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Brandon Smiley Mother: Who Is Brenda Smiley? Age, Job

Meet Brenda Smiley, mother of comedian Brandon Smiley. Learn about her age, job, current marital status, and more as you scroll down. After the comedian’s sudden death, fans are paying tribute to him and for the strength of the grieving family.

Keep scrolling and learn all about her.

Meet Brenda Smiley, Brandon Smiley Mother & Rickey Smiley Ex-Wife

Brenda Smiley is reportedly the mother of Brandon Smiley and the ex-wife of Rickey Smily. The exes welcomed their son on 9 February 1990 when Brenda was only 16 years old.

Sadly, Brandon passed away at the age of 32 on January 29, 2023. The Rickey Smiley Show star posted on Instagram that he had some “awful news” to share with his followers.

“I hate to announce this, but I just want to give it to you before you hear it in the streets,” Rickey Smiley said. “My son Brandon Smiley has passed away this morning.” Neither the reason for death nor the boy’s age were disclosed by Smiley. Smiley requested prayers for himself and his family as he was ready to head to the airport.

“I just want all my cousins and different family members to pray, be strong, and I’m OK,” Rickey said. “Pray for my son’s mother and my son’s siblings, everybody that was raised with Brandon.”

Brandon was the father of one daughter Storm.

How Long Were Brenda And Rickey Smiley Married?

During an interview with Pierre Edwards in an episode of the Panic Room podcast, Rickey Smiley shared that he and Brenda were married for 12 years. “I was married for 12 years,” he told during the interview. Pierre replied that he “did nine.” Rickey continues, saying, “Never cheated, nothing,” to which Pierre responds, “He’s a different kind of guy.”

Brandon also has other siblings: D’Essence (25 years old), Aaryn (21 years old), and Malik Smiley (21 years old). Furthermore, he also has another sister named Taylor (22 years old).

In 2022, Brenda is married to her second husband Tarius. The married couple celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary in April 2022. Their daughter Taylor Green worked as an assistant producer at Radio One – Rickey Smiley Morning Show. She graduated from The University of Georgia in 2022.

Brenda Smiley Age

Because Brenda Smiley was only 16 when she had Brandon, as of January 2023, she must be 48 years old. However, public records show that she is currently 50 years old.

What Is Brenda Smiley Real Name?

The real name of Brenda Smiley is likely Brenda L Green. Her maiden name is Brenda Morris.

Around the same period, in May 2022, Rickey Smiley posted a video titled “Reasons Why My Ex-Wife Didn’t Take My Last Name” to his YouTube account. It’s an audio clip from Rickey Smiley’s nationally syndicated radio show, the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, which is produced by Atlanta’s WHTA “Hot 107.9.” In the video, Smiley’s coworker Gary With Da Tea talks about Tisha Campbell going back to using her maiden name following her divorce from Duane Martin in 2020.

When the topic of Rickey comes up, he admits that Brenda, Brandon’s mother, never adopted Smiley as her last name. He admits, “She never took it,” although he adds that it wasn’t deliberate. She simply never had the time. Then he and the others briefly discuss the amount of documentation that is truly needed to change your name.

“It’s so much work to change,” Shawntae Harris-Dupart, aka Da Brat, says. “Social security, driver’s license, all our credit cards. It’s a lot.”

Brenda Smiley Job

Brenda Smiley is reportedly working as a flight attendant at Delta Airlines. “She still flies for Delta,” Rickey Smiley told Pierre in the Panic Room interview mentioned above. “I jump on the plane every now and then and she’s working. We’re cool.” And then, after a pause, he said: “They become family.” Her work for Delta appears to have been part of the reason for not taking his surname, too.

“When we got married, she [joined] the workforce, working for Delta,” Rickey said clip. “And she would just go. We just never got around to it.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Brenda Smiley Birthday?

Brenda Smiley’s birthday is in July.

  • Is Brenda Smiley On Instagram?

No, Brenda Green is not on Instagram or Facebook.

  • Where Is Brenda Smiley From?

Brenda Green is currently based in Smyrna, Georgia.

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