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Mountain Men Rich Lewis Wife: Who Is Diana Lewis?

Mountain Men returned for Season 11 on 1 September 2022 and as usual, fans were wondering about Rich Lewis, about what happened to him after a four-season hiatus from the History Channel series. Rich was on more than 80 episodes from Season 2 through Season 6 and after that, he said he was just tired and had quit. Since then, there has been no sign of Rich returning to the show. Also since then, he appeared to have been content running a handful of his own properties with his wife Diana Lewis.

Having said that, it is Diana Lewis we wish to tell you about in the rest.

Meet Diana Lewis, Mountain Men Star Rich Lewis’s Wife

Rich Lewis had already been married to Diana Lewis, for more than 30 years as of 2022. Together, they appeared roughing it in Ruby Valley, Mountain.

Folks called Rich “The Lion Hunter” for his impressive big-cat tracking skills long before Jake Herak showed up with his hounds back when he was in Mountain Men. And finally, we know it was Diana all along playing a significant role in all this, supporting her husband all the time.

68 years old as of the time of this writing in 2022, Rich was still believed to be living there in the wilderness with his beloved wife of course. From the look of things, they seemed entirely devoted to one another. Some have supposed that they will eventually end up like Tom Oar, a fellow Mountain Men cast member who decided to retire to Florida. As even, during Season 6, Rich said he was getting too old for this way of life.

Rich spent 20 long years living in Ruby Valle and became known in the area for his survivalist skill set. He proved a penchant for warding off mountain lions from the tiny village he lived in, becoming somewhat of a hometown hero. Nevertheless, Rich chose to leave the show.

The rumors/speculation rumors about him being fired are not true though. The producers never planned to get rid of him in favor of another creative direction. It was Rich himself who called it quits and did not want to film for the series any longer.

Season 6 was the last time viewers saw Rich in Mountain Men. And given that this History Channel series is one of the least dramatic reality shows, his departure was equally drama-free. Fans who loved to see this big personality lead his life off the grid in the frigid wilds of Montana also especially loved that.

How Many Children Do Rich And Diana Lewis Have?

It was unknown, as of 2022, whether or not Rich and Diana Lewis have any children. If they have one or two or even many, Rich chose to not bring them up on the show or during his interviews.

Diana Lewis Age

Born in 1956, Diana Lewis reached the age of 66 in 2022. As for her husband, he became two years older than this age in January 2022.

Diana Lewis Job

At one time around 2009, Diana Lewis with her husband Rich had started running a grocery store despite having no earlier experience in operating this kind of business. Until this time, she came from a former career background of working for the federal government, and her husband had worked as a building contractor.

Even today, as partners in life they owned a handful of properties around their town. So, even Rich seemed to be doing well despite walking away from the reality TV paycheck.

In one of its stories back in 2016, described that rugged houndsman Rich Lewis has spent the past 25 years living in Montana’s isolated Ruby Valley with his wife Diana. They went on to report that his main income came from protecting local farmers’ livestock from wolves and mountain lions.

There are some blessings to really just living off the land, the way Rich and Diana do. It does not cost a whole lot to do. But that also does not mean that they are penniless.

At some point, the History Channel was paying him $10,000 or more per episode. And so as of 2022 and he reportedly had an estimated $300,000 net worth. but depending on how aggressive he was in negotiating his contracts with Warm Springs Productions, Rich could be sitting on a pretty little nest egg he made from the show.

Is Diana Lewis On Instagram?

Diana Lewis was not on social media as of the time of this writing.

How Tall Is Diana Lewis?

Diana Lewis stands below 5 feet and 8 inches in height.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Diana Lewis Maiden’s Name?

Diana Lewis’s maiden name is Wyhowski. So, she also goes around by the names: Diana Wyhowski, Diana Marie Wyhowski, or even Diana Marie Lewis. Some media outlets out there have been also incorrectly spelling her name as ‘Diane’.

  • When Is Diana Lewis’s Birthday?

Diana Lewis celebrates her birthday in the month of May. So, she is either a Taurus or a Gemini.

  • Where Is Diana Lewis From?

Currently (as of 2022) Diana was inhabiting Sheridan town in Madison County, Montana, the United States state named after the Civil War general Philip Sheridan. She maybe was also born and brought up there.

As for Rich, he originally hails from Idaho.

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