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Brooks Atwood Parents: Martha Artwood And John Artwood

AddedHack My Home is a brand-new show on Netflix which was made available to stream starting 7 July 2023. As like the others, this renovation series involves engineering, tech, and creativity to maximize spaces. It features four experts who use their design skills to transform families’ homes. Brooks Atwood is one of them. He is the one who takes care of imagination and creativity every time they go to people’s homes to maximize their space.

Brooks is the co-founder of Berries Design, his own business, which he launched in 2003. He was named one of the world’s innovative creators by Eyes In Magazine. Also, his works as a designer have been named one of six Emerging US Design Practices by the Museum of Arts & Design with WantedDesign.

In this writing, we shall now tell you all that you have been wondering about his parents.

Netflix’s Hack My Home: Who Are Brooks Atwood’s Parents?

Brooks Atwood’s parents have had a great influence on his life. Growing up, they were always pushing him, and everything was open. They did not have too many rules and regulations and that, Brooks said, allowed his creativity to run free. And that today has helped shape his outlook both as an architect and interior designer.

One day, filled with wit, Brooks also took to his social media to reveal that he was named after his parents’ dog.

Meet John Artwood, Brooks Atwood’s Father

Brooks’s father John T Atwood was born in January 1946. So, he reached the age of 77 in 2023.

As of 2023, he was not on Instagram, but one could see his activities on ‘John Atwood’ Facebook. Also, at this point, John’s job/career-related details were not available.

Meet Martha Artwood, Brooks Atwood’s Mother

Now, meet Martha Boal Atwood, Brooks Atwood’s mother. She was born in June 1944. So, she reached the age of 79 in 2023.

Growing up, Brooks said, his mom was in sales so they would go wherever the restaurants she sold to were. This actually made them move three different times when he was in third grade. Also, each time then, he had been to three different schools. That, he said, exposed him to so many different people and so today too when he travels, he loves being exposed to different cultures.

As of 2023, Martha was not on Instagram, but one could give her a follow on ‘Martha Atwood’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Brooks Atwood Still Married?

No. Brooks Atwood’s parents are not anymore married. They divorced when he was young. Fortunately, Brooks only remembers growing up and never having a problem, because every time something bad happened, his mum would turn it into something exciting and an adventure. He said he has kind of just taken that with him in his life – no matter what happens. It’s an adventure so he should have fun doing it, he believes.

  • How Many Children Do Brooks Atwood Parents Have?

Brooks Atwood is not the only child of his parents. He also has a brother named John T Atwood. The Atwood brothers seemed to have a pretty relationship even today.

John Atwood Jr’s is married to Carolina Martins Atwood who turned 44 in November 2022. Together, they appear to be living in Avon, Connecticut as of 2023.

As for Brooks, who directed Margot Robbie for Esquire’s Ultimate Bachelor Pad, he has been married to Gianna Wurzl since December 2021. That same year on April Fool’s Day, they welcomed Olympia Ocean Atwood. “She is regal, curious, independent, and funny. We are in heaven getting to know her,” Gianna, of Italian-American heritage, had written in her IG announcement post.

Before marrying Gianna, Brooks was married to Amy “Estelle” Nichols. Later, they filed for divorce in 2018.

  • Where Do Brooks Atwood Parents Reside?

Brooks Atwood’s dad John had been living in Newport News, Virginia as of July 2023. He mentioned Hampton, Virginia as his hometown. At one point in 1969, he also moved to Anchorage, Alaska.

Brooks’s mother on the other hand was calling Warren, Connecticut home as of now. Originally she comes from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

About growing up, Brooks has said, he moved around so much with his family. He said his parents have never really answered why they moved so much. Nonetheless, it has only served Brooks well.

Brooks was born to his parents in December 1973. So, he reached the age of 49 in 2022.

Not long ago, Brooks had been hosting a TV show on Fyi, called Trashformers about upcycling. He also has appeared on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda, BetterTV, DIY, Showtime, King5 NewDay, and was a finalist on season 8 of HGTV’s Design Star. Also, the likes of The New York Times, Brooklyn Magazine, and Esquire, have given him enough attention. So, they say Brooks’s passion for design is only topped by the height of his hair.

And in a completely different world, he also enjoys being a professor at Parsons, The New School for Design & the College of Architecture & Design at NJIT. There, he has led collaborative teams that brought together technologies, designers, and business leaders into a common space of possibility. He has also given lectures at mostly the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, the Australian Centre of the Moving Image in Melbourne, and so on.



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