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Meet Cayla Black, Actor Alfonso Caballero Wife!

Alfonso Caballero is an actor, model, and comedian with a lifelong passion for being in front of the camera. With a natural love for all things comedy, he has also been performing as a stand-up comedian in clubs all over the country. So, amid working hard on his craft, he has lately found conspicuous fame in the role of Noah Carmack in the new 2022 season of the 9-1-1 series. So, because he is only getting better and prosperous from here, here’s what we know about his wife, Cyla Black — everything including her age, height, family and career background, her and Noah’s married life, and more.

Meet Cayla Black, Alfonso Caballero Wife

Alfonso Caballero has been married to Cayla Black and they have also always been so much in love.

They tied the knot on 4 May 2018, which is still to this day the best day of their lives. Every year on this day since then, the couple has made it a habit to gush about their feelings for one another on their social media. But of course, they also do it on any normal day.

Cayla writes things like she is married to her best friend and then goes on to compliment him as the most beautiful, loving, courageous, generous, kind-hearted fun loving person she has ever met in her entire life. On his birthday too, on December 2nd every year, she makes sure to praise him for seeing the good in everyone and for being this amazing husband, son, friend, and human being.

Alfonso also believes that his wife is the best thing that has ever happened in this world.

A year before they were pronounced husband and wife, they had gotten engaged on 10 March 2017. On 4 May 2018 and they officially started going out as a couple.

Cayla Black And Alfonso Caballero Kids

As of 2022, Cayla Back and Alfanso Caballero had no kids.

Cayla Black Age

Born as ‘Cayla Marie Black’ in the year 1991, Cayla Black turned 30 years old in 2021.

Where Is Cayla Black From?

Cayla Black was born and bred in her hometown of Cincinnati, a city in Ohio, on the Ohio River. As of 2022 though, she had been calling North Hollywood, California her home.

Cayla Black Job

Like Alfonso, Cayla Black is also an actor.

As per IMDB, she is known for Path to Darkness (2012), Life’s a Joke (2018), and Heroine Legends: Altered Universe (2013). Also on her Facebook, she mentioned formerly working at Scott Sedita Acting Studios, a premier acting school in Hollywood that, they claim, is recommended by agents, managers, and casting directors.

Much like her husband, Cayla too likely started in the industry with very humble beginnings.

Alfonso has been open about how he just showed up in music videos and shorts when he started. But, in the last few years, he has landed roles in shows like The Dead Girls Detective Agency and The Goldbergs. Still, he always continued to struggle. In an interview he gave with Entertainment Weekly, he discussed how he landed his breakout role. He shared how before that over the course of about a year, he auditioned a bunch of different times, for seven different roles. But he was not getting anything and as a result, he was starting to get nervous about no one wanting him. He revealed thinking “Gosh, they hate me”. But, even then, he did not allow such rejection to get to him. He kept at it and trusted the process.

Before Alfonso ever acted or thought about it, his agent, a strange then, randomly approached him one day in a grocery store and told him he had a good look about him. Amid living in Ohio, he was at that time at school for criminal justice.

Where Did Cayla Black Receive Her Education?

Cayla Black was yet to discuss her educational background with the world as of 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Is Cayla Black On Instagram?

Cayla Black could be found on Instagram @cayla_black with 104 posts and 5,296 followers as of 22 October 2022. She also showed regular glimpses of her life, the most beautiful solo pictures of herself, on Facebook. Here some 2.9K people were following her at the time of this writing.

  • When Is Cayla Black’s Birthday?

Cayla Black’s birthday is on the 20th of December and that makes her a Sagittarius. In fact, both she and her husband are Sagittarius people. Apparently, Sagittarius and Sagittarius lovers are believed to hit the ground running, sometimes literally. Judging from what the astrologers have to say, this couple should also be always on the move, with an insatiable hunger for novel experiences.

On Cayla’s birthday once, Alfonso took to his IG @alfonso.t.caballero to discuss that she is one of the strongest women he knows. Jestingly, he also wrote, that her only weakness is choosing what to eat for dinner after having all day to decide. The loving hubby then thanked her for making him a better person. Yet being “greedy”, Alfonso was not, at the time, planning to get her any birthday present, with Christmas being just around the corner.

  • How Tall Is Cayla Black?

Beautiful Cayla Black stands around 5 feet and 6.5 inches in height.

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