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Breanna Bunevacz [Raising a F***ing Star] Parents, Age

Meet Breanna Bunevacz, an Instagram sensation, model, and reality television personality best known for appearing on the Lifetime Network’s Making a Model. She is well known for her over 50,000 Instagram followers and for posting pictures of herself modeling. However, her recent performance on Raising a F***ing Star is what has really given her the opportunity to reach the next level of stardom.

Let’s take a closer look at her characteristics, including her age, height, parents, career, and more.

Meet Breanna Bunevacz, One Of The Cast Members Of Raising a F***ing Star

After Kris Jenner demonstrated that parents can fulfill their children’s dreams, producers began to explore how other parent managers, like Kris Jenner, are able to turn their kids into Hollywood stars.

Raising a F***ing Star made its debut on September 7, 2022, and assured viewers that four families with aspirational stars would go above and beyond to ensure that their child became the next generation’s entertainer. The Shen Family, Brooks Family, Benson/Dedman Family, and Bunevacz Family are all followed in the docuseries.

Of course, Breanna is a member of the latter.

She is the girl next door and a rising star, and her mother is helping her realize her Hollywood dream by advising and encouraging her.

When chances started to present themselves for Breanna, we will get to watch how her mother handles it on the show. When her lack of excitement and blasé attitude start to prevent her from achieving the dream they have always shared for her, she tries to guide her daughter on the correct route.

That same objective compels Breanna and her family to make big life changes. Fortunately, this family has discovered a way to work even harder for one another.

Additionally, Yolanda Hadid’s reality program Making the Model featured Breanna. She was captured on camera while working with Tommy Hilfiger. She was also credited in The Burning Dead (2015) and Blow’n Up (2015).

How Old Is Breanna Bunevacz?

In 2003, Breanna Bunevacz was conceived. She consequently turned 19 in 2022.

Breanna Bunevacz Parents

Jessica Bunevacz, also known as Jessica Rodriguez, is Breanna’s mother and has taken the role of the “momager.” Jessica is therefore without a doubt her daughter’s biggest ally. Breanna frequently thanks her on social media for everything she does for the family and for her.

The matriarch indicated being married and residing close to Los Angeles, California, on Facebook and TikTok @jessicarbunevacz.

Jessica reportedly used to be a model and actress. She started working when she was 16 years old, but she eventually had to leave the Philippines and go to the United States in order to focus on being a full-time mother. She has been working to help Breanna have a lucrative and successful modeling career ever since she recognized her own life story in her daughter.

Breanna Bunevacz’s father, David Bunevacz, pleaded guilty to two federal offenses in July 2022 after defrauding investors of almost $28 million. After being detained in April, the former showbiz star and Filipino-American athlete was scheduled to enter a plea. He might spend up to 40 years in prison for defrauding American investors, according to them. Prior to this, the patriarch had previously garnered attention in Philippine entertainment due to his relationship with actress and former beauty queen Anjanette Abayari. He was still married to Jessica at the time that this information was released.

David became involved in a business scandal in the Philippines in December 2007 involving an upscale aesthetic clinic where he was president and his wife Jessica was in charge of marketing. He is accused of using corporate funds to buy a number of expensive vehicles, including a brand-new BMW X5 for his wife Jessica. These disputes involving David have continued.

How Many Siblings Does Breanna Bunevacz Have?

Breanna has a big brother named Grant and an older sister named Hayca.

The Bunevacz family as seen in April 2022 (PIC: Facebook)

You could follow Grant Bunevaccz on Instagram at @grant.bune and Hayca at @haycabunevacz. Hayca is the most adventurous, climbing, and traveling of the two. She founded BUNI CREATIVEHAUS as well.

What Is Breanna Bunevacz Height?

As of mid-2022, Breanna Bunevacz, an exotic beauty, was 5′ 8″ tall. She was 124 pounds at this time and had bust-waits-hip measurements of 32-35-35.

Her eyes are a similar tint as her hair, which is brown. Additionally, she wore an XS-sized dress and size 8 heels around that period.

Breanna Bunevacz Net Worth

As of 2022, Breanna Bunevacz’s net worth was allegedly less than $300,000.

Along with their daily participation in equestrian activities, singers, internet creators, and reality stars also strive to improve as models. She competes in the renowned ASPCA Maclay Medal Nationals as a junior equitation/jumper competitive equestrian rider, where she is ranked nationally. In 2018, she triumphed over a huge field of 121 riders while leading USHJA, the national affiliate recognized by US Equestrian.

Since she started modeling in 2015, Breanna has already worked with celebrity photographer Jim Jordan on a video campaign for Charlotte Tilbury and walked the runway for none other than the renowned fashion designer Georgia.

Is Breanna Bunevacz On Social Media?

Breanna Bunevacz was not only active on Instagram, but she also had control over her 54.2K followers as of September 10, 2022. There have been 154 posts on the @breanna.bunevacz account so far.

On Facebook, Twitter @BreannaBunevacz, TikTok (@breanna_bunevacz), and the “Breanna Bunevacz” YouTube channel, Breanna also shared snippets of her life.

Does Breanna Bunevacz Have A Boyfriend?

Breanna Bunevacz also didn’t hesitate to post images of her boyfriend, Jordan Spencer, on this media. These two are rumored to be incredibly close. Their final Instagram post together was on August 25, 2022, according to Breanna.

Because it was Spencer’s birthday, Breanna raved about him and expressed her gratitude for his support.

Breanna was the sole person on Spencer’s profile picture on Instagram, @spencerjordan_.

Related FAQs

  • When Does Breanna Bunevacz Celebrate Birthday?

Breanna Bunevacz is a Gemini because she was born on June 19th, the day of the sign.

  • Where Is Breanna Bunevacz Hometown?

Breanna, 18, is a girl next door and aspiring supermodel who was born and reared in California.

  • What Agency Does Breanna Bunevacz Belong To?

By 2022, Breanna Bunevacz’s career was being handled by The Luft Agency (@theluftagency on Instagram). Olivia Wagner served as her publicist, and William of Luft served as her agent.

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