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Bretman Rock Parents: Edmund Laforga And Mercedita Sacayanan

MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock season 2 featured Bretman as he worked to save his fracturing relationship with his little sister Mae, and one of the “homework” their therapist gave them involved popping and juggling balloons. Yes! they were assigned to write down common stressors as they blew up balloons.

But today, we aren’t here to discuss the siblings’ nuanced relationship. Rather, let us delve into the life of Bretman’s parents — Edmund Laforga and Mercedita Sacayanan.

Who Are Bretman Rock Parents?

Bretman Rock’s parents are Edmund Laforga and Mercedita Sacayanan. The star loves his mother Mercedita to the moon, but we cannot say the same about his father. Why? Because Edmund walked in on his dad cheating on his mother! (We’ll discuss this more below at the “Related FAQs”)

Aside from the cheating part, Bretman also was upset because his father stayed back when the family immigrated to Hawaii from the Philippines’ Cagayan Valley. New to the country and with three children to provide for, Bretman’s mother had a really tough time thereafter.

Meet Bretman Rock Father, Edmund Laforga

Bretman’s father Edmund Laforga was the one who named him. According to the star, Edmund was obsessed with wrestlers. He liked Bret Hart and The Rock, and thus, the name Bretman Rock was born.

Get to know him better as you scroll down.

  • Edmund Laforga Cause Of Death

Edmund Laforga passed away in November 2019 from stroke complications. He was in a coma for three days before he took his last breath.

Later, at Edmund’s funeral, a bunch of Bretman’s fans showed up and because of this, the star wasn’t able to mourn properly. “It honestly was just very traumatizing,” Bretman recalled.

However, Bretman now wants to “really make peace” with his dad, and “connect to him spiritually.”

Also, he opened up about how he blamed himself for breaking his family. “I told my mom that my dad was cheating on her. And so I felt like it was my fault that my family’s broken. It’s hard for me to forgive him when I couldn’t even forgive myself,” he explained.

Even on Following: Bretman Rock, Bretman bought bamboo plants on vases for his sister because he resonated lucky bamboos with his dad. “I feel like, with this gift, I’m giving you a piece of a gift from Dad and I. I wish you got to spend more time with Dad, ’cause I think, out of us three, I spend the most [time] with him,” the star then told his sister.

  • Edmund Laforga Age At The Time Of His Death

Edmund Laforga’s age wasn’t revealed. However, we do know that he celebrated his birthday on June 26 and was of the Cancer zodiac.

On Father’s day 2022, Bretman took it to his Twitter to write, “Happy Father’s Day to my Papa!! Until I see you again  ✨🌿 I’m always going to make you proud.”

  • Was Edmund Laforga On Instagram?

No, Edmund wasn’t on Instagram.

Meet Bretman Rock Mother, Mercedita Sacayanan

Bretman Rock’s mother Mercedita Sacayanan was the one who raised him on her own. She worked multiple jobs, leaving Bretman and his sister to look after themselves. So, growing up, the star never really saw his mother.

“Before school, [my mom] was already at work. By the time we got back from school, she only really had time to cook dinner. (Alprazolam) And then she would sleep, wake up, and go to work,” Bretman explained.

  • Is Mercedita Sacayanan Still Alive?

Yes, Bretman’s mother, Mercedita Sacayanan is still alive as of 2022.

  • Mercedita Sacayanan Age

Mercedita Sacayanan was 60 years of age in 2022.

This also means that she had Bretman when she was 37.

  • Mercedita Sacayanan Job

Mercedita might have had a tough life working multiple jobs during her 30s, but now, she’s following her passion for cooking with her food truck MamaMerce’s Kitchen. The last we checked, her food truck was camped in Honolulu, Hawaii for the June 2022 Hawaii Beer Fest.

As for the menu, they served rice, breakfast, beverages, soup, vegetables, and other popular items like steak, meatballs, fried chicken, and shawarma.

However, the food quality wasn’t so “recommendable.” One of the many negative reviews dropped about the kitchen read, “The service is slow, employees working with food do not wear gloves, employees do not wear hair nets. They did not wash their hands between cash handling and food handling.”

  • Is Mercedita Sacayanan On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @mamamerceskitchen.

Also, here’s her Facebook @mercedita.sacayanan (private) and (professional), and Youtube @Mercedita Sacayanan.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Bretman Rock Parents Married?

We’ve no idea exactly how long Bretman’s parents were married. But we do know that they were together for at least four years before Bretman, his sister, and his mother relocated to Hawaii from the Philippines’ Cagayan Valley in early 2000.

As for the reason for Bretman parents’ divorce, it was infidelity.

After Bretman caught his dad red-handed with another woman, he told his mother about it, and she immediately decided to move away from him. However, in the Philippines one couldn’t get divorced, rather they were annulled. So, his mother had a hard time bringing him with her.

“For my mom to get rights to bring me here, I had to go to court and remember the dates and like relive the images in my head. It was so traumatizing,” Bretman recalled.

  • How Many Kids Did Bretman Rock Parents Have?

Bretman’s parents have three kids — Iver Laforga, Bretman, and Princess Mae.

His older brother, Iver lived in Ewa Beach, Hawaii as of 2022, and was married to Kisha Laforga with 2 kids.

As for his younger sister, Princess Mae was in the spotlight thanks to Bretman. She was born on May 27, 2000, and just at the age of 16, she welcomed her daughter named Cleo Amore Amiotonu into this world. In 2020, Mae then gave birth to her second child, a son named Ezékiel.

  • Where Did Bretman Rock Parents Live?

Bretman’s dad lived in the Philippines at the time of his death.

As for his mother, Mercedita lived in Honolulu, Hawaii as of 2022.

Reportedly, Bretman’s dad also had Portuguese heritage.

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