the show premiered on the network on 7 October 2022.

Speaking of Borja’s DIY journey, he started it only after he crossed paths with Dean. So, though he is now presented as a Jack of all trades these days, he did not always have a hands-on approach to real estate. He just thought that you paid different people to do things. So, before he met Dean he could not even hold a paintbrush.

Things have changed immensely ever since. Now, together with Dean, Borja is doing the vast majority of the work on their estate themselves in order to save resources for high-end finishes. In Borja’s words, he is thrilled and beyond proud that together they are learning to do so many more things like glass cutting, plastering, bricklaying, and carpentry. He truly has mastered so many skills under his belt.

As for Dean, he has been in the game for decades. His love for remodeling was born in his childhood while working on DIY projects with his father. From what’s been told by HGTV to its viewers, Dean has made a living as an architect for the last 10 years and has more than 25 years enjoying the art of construction.

Borja De Maqua Net Worth

Borja De Maqua reportedly had above £400 thousand net worth as of 2022.

He told House Digest in an October 2022 interview that though he was in real estate even back then, his life in Spain was socializing, going out, and having nothing to do with DIY.

Now, as per his BIO on his and Dean’s My Tiny Estate‘s website, he has been working in the property market for the past seven years as an estate agent and surveyor. Over here, it has been claimed that Borja knows the market and a good property and has a keen eye for gardening and an obsession with anything to do with it. By completing the jobs by themselves, they also manage costs.

Having previously completed many other renovation projects, Borja and Dean started working in Manor in 2018. Also, after they purchased My Tiny Estate, renovation of this Georgian estate has been their most ambitious restoration to date.

Lately, in every project that comes to this par, Borja takes charge of the cabinet work, whereas Dean has become an expert in plumbing and electricity.

Is Borja De Maqua Married?

Borja De Maqua was not married until the time of this writing. But, together with Dean Poulton, he had recently spent his life saving to buy a 65-room manor. So, clearly, they have had something going on. Here’s what we know.

Apparently, the two have been engaged for more than six years. At this point and they are believed to be waiting for a suitable time, with no whirlwind projects keeping them occupied, to plan a wedding.

Borja met Dean via GPS and the dating-app good fortune. It was a location-based app, and Borja was flying into England from Paris and was passing by the airport at that exact time. So, looking back to that time, Dean believes it was just meant to be. Because they met five days later. And after two months of getting to know each other, they decided to move in together. They bought their first home three months after that. The rest is history and now they love to say that if a couple does a restoration together in a relationship and survives that, then they can survive anything.

Borja De Maqua Age

Borja De Maqua is a bit younger that Dean as he was born in the year 1989. So, in 2022 he turned 33 years old.

Where Is Borja De Maqua From?

Borja De Maqua was born in Spain and moved over to England, for work purposes, in 2011. Following his move, he started work as a surveyor and never looked back.

As for Dean, he is English born and bred. So, Borja too became a British citizen in 2021. He mentioned later on social media that he did not take the citizenship exam until November of that year.

Borja De Maqua Height

Too good-looking to just be hosting a renovation show on HGTV, Borja stands around 6 feet in height.

Related FAQs

  • Who Are Borja De Maqua Parents?

Borja De Maqua is proudest that he got the best mom ever. He often writes about her on his social media. For instance, during Valentine’s week in 2022, she decided to grab the plane and stop by Borja and Dean upon knowing that they were under so much stress due to the amount of workload they had signed in to. She was determined to help them in any way she could. As for Borja, he later mentioned that they had been delaying her flight to return to Spain as her help had been invaluable to them.

Anyway, Borja’s mom was back in Spain at the time of this writing. However, her son did show her on his social media, every now and then.

But, it was not clear if Borja’s father was also in the picture.

  • Is Borja De Maqua On Instagram?

Yes. Borja De Maqua could be found on Instagram @borjastinyestate with 39 posts and some 14.4K followers as of 1 November 2022. At the same time, he also engaged himself on Pinterest via the account @borjademaqua.

  • When Is Borja De Maqua Birthday?

Borja De Maqua’s birthday is on March 18th. On this day in 2022, his beloved Dean took to his IG @deanstinyestate.

to write that they have been together for almost 10 years. Then, he sarcastically thanked Borja for constantly throwing a spanner into his perfectly organized plans. He also lovingly asked the birthday boy to not change and never stop making him a better person.

Surprisingly, Dean too celebrates his day in March, but a bit early, on the 11th.

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