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Dean Poulton Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married

Dean Poulton decided to restore a 5-building, 65-room Georgian manor on land once owned by King Henry VII, and luckily for us, HGTV joined them on his journey for their new series, Saving the Manor.

Keep reading this Dean Poulton Bio to learn more about him.

Dean Poulton On HGTV Saving The Manor

Dean Poulton and his fiancee Borja De Maqua started their renovation work back in March 2018. According to the star, they bought the Coleshill, Warwickshire, England real estate with all their life savings because they fell in love with it. “We never planned on buying this project. This just came up! We were being nosy. We went to have a look, and when you fall in love, you fall in love,” Dean explained.

So, when HGTV got wind of it, they wanted in.

Their “Tiny Estate” (this is what they like to call the Manor) renovation is their most ambitious restoration to date. Splitting the work, Dean took charge of the plumbing and electricity, whereas Borja handled cabinet work. Crafting all the wall paneling and kitchen cabinets in the updated caretaker’s cottage was first done, and the space was made available as a holiday rental, along with accommodation within the servants’ quarters.

This also means more money for the renovations. It seems like the two managed costs by completing the jobs themselves and also holiday rentals.

The booking for their Caretakers Cottage with 2 beds, 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms costs $284 per night.

Being able to work with the love of his life, Dean was more than happy to be restoring an Estate. Even though at times he felt like giving up, his fiancee remind them that they were “working so hard to build a future together, to have good foundations for the next chapter of (their) lives”

Dean Poulton Net Worth

Dean Poulton flaunted a net worth of above £400 thousand in 2022.

He’s been in the DIY business for over 2 decades now. Infact, ever since young, Dean has been working on DIY projects with his dad. “From Legos to designing studio showrooms and housing developments. He can’t get enough of new projects,” his bio wrote.

The last we checked, Dean was working as the director of PAL (Progression Architects Limited) established in 1992, and PTL (Progression Technical Services Limited) established in 2014. His company offered a tailor-made service to create bespoke buildings.

“Through exploration of the interior, follows the ‘breaking of the box’, to create interesting space. We are not afraid to challenge the rules, through creative thinking, and this philosophy is adopted throughout the planning and technical process,” they claimed.

PAL and PTL also had Gary Winn and Neal Kennedy as their co-directors.

As for his education, Dean has Dip Cons,  BA Hons, M.Arch,  PGDip, RIBA, and MEEC degrees.

Is Dean Poulton Married?

No, as of 2022, Dean Poulton isn’t married to his fiancee Borja De Maqua. The two are running strong on their 10th year of togetherness and 6 years of engagement.

Looking back, Dean first connected with Borja via a GPS-based dating app. It seems Borja was flying into England from Paris and Dean was passing by the airport at that exact time! “It was just meant to be,” he remarked.

Just after 5 days of talking, the two went on their first date. And 2 months later, they moved in together. But what’s even more surprising is that 3 months after that, they bought their first home together.

So, when are they getting married? Well, their whirlwind projects left them little time to plan a wedding. Guess, we’ll have to wait for the complete renovation of the Manor.

Talking a little about Borja, he is a Spain native. He only moved to England in 2011, took the citizenship exam in November 2021, and officially became a British Citizen. Like Dean, he’s been in the real estate business for over a decade. But he only started DIY after he met Dean.

“I never did anything before I met Dean. I just thought that you paid different people to do things,” he joked before confessing that he couldn’t even hold a paintbrush before meeting Dean.

Borja receives his birthday wishes on March 18.

On his birthday in 2022, Dean took it to his IG to share a series of their pics captioned, “Almost 10 years together and he is constantly throwing a spanner into my perfectly organized plans… and whilst I would hate anyone else that did that, I love that about him.”

Likewise, Borja often wished his boo a happy birthday on IG @borjastinyestate.

Dean Poulton Age

Dean Poulton was 35 years of age in 2022.

He started the Manor renovation after his 31st birthday.

Dean Poulton Family

Dean Poulton comes from a family of craftsmen. Though he didn’t reveal their names, he shared that he’s been working on DIY projects with his dad ever since he was a child.

Is Dean Poulton On Instagram?

As of October 2022, find Dean on Instagram @deanstinyestate with 15.9K followers.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Dean Poulton?

Dean stands tall at a height of around 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

  • Where Is Dean Poulton From?

Dean is an England native. He lived in Worcestershire, England before 2022.

  • When Is Dean Poulton Birthday?

Dean celebrates his birthday on March 11 and is of the Pisces zodiac.

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