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TikToker Waffler69 Bio, Family, Wife, Real Name, Job

TikToker Waffler69, popular for sampling unusual foods and beverages on the social media platform, has suddenly passed away. But even though he’s gone, we’re sure his legacy will be kept alive by his brother and his fans.

This TikToker Waffler69 Bio looks back at his life.

TikToker Waffler69 Cause Of Death

TikToker Waffler69 presumably passed away from a heart attack. On Jan 12, 2023, his brother, Clayton LeJeune wrote on his FB, “Hey y’all. Around 10 pm my brother died. I assume it was from a heart attack and was very sudden. Just keep my family in your thoughts.”

Clayton even took to his own TikTok to explain that Waffler69 had died shortly after being taken to the hospital. “This is still pretty new, I don’t know what’s gonna be happening in the near future. But I thought I should get on TikTok and let everybody know. Please keep his legacy alive.” he added.

Also, he urged fans to keep watching his content that’s out before saying, “Keep him alive. He loved making people happy.”

Waffler69 indeed loved making people smile and happy through his TikTok videos. The last food stunt he posted before his death included him dunking a giant-sized Froot Loop into a bowl of milk. Naturally, fans shared tributes in the comments.

“I always loved watching you. You spread so much happiness and much laughter to all,” a fan wrote.

While another posted, “RIP Taylor, sending my deepest condolences to your friends and family. You were one of my favorite content creators to watch. You will be missed, Rest in power.”

Trivia: You might have seen Waffler69’s brother Clayton in several of his TikTok videos. He’s the one with the long hair who tasted Surstromming and gagged alongside the star.

TikToker Waffler69 Age At The Time Of His Death

TikToker Waffler69 was 33 years of age when he died in Jan 2023.

What Is TikToker Waffler69 Real Name?

TikToker Waffler69’s real name is “Taylor Brice LeJeune.”

What Job Did TikToker Waffler69 Hold?

TikToker Waffler69 might be a TikTok star but for a living, he used to do Uber. He officially joined Uber back in May 2015.

Before that, he used to work as a delivery for Takeout Express — receiving orders from Dispatch and making pickups and deliveries in a timely manner. Also, he’s been a Package Handler at FedEx for 1½ years. There, he operated heavy machinery to move shipping crates from 500 – 3000 pounds.

So, in a way, Waffler69 worked as a driver in some form or another all his life. “I like being on the move at my job. I don’t mind staying in an office or store all day but I would rather be on the road getting the job done,” he said.

Someday, he wanted further his driving by getting a CDL “I haven’t gotten the chance to make that commitment yet. I have a clean driving record and have never gotten a speeding ticket in my 11 years of driving. When I am on the road I stay calm, level-headed, and drive with caution,” he explained.

As for his passion for food, it comes from his jobs as an Assistant Kitchen Manager at 2 Paul’s Radically Urban Barbeque from April 2014 to October 2016, as Kitchen Manager at The Wild Salmon Bar & Grill from January 2009 to October 2010, and as a Driver Team Leader at Dominoes from Feb 2007 to Jan 2009.

Thanks to his popularity, Waffler69 also sold his merch (tees, shirts, stickers, and posters) on Etsy. Also, he offered personalized videos on Cameo @Wafffler69. And not to mention his Creole Rice and All-Purpose Seasoning that went for $19.99.

When Waffler69 wasn’t working, he liked ballooning, playing arcade games, vegetable gardening, fishing, and stargazing.

TikToker Waffler69 Family

TikToker Waffler69 came from a family of at least five.

Amongst them, we’ve already talked about his 8-year-younger brother Clayton LeJeune (who first revealed his death). Here’s his FB @clayton.lejeune. After Waffler69’s death, it was also Clayton who organized a fundraiser for the TikToker’s funeral with a goal of $13,500. He revealed that the Gofundme was mainly to help compensate their mother who had to pay for my Waffler69’s cremation as well as the medical expenses. “Anything extra I’m gonna give to my mom and try to help the grieving process as much as possible,” he added.

Their mother, Kimberly Lejeune is a Crowley, Louisiana native. In 2023, this 59-year-old was living in Mire, Louisiana working at the Southwest Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Besides them, Waffler69 also has a loving sister named Stephanie LeJeune.

TikToker Waffler69 Wife

TikToker Waffler69 was likely single at the time of his death. But on the bright side, this also means he didn’t leave behind a girlfriend or a wife broken.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was TikToker Waffler69 Born?

Waffler69 was born in Lafayette, Louisiana.

  • When Was TikToker Waffler69 Birthday?

Waffler69 received his birthday wishes on August 7 and was of the Leo zodiac.

On Waffler69’s 29th birthday, his mother Kimberly, shared his baby pics on FB, captioning, “Today 29 years ago my oldest child was born. He has grown up to be such an amazing man. Happy birthday Taylor LeJeune I love you!”

  • Was TikToker Waffler69 On Instagram?

As of January 2023, find Waffler69 on Instagram @wafffler69.

Also, here’s his Facebook @taylorlejeune89, TikTok @wafffler69, and Youtube @waffler69.

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