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Brendan McNamara Bio, Aarti Sequeira, Age, Net Worth

Were you looking for a Halloween-themed show to watch?

The Food Network has you covered with a new season of deliciously scary four-part series, Halloween Wars.

Once again, five teams of cake decorators, candy makers, and super skilled pumpkin carvers are uniting to prove they are the best to walk home with a hefty cash prize. And of course, there are judges this time too. For the past seasons of Halloween Wars, there have been a lot of different judges, guests, or otherwise.

Meanwhile, the judges for Season 11 include one returning judge Shinmin Li and new judges Aarti Sequeira and Eddie Jackson.

With that being said, we mean to tell you Aarti Sequeira-related stories, i.e., Aarti Sequeira’s husband’s narrative in the rest of the writing.

So, it appears Aarti, who is best known as the winner of the sixth season of The Next Food Network Star, is happily married to her husband Brendan McNamara. 

Brendan McNamara Family

Brendan McNamara once tweeted, “Every time I shave, I see more of my Dad’s face in the mirror.” And from the looks of it, he does not as much resemblance to his mother, Patte Smith, who has naturally black hair, unlike Bendan’s fine blonde.

Brendan’s mother Patte is on Instagram @patte_smith. On the page, she would often be sharing prayers, preachings, and her dedication to Jesus.

Patte was 21 years old and in her words “foolish, faithless, and godless” before she gave birth to Brendan. The poetic mother took to her Instagram to write:

“This boy.

This dear boy.

An undeserved gift

to this ill-deserving girl.

I was 21 years old.





God gave me Brendan.


God gave me Brendan.”

Then, lately, Brendan himself took to her Twitter to write, “God revealed to me a couple of years ago in intensive prayer that my Dad wanted my mom 2 get an abortion when I was in the womb. 3rd month.” However, based on other tweets that he made about his dad, it looks as if he was present when raising Brendan. But it also clearly understood that Brendan’s mother had more to do. As Brendan often boasts that he learned life while holding his heroic mother’s hand.

Now and then Brendan also mentioned his younger brother Keaton McNamara who turned 23 in September 2021.

Brendan McNamara Net Worth

Brendan had an estimated $500 thousand net worth as of September 2021.

As an actor, he is known for The Light of Love (2011) and as a writer for Even If It’s Wrong (2004), CMT Most Shocking (2004), and Hollywood Burn (2007).

Other than that IMDB also credits him for several episodes of TV series Wild Girls Vegas, Sexy & Single, This Show Sucks, Picking Miss Ripe, VIP Lounge, all for the year 2007.

Inspired by the magic of theatre ever since Brendan watched his first at the age of 3 or 4, Brendan McNamara trained at the one-time popular North Hollywood improv theatre, The Hothouse. All through his stay there, he was a consistent crowd favorite and regarded as one of the main attractions of their weekend shows.

Northwestern University graduate and UCB trained, the recurring guest star of Loudermilk has become a part of many amazing theatre works.

Brendan McNamara And Aarti Sequeira’s Relationship

Brendan McNamara and Aarti have been together for more than two and a half decades. As they celebrated their 18th year of marriage anniversary on 19 September 2021, they also raised a toast to their 25 years for their date-a-versary.

As of May 2020, the family has finally settled in their dream home in Los Angeles after having spent the past 17 years in search of one.

Often Brendan and Aarti are spotted writing about their love and gratitude towards each other and their girls on their social media.

Born in India, brought up in Dubai, and educated in a British school, Aarti has adopted Christianity just like her husband Brendan. She is a cooking show host, cookbook author, journalist, television producer, and food personality.


  • How Old Is Brendan McNamara?

Brendan McNamara reached the 44 on 15 April 2021.

  • How Tall Is Brendan McNamara?

Brendan McNamara stands to a height of 6’1″ or 1.85 meters. And recently, he weighed 180 lbs. His eyes are beautiful hazel and his hair is brown and short.

  • Is He On Instagram, Facebook?

Until 28 September 2021, Brendan McNamara had 6,508 followers on his Instagram @fireballmcnamara.

Brendan enjoyed 883 followers on his Twitter @fireballfilms. And on each of his bios, he introduced himself as an actor, writer, maker, basement philosopher, the bondslave of Christ AMEN. SELAH, and husband of Aarti Sequeira.

Then, Brendan also entertained 950 friends on his ‘Brendan McNamara’ Facebook account.

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