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Brandon Donlon Bio, Family, Girlfriend, Height, Survivor 45

Brandon Donlon ever since he saw Survivor has dreamt of being on the show and Survivor 45 has welcomed him as one of the 18 castaways for the 2023 edition. Before you witness his televised journey on the show, get to know him more.

This bio attempts to cover details about his family, girlfriend, height, and more.

Brandon Donlon On Survivor 45

Survivor 45 is back for another installment with 18 new competitors and one of them is Brandon Donlon. He will be competing against his fellow castaways to secure the grand prize of million. (Adipex)

Students, lawyers, a nurse, a bartender, and school administrators are just a handful of the diverse mix of competitors. Of course, veteran presenter Jeff Probst is back at the helm to push the 18 contestants’ physical and mental limitations in the intense tribal councils and games. Additionally, each episode will be 90 minutes long rather than an hour this season, offering viewers a deeper look into the players’ backstories as they’re stuck on the breathtaking islands of Fiji, so fans can anticipate more gameplay time.

Ahead of the premiere, Parade interviewed him regarding his preparations and his love for the show among other topics. Brandon watched the show first time to impress his teacher and he was in awe. He has made several attempts to be on the show since then and was finally eligible for Survivor 45.

In September 2021, Brandon got the call but unfortunately didn’t make it in 44. But, the call in August 2022 changed it all for him, and his dream to come on the show became a reality. He told them, “I will die, or I will do this process every year. Whatever comes first. You pick.”

Sharing his winner and non-winner that he could relate to, Brandon picked Mike White. Regarding the preparations, he shared that he has two gum memberships and was swimming a lot. He also credited his sister who got her a fire pit for Christmas where “I’ve had my flint in there every day, whittling away. I’ve been doing it in my driveway, which makes me look like I live like an insane person. But that’s been my prep.”

And, he watched a lot of content by SurvivorGeek on YouTube.

Brandon doesn’t know how people will perceive him. But he believes that his glass may pass the vibe that he is a nerd. He added, “Me being on the plane holding onto the seat the whole time, I think I may be serving anxious energy out here. But I’m so curious because everybody’s taking notes.”

As for building an alliance, Brandon is going to do it the same way as they did in the movie Breakfast Club, “getting the people on my team that are not normally associated with each other in terms of the game.”

Brandon Donlon Girlfriend

Brandon Donlon is likely in a relationship with one Devyn Hosier. He soft-launched their relationship in June 2023.

Per her LinkedIn, Devyn has been a key holder at Greene Street since 2017. She is also a substitute teacher for Eveshamn Township School District. Additionally, the Arcadia University graduate is an actress based in Philadelphia. Her upcoming projects include the short film The Cure For Depression, which will be made in Philadelphia by the independent film group UglyArt.

Find Devyn on IG and FB.

How Old Is Brandon Donlon?

Born In 1997, Brandon Donlon turned 26 years old in 2023.

Brandon Donlon Family

Brandon Donlon comes from a family of four. His father Darrin Donlon turned 56 in 2023. He was a program manager at the Federal Aviation Administration.

Darrin is the son of Dorothy A. Donlon and William Donlon. They married in 1964 and enjoyed 18 years of marriage until his passing in 1982. Darrin’s siblings and their spouses are Mark (Krista) Donlon, William (Maureen) Donlon, Anthony (Margie Lynn) Donlon, Terry Lynn (Charlie) Fazio, Shawn (Kerri) Donlon, and Tammy Donlon.

Gina, Brandon’s mom, reached age 52 in August 2023. She works as a dental hygienist at Oskowiak Family Dentistry. She went to Pennsauken High School and Dental Hygiene/Science at Thomas Jefferson University. 

Brandon’s folks are still together and live in Sicklerville, New Jersey.

Then there is Lauren Donlon, his only sibling. She is a registered nurse at Jefferson Health – New Jersey. She went to Rutgers School of Nursing—Camden.

Brandon Donlon Height

Brandon Donlon stands tall at a height of 6’1”. He weighed 90 pounds more in early college which he has shed so that he could be on the show.

What Job Does Brandon Donlon Do For A Living?

Brandon Donlon is working as a content creator. He is currently employed by Temple University since August 2022. Before joining the university, Brandon worked for AmerisourceBergen as a Marketing Manager.

Brandon’s career began at Panera Bread as an associate. After three and half years in the company, he joined Greene Street as a Sales Associate and then served in the role of Creative Services Intern after 8 months.

In 2019, Brandon became the Social Media Manager for Diggerland USA. He also worked as a Social Media Manager for Don’t Call Me Francis Band. Furthermore, he was an accounts executive for 1000heads.

Brandon had previously worked for Temple University as a marketing specialist on a contract basis.

Speaking with, Brandon shared that his biggest accomplishment has been making it “onto the All-American team at the volleyball Junior Olympics when I was 15. That was my first major personal accomplishment, and it gave me the confidence I needed to start the personal growth journey to get to where I am today. ”

On his LinkedIn Brandon shares that he went to Rown University where he studied

Related FQs

  • Where Is Brandon Donlon From?

Brandon Donlon calls Sicklerville, New Jersey his hometown and his current residence.

  • When Is Brandon Donlon Birthday?

Brandon Donlon’s birthday is on 2 June.

  • Is Brandon Donlon On Instagram?

Yes, Brandon is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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