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Nicholas Sifu Alsup Bio, Height, Wife, Parents, Survivor 45

Nicholas Sifu Alsup is representing Illinois in Survivor 45. The CBS show is back for another historical season with 18 new castaways. Learn about his preparations, wife, parents, and more via this article below.

This bio attempts to answer all your questions.

Nicholas Sifu Alsup On Survivor 45

Nicholas Sifu Alsup is one of the Survivor 45 contestants. The show premiered on 27 September on CBS.

“I want to push myself, and I want to make sure that there’s no stone left unturned. I’m going to botch it, but there’s a saying that [goes], “I don’t want any ghost next to my deathbed.” And it’s by Nelson Mandela. You don’t want to say “what if.” You don’t want to say, “I shouldn’t have [dne] this or that.” And when I watched Survivor–I binged all 40 seasons of it at the time–I got turned on to it,” talking about why he wanted to join the show, Nicholas told Parade. “I was like, “This is worth it. This is an adventure of a lifetime that speaks to my soul and everything I want to do in life.” To be primitive, without food, around these random people you don’t know, and to have to challenge yourself in every which way. It just made sense for me.”

He then named Tony Vlachos as the winner and Woo as his non-winner.

For challenge prep, Nicholas had to fast, and he usually ate five to six meals a day. He worked out early in the morning, “like 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. I would get up, hit the treadmill, hit the stair stepper. And I would burn at least 2400 calories a day. People thought I was insane. But they didn’t know why because you can’t really say anything. They’re like, “Sifu, you’ve been to the gym four times today.” I’m like, “Well, I really am enjoying it. I’m enjoying suffering.” I did some workouts in the sauna because it is incredibly hot here. So, I just tried to replicate what I thought it would be as much as possible seven days a week.”

Nicholas Sifu Alsup Wife

Nicholas Sifu is off the dating market and in fact, is engaged to his soon-to-be wife Courtine Johnson. On Courtnie’s birthday in June 2023, Nicholas gushed about his future wife stating that she is “the most amazing person I know, and I feel so blessed to have you in my life.”

In parts, he wrote, “Thank you for being my partner, my best friend, and my soulmate. You make my life complete, and I am forever grateful for you. I love you more than words can express, and I can’t wait to spend many more birthdays with you.”

Nicholas has shared on his Facebook that he proposed to his fiance on 25 May 2022. They were also surprised with an engagement gift. The head chef in a country club in Key West treated them with the finest dish they had ever tested.

In 2021, Nicholas and Courtnie closed down on a house and became proud owners.

He announced the exciting news with, “As of Monday the 18th we’ve officially closed on a house! Courtnie and I are officially homeowners! We are forever thankful to everyone involved in helping us make this possible! We had a rockstar of a realtor Aubree Willis! if you are in the market she is the best! We would love to have a massive housewarming party but we can not so we made a registry for housewarming gifts it’s weird the amount of things you forget you need or want when owning a home! thanks a ton! cheers to the future! check out our registry for homewarming gifts.”

His first introduction to Survivor was during the time of the pandemic. He and his fiance watched season 40 and then watched it all.

Meet the beautiful Courtnie on IG and FB.

How Old Is Nicholas Sifu Alsup?

Nicholas Sifu Alsup is 30 years old as of 2022. 1992 marked the year of his birth.

Who Are Nicholas Sifu Alsup Parents?

Nicholas Sify Alsup claimed that his father LeRoy Alsup is his biggest inspiration. LeRoy served in the Vietnam War and also taught his son Tai Chi. In his most recent post on Facebook, Nicholas gushed that his father imparted wisdom seven years back that shaped his journey now.

He added, “He urged me to define my purpose on this planet and live as a walking testament to that purpose.”

On Veterans Day 2021, he posted a pic of his dad and captioned it, “Thank you, Dad, for your service! LeRoy Alsup, Just knowing you fought for your country in a war is wild but valiant… I envy you and thank you for all your lessons… You’re a brave, strong, intelligent father and I am proud to be your son!”

LeRoy is now 71 and lives in O Fallon, Illinois.

Nicholas’s mother Martha Alsup is 73 years old. She owned a nail salon business but claims that she is retired now.

On Martha’s birthday in 2022, Nicholas wished his mom, “Mama!!!!! You are so amazing and beautiful! I love you so damn much and I am so grateful for all you’ve done for me! Best momma ever!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!”

In his family, Nicholas has three siblings a brother named Nick (@newkyjay) and one sister named Amber Alsup. Amber is 29 years old and celebrating her birthday in November 2022.

Sadly, his sister Kim is no more.

Nicholas Sifu Alsup Height

Nicholas Sifu Alsup’s height is under 5’10”. He revealed to the Parade that he weighs around 220 lbs.

Nicholas Sifu Alsup Job

Nicholas Sifu Alsup is the owner of his gym 5 Elements Fitness. He started his fitness business in 2017. Additionally, he is working as a Head Instructor/Owner at Alsup Martial Arts School.

Nicholas was previously associated with Paradigm Symphony and Behind the Scene TV.

Besides fitness, Nicholas also pursued a career in music. Under the moniker Sifu Music, he has released various singles and an album titled Heal Now. Find his music on Spotify.

Nicholas also hosts the Sifu Nikos podcast where he invited guests who are involved in fitness whether they are gym owners, boxers, or MMA fighters.

Did You Know? Nicholas’s biggest accomplishment is becoming the world champion in push hands.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nicholas Sifu Alsup Birthday?

Nicholas Sifu Alsup’s birthday is in December.

  • Where Is Nicholas Sifu Alsup From?

San Diego, California is the hometown of Nicholas Sifu Alsup. He is now living in O’Fallon, Illinois.

  • Is Nicholas Sifu Alsup On Instagram And Facebook?

Survivor’s Nicholas is on various social media platforms. His handles are Facebook (@niko.alsup), IG (@Sifu_music & @sifu_5efit), Twitter (@5elementsfit), and TikTok (@sifumusicofficial & @sifu_5efit).

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