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Anthony Cincotta Bio, Brother, Daughter, Height, MAFS

Season nine of Married At First Sight Australia kicked off on 21 February 2022 with some of Australia’s most adventurous singles as its line of the cast. Anthony Cincotta, who we are going to talk about in the rest of this writing was was among them.

As Anthony placed the search for a life partner in the hands of relationship experts John Aiken and Mel Schilling, and clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, he got paired with Selin Makoni. And the rest, you shall explore in this ‘Anthony Cincotta Bio’.

MAFS Australia: Are Anthony Cincotta And Selin Makoni Still Together?

The S09 E01 of MAFS Australia introduced to its fans two couples: Selin & Anthony and Tamara & Brent. Fans saw these couples wed in Richmond and Sydney before they spend their wedding night in a hotel and then embark on a honeymoon.

Anthony is used to getting female attention. But, he says this has always made him take things further with the “wrong” women. That explains why he decided on this experiment on MAFS.

Now, did Selin Makoni prove to be the Morticia to his Gomez, the way Anthony had hoped for?

Anthony and Selin had a promising start to their relationship.

When his bride, on the show, first walked down the aisle Anthony could not take his eyes off her. He showered her with compliments and Selin also gushed how his kind eyes meant everything. In her words, she had immediately felt that “spark”. However, things soon started to deteriorate following their honeymoon brawl.

The pair had arrived separately at the first dinner party of the season with Selin exposing the fact that Anthony had cut their honeymoon short flying back to Sydney a day early.

They got into one more argument when Selin tried to explain the situation at a dinner party. And so Anthony decided to stay in separate rooms when got to the hotel.

Fast forward to today and things are not looking good for the couple as they seem to have lived separate lives since filming MAFS. They also no longer followed each other on social media. (You might want to see Anthony on Instagram @anthonycincotta_(19.4k followers as of 24 February 2022) and @tommyhellfire.)

Also, we would like to bring it to your attention that recently, on 15th February, Anthony appeared tense as he stepped out during a filming break on MAFS. He was spotted not long after Selin Mengu defying Channel Nine producers confirmed her split from her Anthony, during a radio interview.

According to Anthony, the problem between him and Selin was that she continually rebuffed his romantic gestures; that he thought her to be not the same Selin that other people got to know; he just did not want to “throw her under the bus”, he shed light on his honeymoon.

Anthony Cincotta Daughter

Anthony Cincotta came on MAFS determined that for things to work out the woman he wants to be with has to be a deep thinker with a sensitive side. Someone who is passionate and challenges him emotionally and intellectually. This and he had stressed the point that his bride-to-be will need to also accept that he is a doting father to his nine-year-old daughter, Gabriella, the love of his life, who he believes is his “ticket into heaven”.

Anthony is a single dad. “I feel like crying now talking about my daughter. She’s amazing”, he said when talking about his daughter for the first time on MAFS.

The proud also cared to mention that his little girl is on the spectrum and sees the world in her beautiful way.

Anthony Cincotta Brother

Anthony Cincotta briefly mentioned training with his brother on his social media. While not much is known about him, he seemed to be younger than Anthony and went as ‘Al Pb’ on his Instagram @al_paca_pb.

Anthony was also yet to talk about the rest of his family members.

How Old Is Anthony Cincotta?

Anthony Cincotta turned 38 years old in 2021.

Anthony Cincotta Height

6 feet and 4 inches tall, dark, and handsome Anthony is no less than a quintessential swoon-worthy man born from romance novels in his fans’ eyes. But then, Anthony also landed some bad reputation being called the likes of “massive dickhead” and “yet another hot-headed MAFS contestant”.

Anthony Cincotta Job

When Anthony is not working his 9-to-5 sales job, he is in the ring as the semi-pro wrestler “Tommy Hellfire”.

IMDB credited him as a professional wrestler known for his work on SheBorg (2016), Fags in the Fast Lane (2017), and Iniquitous. Then the DailyMail also acknowledged him as a Melbourne-based actor-turned-professional wrestler.

Yes. Anthony is also an actor and model who has so far appeared in eight short films under the stage name: Tommy Hellfire. Late in 2021, he was also set to star in a comedy horror, Evil Fred.

His profile on Starnow lists him as an actor, extra, and model looking for paid roles.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Anthony Cincotta’s Birthday?

Every year the 18th of August marks Anthony’s birthday making him a Leo.

  • What Is Anthony Cincotta’s Nationality?

Anthony Cincotta is an Australian. However, his surname ‘Cincotta’ is Italian. And so you know, its country of highest prevalence is not Italy but the United States, with significantly smaller populations in Italy, Argentina, and Australia.

  • How Much Is Anthony Cincotta Net Worth?

Anthony Cincotta reportedly held less than $300 thousand as his net worth as of February 2022. He likely made a big part of this money working as a sales manager. As per, the average base salary for a sales manager in Australia is AU$76,920/year.

Previously, Anthony worked as an event organizer for the Mexican wrestling group, Lucha Fantastica. And even before that, he was an MYOB acquisition specialist.


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