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Brent Vitiello Bio, Net Worth, Height, Nationality, MAFS

Season nine of Married At First Sight Australia kicked off on 21 February 2022 with some of Australia’s most adventurous singles as its line of the cast. Brent Vitiello, who we are going to talk about in the rest of this writing was was among them.

As Brent placed the search for a life partner in the hands of relationship experts John Aiken and Mel Schilling, and clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, he got paired with Tamara Djordjevic. And the rest, you shall explore in this ‘Brent Vitiello Bio’.

MAFS Australia: Are Brent Vitiello And Tamara Djordjevic Still Together?

A self-proclaimed “cheeky, honest, and loyal” Brent Vitiello, despite knowing that an experiment is not the conventional way to find a life partner, found himself on MAFS. Why? To meet someone new, work through his faults, face them head-on and learn how to be the best man he can be in a relationship.

So, as Brent’s story proceeds on MAFS, he gets paired with Tamara Djordjevic.

In the first episode, Brent and Tamara (alongside the other couple Selin and Anthony) meet and wed in Richmond and Sydney.

And as per rule, MAFS made them spend their wedding night in a hotel before embarking on a honeymoon. However, despite experts encouraging them to fully immerse themselves in building the companionship, the couple did not see eye to eye from the very beginning. Even on the day of their wedding, they were arguing about anything and everything. Brent labeled her a “psychopath”.

So, it’s likely Brent and Tamara did not end up together. Instead, there was a rumor about a couple-swap, and Brent and Tamara were said to have been involved.

MAFS Australia: Are Brent Vitiello And Ella Ding A Couple Now?

Viewers saw another couple Ella and Mitch struck up a friendship with Brent and Tamara during their time on the show.

But outside of MAFS and in recent times, the Australian publication New Idea caught Ella Ding and Brent spending Valentine’s Day together on a beach in Sydney. Brent was reportedly seen applying sunscreen to Ella’s back as they enjoyed a walk across the sand and lunch together.

As of the time of this writing, there has been no official confirmation that they are a couple just yet likely because their season of MAFS continued to air but it did appear that Ella and Brent were dating.

Still, Brent did insist “Me and Ella are just good friends” to Yahoo Lifestyle on 22 February 2022 before clarifying it was not just Ella and him spotted on the beach the other day. ” He stressed there was another MAFS bride, Domenica Calarco in attendance when the photos of him and Ella were taken. “Dom was there the whole day, she was just cut out [of the pictures]”.

Brent also could not help but reveal that he knew that his MAFS wife Tamara and Mitch had been seen together too “on multiple occasions”. He said “I saw that. Why not? Um, good luck to them, I guess”, but then also was adamant that things between himself and Tamara were still going strong. “We’re okay, we’re doing good. Civil, good… long distance.”

Brent Vitiello Net Worth

Brent Vitiello reportedly had less than $300 thousand net worth as of February 2022.

A hospitality manager by profession, he led the high life in Dubai for seven years. He was running a successful events management company. But when the pandemic hit, like many others in the hospitality industry, Brent was devastated left with nothing. That is when he decided to return to Australia with confidence that he would rebuild his life there.

Outside of the hospitality industry, Brent also seemed to make some money as a model/influencer.

In case Brent gets back to working as a hospitality manager in Australia, he would be making $72,348 per year, on average, as per an estimation.

Also so you know, when in Dubai Brent also worked in photography.

Brent Vitiello Height

Brent Vitello stands below 5’11” tall. The tattooed-hunk is not just well-tamed himself. He has this need for his partner to have well-maintained feet. He even had put it very clear while on MAFS. If she does not have nice feet, it might very well signify the end of the relationship, he had pressed.

What Is Brent Vitiello Nationality?

Brent Vitiello is from Sydney and therefore an Australian. Though he also called Dubai, his second home.

Brent Vitiello Age

Brent Vitiello was 33 years old when he went to participate in MAFS in 2021.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Brent Vitiello’s Birthday?

It was not understood when exactly Brent Vitiello celebrates his birthday.

  • Has Brent Vitiello Revealed His Family?

Brent Vitiello’s family likely has roots in Italy as he is incessantly seen supporting the country’s soccer team whenever they are playing.

That is all one could infer about his family as of the time of this writing.

  • Is Brent Vitiello On Instagram?

Yes. Brent Vitiello could be found on Instagram @brentleon_ and by the look of it, he is well-known in Sydney’s party scene. As of 23 February 2022, he entertained some 78.4K followers on the platform.

Brent also occasionally posted on ‘Brent Vitiello’ Facebook.

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