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Shawn Osborne Bio, Love After Lockup, Job, Net Worth

Shawn Osborne is the staple of Life After Lockup, primarily because he tends to fall in love with convicted felons. In season three, he was with Destinie Folsom. And when that relationship ended in heartbreak for him, he has now returned in season 4 with another felon as his love, Sara Isaac.

Read below the details of Shawn’s relationships with Destinie and Sara, and many more wikis below.

Shawn Osborne And Sara Issac’s Relationship

Shawn Osborne has dated four felons in his life. Two of those relationships, with Sara Isaac and Destinie Folsom, were well documented in the reality series Love After Lockup.

Sara and Shawn started to date (or whatever is equivalent of dating for people in prison) in December 2020 through a prisoner pen-pal system. At the time Sara was thousands of miles away in Ohio, serving six years in prison for manslaughter. She injected a man called Richard W. Root, Jr with the heroine and the man died not long after because of a drug overdose.

Although Sara did not get out of prison until August 2021, Shawn talked to her on phone, had a regular email exchange. He even went to visit her family. Shawn was a nervous wreck because of his history of relationships with felons.

The clips from the new season of Love After Lockup shows Sara revealing a secret to him, probably confirming his fears of being cheated by another criminal. The exact nature of the secret was not revealed in the clip.

But in the clip, we also find out that Shawn was also hiding secrets of his own. He had not told Sara about his relationship with Kelly Corallo, the mother of his six children. Shawn and Kelly had dated for 15 years, had six kids, and then parted ways in 2013.

Shawn Osborne And Destinie Folsom’s Relationship

Before dating Sara Isaac, Shawn Osborne was in a relationship with another felon called Destinie Folsom. The relationship ended in heartbreak and Shawn found out that Destinie was with him to get what she wanted from him.

Like Sara, Shawn met Destinie through some kind of letter exchange system for prisoners. And one can call Shawn Destinie’s “sugar daddy” because of the amount of money (thousands of dollars) he spent on her. Screen Starcasm reports that Shawn helped Destinie cash her bond and encouraged her gambling habits.

The relationship eventually started to go downhill once Destinie found out that Shawn had been lying to her about having six kids (just like he is doing that to Sara now). Destinie felt the betrayal was no less than cheating. Shawn, on his defense, said that he was being a good father and protecting his kids. Destinie did not care for that defense and left him.

Shawn tried one more time to get back together. He asked her to marry him to save the relationship. At first, she agreed to marry him. But then she stole his credit card and his car and ran away. Later, Shawn found out that she was in California and with another man. There were pictures of her with the said man on her social media.

Shawn Osborne Family, Hometown

Shawn’s hometown is Cleveland, Ohio. And he is the son of Gail Osborne, his mother. Gail worked at Walgreens and currently lived in Oregon. She was married to a man who may or may not be Shawn’s father. Another interesting thing about Shawn’s mother Gail was that her Facebook lists Kelly Corallo (the mother of Shawn’s children) as her daughter in law although Shawn never married Kelly. Nothing was known about his father.

Apart from his mother and his father, Shawn had three known siblings, two sisters, Tina Osborne and Peaches Lovingood (nee Osborne), and a brother Howard Osborne. Shawn also had a step-brother named Scott Peek and a step-sister called Sherry Dawn Jaso.

Shawn’s other known family members include cousins Carl Osborne, Dawn Osborne-Torres, Dale Osborne, Dean Osborne.

Shawn Osborne Job

Today Shawn has enough money to shower on his prison babes. However, there was a time when Shawn had faced evictions and even bankruptcy in 2014. His partner Kelly Corallo had started multiple Gofundme campaigns to keep their houses.

Shawn also had a couple of lawsuits filed against him. There was also a lawsuit filed by his former employers, a towing company, in Arizona. The employers won a $10,000 lawsuit against him, with a clause for 5.5 percent per annum interest on that sum.

Shawn had moved to Nevada from Arizona but an attorney tracked him down. There was another civil lawsuit by a Phoenix finance company. Interestingly, Kelly Corallo, was a co-defendant in both of those cases.

Over the years, Shawn had had jobs like General manager for Freightliner of Arizona and Collins Auto Repair and Sales, Shop General Manager for Bosselman Boss Truck Shops and Travel Centers of America/Petro Stopping Centers, District Service Manager for UniFirst Corporation, and Technician for Lou Grubb Chevrolet.


  • How Old Is Shawn Osborne?

Shawn Osborne was 47 years old as of September 2021. We do not know his exact birthday and so, we do not know his zodiac sign.

  • How Tall Is Shawn Osborne?

Shawn Osborne is a tall guy and has a height of about 5 ft. 11 inches. Also, he had dark hair and brown eyes. He also has a mustache.

  • Is He On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Shawn Osborne is on both Instagram and Facebook. His Instagram handle was @shawnosborne813, and on that Instagram, he had 10 posts and 3.2k followers. On Facebook, he was present with his regular name Shawn Osborne.

  • How Much Is Shawn Osborne Net Worth?

As of September 2021, Shawn Osborne had a net worth of about $100 thousand.

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