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Brian Walshe Parents: Thomas Walshe And Diana Walshe

Meet Thomas Walshe and Diana Walshe, the parents of Brian Walshe.

Brian is the husband of the missing mom Ana Walshe. The case has also unearthed Brian’s past issues including his relationship with his father. So, here’s what we’ve discovered about his parents.

Below you’ll learn about his age, job, and relationship. Tag along and read all about it in this piece.

Who Are Brian Walshe Parents?

Brian Walshe has been making headlines since his wife Ana Walshe went missing after he reportedly saw her the last time on New Year’s Day 2023. Authorities as well as people across the globe have suspected that Brian might be responsible although there is no concrete evidence to name him the killer of his wife.

According to the affidavit, the wife informed the husband that she had a job emergency that required her to fly to Washington, DC. Later that day, according to the affidavit, he informed officers he did errands for his mother at Whole Foods and CVS in Swampscott. However, according to the affidavit, the investigators claim that those excursions “did not occur,” based on their analysis of store video.

Brian’s internet history indicated he searched “how to dispose of a 115-pound woman’s body” at the time of Ana’s disappearance, according to court documents. Evidence indicating foul play in the sinister disappearance includes a bloody knife in the family’s basement and Brian Walshe’s alleged purchase of $450 in cleaning supplies in the days after his wife vanished.

But, along with this incident, his past troubles with the law have been uprooted which made people believe that people have no doubt that he is behind the missing mother of three. He has forgery, selling of fake art, and fighting for his father’s estate was on the list.

Brian Walshe is the son and the only child of Thomas and Diana Walshe. He reportedly did much of his growing up in Virginia and Massachusetts.

Meet Thomas Walshe, Brian Walshe Father

Dr. Thomas Moorecroft Walshe is the father of Brian Walshe. Reportedly before Thomas passed away in 2018, he and Brian had a strained relationship, according to his other relatives.

According to, Brian Walshe was accused by his family of taking roughly a million dollars from his father Dr. Thomas Walshe before the two had a rough patch in 2009. According to court documents, Brian asked for the key to the $710,000 beachfront house in Hull, Massachusetts, after the lawyer visited the location and took a photo of the original will, which was dated May 2016.

They allege that the younger Brian broke into his father’s home and took a car, as well as luxury items and expensive paintings, including pieces by Salvador Dali and Joan Miro, all worth thousands of dollars. Then, after being mistakenly appointed the will’s executor, he attempted to sell his father’s property for $140,000 more than it was worth.

  • Thomas Walshe Age

Thomas Walshe reportedly died on 21 September 2018 during a trip to India at the age of 71.

  • Thomas Walshe Job

The BWH Division of General Neurology is named after Dr. Walshe who headed the division from 2005 until 2018.

Thomas was raised in Lynchburg, Virginia, went to the University of Virginia for medical school, and Baylor in Houston for his medical residency. For his neurology residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, he traveled to Boston. Dr. Walshe joined the neurology team at the Bedford, Massachusetts, VA Medical Center following his residency. At the VA Medical Center in Brockton, Massachusetts, he was sought out to take the position of Chief of Neurology.

Then, in West Roxbury and Brockton, Massachusetts, he joined the staff of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the combined VA Medical Center.

Dr. Thomas Walshe was interested in a wide range of fields. He wrote a book on geriatric neurology in his early years. Additionally, he had an interest in the treatment of long-term neurologic conditions and stroke. He served on the curriculum committee for the neuroscience course at Harvard Medical School and taught a neuroanatomy course there. He managed a number of clinical studies and completed two stints on Brigham’s IRB.

Later, Thomas became interested in classical Greece and spent a year studying Greek at the University of California, Berkeley. He wrote a book on ancient Greek principles related to neurology in 2015 in addition to various original translations of antique documents. Later in life, he attained success as an artist.

  • Was Thomas Walshe On Instagram?

No, Thomas Walshe is not on any social media platforms.

Meet Diana Walshe, Brian Walshe Mother

Brian Walshe’s mother is named Diana Walshe.

  • Diana Walshe Age

Diana Walshe was born in November 1949. This makes her 73 years old in 2022.

  • Diana Walshe Job

There isn’t much about Diana Walshe’s job and career.

  • Is Diana Walshe On Instagram?

No, Diana Walshe is not on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Were Brian Walshe Parents Still Married?

Ues, Brian Walshe’s parents were still married until his father passed away in 2018.

  • How Many Kids Did Brian Walshe Parents Have?

As reported earlier, Brian Walshe is the only kid born to his parents.

  • Where Do Brian Walshe Parents Reside?

Currently, Brian Walshe’s mother is residing in Swampscott, Massachusetts.

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