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Brightnye Quayle (@agegap50) Age, Parents, Job, Instagram

Meet Brightnye Quayle, the 23-year-old going viral on TikTok because of her relationship posts. Find out about her age, job, Instagram, and other details here.

This article attempts to cover it all here.

Brightnye Quayle (@agegap50) On TikTok

Queensland, Australia resident Brightney Quayle caught the attention of the internet after posting her romantic life with her 35 years older boyfriend James Ellingford on TikTok. Brightnye posts her relationship on her shared TikTok (@agegap50 and @agegap35). Their public relationship has earned them hundreds of thousands of views and 84.9K followers on the second TikTok profile.

Brightnye and James reportedly met in a casino. As reported, Brightnye ordering nine sandwiches intrigued Dr. Ellingford. “I thought that anyone who needed to buy nine sandwiches was the one I needed to talk to,” James once said in a video. By August 2022, they had already dated each other for 14 months.

‘We actually met totally organically at the casino. I was the girl who bought nine sandwiches because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time,’ Brightnye said on their shared TikTok account @agegap50.

‘He came up behind me and said that I should come talk to him, so I did.’ James added: ‘I thought anyone who is buying nine sandwiches was either starving to death or needed to be spoken to.’

Talking about how the internet is reacting to their relationship, Many of their commentators called James her ‘grandfather’ or ‘dad’ and questioned whether Brightnye is only in the relationship ‘for money’.

“I get mistaken for his daughter a lot,” Brightnye told DailyMail. “The comments are interesting. A lot of them are about money, it’s ridiculous. I was married to my wife for 30 years, bought her a Maserati, paid for everything… what is the difference?” James added.

“Every relationship, well certainly traditional relationships where the man looks after the woman, of course, you’re going to spend money, it’s not an issue. And not relevant.”

TikTok contains videos of various natures. In one video, James showers his girlfriend with $50 and $100 bills. He also talks about partying with the 23-year-old saying, “drinking too much at our concert last night…or drinking too much.”. In most of the videos on the platform, his partner hashtags as #SugarDaddy and #sugarbaby.

James and Brightnye also post their rough moments on TikTok. Most of the content is about Brightnye spending James’s money. James lectures, “You spent $5,000 on my credit card yesterday when you promised you would only spend $1,600.”

After a tearful Ms. Quale promises to return a $3,100 bag to the shop, the argument moves on to whether her mother said thank you for a $1,600 gift given to her by Dr. Ellingford.

Who Is Brightnye Quayle Husband, James?

First thing first, Brightnye Quayle and James Ellingford haven’t married yet so he is not Brightnye’s husband just yet.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. James Ellingford currently serves as the chairman of Creso Pharma Limited. He was also serving as an executive director at Creso since November 2021. However, after his latest TikTok spectacle, he was replaced by Boaz Wachtel as non-executive chairman.

He has experience in the international arena and has successfully developed close ties with financial institutions and governments throughout the world. He is also a Non-Executive Chairman for eSense-Lab Ltd.

James holds a post-graduate in Corporate Management, a Master’s in Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Management. Dr. Ellingford lectures MBA students in Corporate Governance at a leading Sydney University. He has a keen interest in ethics and governance.

James previously married his wife Claire for 30 years. They shared four daughters from their marriage.

Other videos show Dr. Ellingford discussing the age gap between the pair. ‘Sure the age gap is massive but as I always say love is love,’ he says. In another video, he talked about his 4 adult daughter’s take on his current romantic entanglements.

“Two of them are OK, one is sitting on the fence and the other one would like to murder you with a pitchfork,” her daughter said. ‘Which isn’t very nice. You don’t deserve to be murdered with a pitchfork babe.’

Brightnye Quayle Age

In 2022, Brightnye Quayle is 23 years old.

Brightnye Quayle Job

Brightnye Quayle is a model and diving instructor by profession. According to NZ Herald, Brightnye was a former Miss NZ finalist and biology graduate.

According to her Facebook, she is a freelance model on Instagram and holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Canterbury. Moreover, she studied Dive Instructor at PADI and earned her certificate in 2018.

Additionally, Brightnye’s OnlyFans (@playful_poppy) also helps her to support financially.

Who Are Brightnye Quayle Parents?

Unlike her professional and love life, Brightnye Quayle is private about her family life. She prefers to keep her parents away from all unnecessary attention. Moreover, her socials also don’t house any information on her folks.

Brightnye Quayle Height

Brightnye Quayle’s height measures around 5 feet 3 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Brightnye Quayle On Instagram?

Yes, Brightnye Quayle is on Instagram (@brightnyesnotsoprivatelife) and Facebook (@brightnye), and Fansly (@playful_poppyx).

  • Where Is Brightnye Quayle From?

Brightnye Quayle hailed from Christchurch, New Zealand. She is currently based in Queensland, Australia.

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