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Brian Davidson Bio, The Traitors, Family, Dating, Height

Brian Davidson is one of the 22 competitors in BBC One’s The Traitors season 2. Who is he? What is his job? Is he dating anyone?

Here is what we know about him.

Brian Davidson On BBC One’s The Traitors

Like most contestants, Brian Davidson too joined BBC One’s The Traitors as she enjoyed season 2 of the show.

“I like that it’s different and it’s a sort of mystery, whodunnit, type thing. I am also familiar with the format because every Christmas I play a game called Werewolves with my family which is quite similar. I also want to test myself, ” he added. “Whenever I’m watching TV, I always think “I could do that” even for shows like SAS: Who Dares Wins, although in retrospect I’d probably last two minutes and then start crying. I felt the same way when watching The Traitors and now I get the opportunity to see if I will be any good!”

Like Mollie, Brian also admires Wilfred’s gameplay. He added, “Although near the end, it got to him and he crumbled a bit. Choosing Kieran to be a Traitor, I don’t think he should have done that and he could have got to the end with someone else. But he played the part really well, his acting was great. Amanda also played really well because she was herself and was everyone’s friend.”

Regarding his own game plan, Brian added, “My game plan is to not have a game plan and take everything as it happens. I don’t know what I’m going to be yet so can’t have too much of a game plan as it might change. If I’m a Traitor, I’ll need to forget that I’m a Traitor. I’ve got a bad memory, so I’ll make sure I take notes all the time. Looking at other people’s game plans and trying to break down other people’s strategies.”

Brian adds that he is bringing the mindset to enjoy everything.

“I don’t take life too seriously so I won’t take anything to heart. It’s easy for me to say that now because I’m not there yet! I’ll be trying my hardest in the missions to win the money, I always try as hard as I can. This might sound big-headed, but I think I’ll be quite entertaining because I’ll just be mucking about,” Brian added.

The Traitors is a psychological reality competition where 22 strangers participate they arrive at a “beautiful castle in the Scottish Highlands to play the ultimate game of detection, backstabbing, and trust, in the hope of winning up to £120,000.”

However, among them are the Traitors, whose mission is to murder a player covertly each night to avoid being discovered. Before they become their next victim, it is the responsibility of the other players, the Faithfuls, to identify the traitors and expel them from the game. The fortunate ones who make it through have the opportunity to win that enormous sum of money.

However, a traitor will steal all the money if they go unnoticed.

Is Brian Davidson Dating Anyone?

Although Brian Davidson is available on various socials he is very private about his dating life. Details related to his dating life are unavailable on any of the social media platforms.

Brian Davidson Job

Brian Davidson has a job working as a photographer. Starting from June 2017, Brian has worked at Studio Snap where he is also an owner.

Per his LinkedIn, Brian began his career at Gap Inc. as a sales associate from 2011 to 2012. He also worked as a sales associate at Superdry for a year. He was also a media manager at ISSOS International for two months.

From 2014 to 2017, Brian worked in the role of Manager/Assistant Manager/Studio photographer at Pixifoto.

Brian graduated from Perth High School. He also studied and

How Old Is Brian Davidson?

In January 2024, Brian Davidson is 33 years old. His birth year is 1990.

Brian Davidson Family

It is not clear who Brian Davidson’s family members are. Some of the family members are Stuart Davidson, Michael Davidson, Ewan Davidson, and Lesley Davidson.

Brian Davidson Height

Brian Davidson’s height measures above 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Brian Davidson From?

Brian Davidson is originally from Perth, Perth and Kinross, UK. He is now living in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

  • When Is Brian Davidson Birthday?

Brian Davidson’s birthday is on 27 July.

  • Is Brian Davidson On Instagram?

Yes, Brian Davidson is on Instagram, X, and YouTube.

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