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Bruce Perreault Bio, Wife, Kids, Height, Parents, Survivor 45

CBS’s Survivor 45 premiered on 27 September 2023, introducing 18 contestants vying for their shot at $1 million. One particular participant from Survivor 44 also was brought along in the new season. Bruce Perreault was one of them. After being removed from the prior season early due to a head injury, he was asked to be back for the forty-fifth installment. In this, we shall therefore tell you all about him.

Bruce Perreault On Survivor 45

During Survivor 45, Bruce Perreault unfortunately met with a head injury. That in turn took him out of the game within 12 hours. He had something to prove as the oldest man in the competition during the first challenge. But, instead, he plunged head-first into a beam. The medics initially cleared him to continue with the game and later that night after he had severe head pain, he was medically evacuated. He was taken to a hospital in Fiji there after doing a CT scan they told him there was no brain bleed. And luckily after a week, Bruce felt better.

After the unfortunate ending, he got invited by Jeff Probst to compete again on the show. Bruce initially had no idea what to do. He even thought of ignoring it. However, when he came to know about the positive response he was receiving on the internet, he decided to just go.

So, that is the reason Bruce was getting the looks and nods from the new contestants. He found this kind of surreal and funny.

Lately, when talking to Entertainment Weekly, Bruce was asked if doing Survivor twice is either going to help or hurt him, he hinted confidently that he will give his 100 percent so that it only helps him. He was also hoping that his biggest superpowers 1) being a kryptonite and 2) ability to ask the proper questions just to get an answer should help him play the game.

Bruce Perreault Wife

Bruce’s wife is Melinda Duggan Perreault. She can be found on IG @melperreault143 and ‘Melinda Duggan Perreault’ Facebook. On LinkedIn, she mentioned being a special education teacher at Providence Public Schools. And also, she turned 50 years old in August 2022. When that happened, Bruce had taken to Facebook to call Melinda his rock, love, and soul. “Now, how the HELL did you deal with me. I am a handful and the world knows it!! But in all seriousness, I Love you and here is too another 50 years!!”, he also wrote after that.

Also, Bruce and his beloved and beautiful wife celebrated their 21st anniversary on 24 August 2023. The way post pictures and talk about each other on social media, they just look so much in love.

Bruce Perreault Kids

Bruce and his wife have two kids, a son and a daughter. One of them is Sydnee Perreault (on IG @sydnee.perreault7) and the other is Dylan Perreault (on IG @perreault_dylan).

When Sydney, Bruce’s firstborn was off to college (University of Bridgeport), she had asked him not to cry so she would not cry.

Speaking of Dylan, he turned 17 years old on 31 August 2023 and the next month on the 5th he had the first day of his Senior year in high school.

How Old Is Bruce Perreault?

Bruce Perreault was born in 1976. So, he reached the age of 47 in 2022.

Who Are Bruce Perreault’s Parents?

Bruce’s mother Theresa “Tess” Perreault was born in West Warwick, Rhode Island. She lived the latter part of her life in Coventry, Rhode Island. The matriarch was 82 when she passed away not long ago, on 8 March 2023. She was predeceased in 2016 by her loving husband, Gerard L. “Jerry” Perreault Sr.

Theresa, in her obituary, is portrayed as a lifelong dedicated mother and a woman of strong faith. In addition to her and Gerald’s family of 13 children, it is said, they were foster parents to 107 children throughout the years.

Gerald, who passed away at 77 in July 2016, was employed as a Truck Driver in the West Warwick Department of Public Works for over 18 years before retiring. He had a very strong Christian faith, enjoyed camping and cooking, and was really dedicated to his family.

Bruce Perreault Height

It is above 6’1” in height that we see Bruce Perreault standing at.

Bruce Perreault Job

As per LinkedIn, Bruce has been working full-time as the account executive at Expert Insurance Agency in Warwick, Rhode Island since November 2019.

On his profile on LinkedIn, Bruce also further described being an experienced assistant manager and banker with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry.

Not to miss, on social media, Bruce also describes himself as a US Navy Veteran, proud dad and devoted husband, and the founder of Bruce Perreault Real Estate.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Bruce Perreault From?

Bruce Perreault originally hails from West Warwick, Rhode Island. As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Warwick, Rhode Island.

  • When Is Bruce Perreault’s Birthday?

Bruce Perreault’s birthday is on August 5th and that makes him a Leo.

  • Is Bruce Perreault On Instagram?

Indeed. Bruce Perreault was on Instagram as of September 2023. His IG account @bruce.perreault included 204 posts and 2,632 followers. In addition to that, one could also give Bruce a follow on Facebook, on Twitter @Perrbruce, TikTok @b.perre, and even on his self-titled YouTube channel.

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