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Briana DeJesus Boyfriend: Who Is Bobby Scott?

After a broken engagement, Briana DeJesus is now cautious when it comes to her relationship. No wonder, she only introduced her boyfriend Bobby Scott on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter after their relationship got “pretty serious.”

So who is Bobby Scott? Get to know Briana’s boyfriend better as this article proceeds.

Meet Bobby Scott, Teen Mom Star Briana DeJesus Boyfriend

Bobby Scott first met Briana DeJesus on the MTV set in 2021. Reportedly, Bobby used to work as the security guard for Briana’s fellow Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout’s shoots.

So, soon after being introduced, the two started dating. But, fans only knew about their relationship after Briana introduced him during the Oct 18, 2022 ep on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. “I don’t want to have another failed relationship on national TV. I think I’m more nervous than Bobby is,” the star said at the time.

In case you missed it, Briana flew to Detroit and enjoyed a meal out with Bobby as cameras rolled. They then talked about the possibility of Bobby meeting Briana’s children, and ultimately decided that it wasn’t happing any time soon.

In Briana’s words, “One day. For now, no. We’re going to walk slow. When we know it’s time, we’ll just know. It’s just hard because in my last relationship, I got really close to his kids and then when we broke up, I also broke up with the kids and it was hard.”

Also, she added that she didn’t want to “traumatize the kids” for this relationship was “too good to be true.” However, Briana admitted that this was her first mature relationship with a “grown man and not a little boy.”

But though Briana might be on cloud nine, her fans are skeptical of her new boyfriend. 

“I’m hoping this dude bobby does right by our girl @xobrianadej. we’ll see how it unfolds this season I suppose,” a fan wrote.

Some even believed that Bobby and Briana have broken up already. Infact, they were precise about the date that the two split after nine months of dating because of an October 12, 2022 post penned by a Teen Mom fan page — “How’s your relationship going,” a fan asked via Instagram stories. “Trying to figure some things out rn,” the star replied.

Bobby Scott Age

Bobby Scott was 42 years of age in 2022. He is 14 years older than Briana.

Did you know: Even before Bobby was officially introduced, he appeared in one of Briana’s mysterious Instagram posts. The photo featured Bobby’s head being caressed by the star. “I’m not a head expert but this head is clearly over 38 years old. Briana done found a sugar daddy because this is somebody old uncle. Mark my words,” she captioned the post.

Bobby Scott Job As A Security Guard

Bobby Scott was a security guard for MTV. So, when the producers got the wind of his relationship with Briana, they fired the entire security staff! No wonder, everyone including producers, crew members, and even some of the cast members were “pissed off.”

“Because of Briana and Bobby, so many great people lost their jobs, and those people did nothing wrong. Some of these people have been there since Day 1. It’s really sad and super unprofessional. And now they’re flaunting the relationship like none of that happened,” a source vented.

However, fans were supportive of the couple and insisted that it was unprofessional to fire a bunch of loyal employees just because of their relationship.

“I don’t think she or the security guard should be blamed for MTV’s decision to fire them all. That’s dumb,” a fan wrote.

“So all these people lost their job, all for her to have a fling. Cause y’all know she isn’t about to stay with this man any more than the others,” another added.

But despite the reports of Bobby getting fired from his security job, he might have gotten paid for being featured on the show. And now that he’s appearing in front of the camera, he could be collecting a check as a cast member instead of a crew member. It’s unclear how long Bobby will be featured on the show, but that would determine how much he would get paid.

Is Bobby Scott On Instagram?

Bobby wasn’t on Instagram.

Neither was he on any other socials. 

Bobby Scott Height

Bobby Scott stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Bobby Scott From?

Bobby hails from Detroit, Michigan.

  • When Is Bobby Scott Birthday?

Bobby’s birthday isn’t made public yet.

  • Does Bobby Scott Appear On Teen Mom?

Yes, Bobby first appeared on the Oct. 18 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter in 2022.

Over the ep, he and Briana talk about when he will meet the girls. Also, later on in the very ep, the star admits that her past relationship “never worked out and (she) doesn’t want another failed relationship so (she) kept this one near to my heart until (she) was sure and ready.”

Furthermore, Briana remarks that everybody in this world wants to be loved, wants to feel love and wants to see love. “And you just got to continue kissing these ugly frogs until you finally meet the right one. Sometimes it takes a long time, but it’ll happen,” she added.

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