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Suh Yu-min Bio, Age, Dating, Instagram, The Devil’s Plan

Suh Yu-min is a multilingual orthopedic doctor in the United States who graduated from New York University’s School of Medicine. But, recently it is through Netflix that people have come to know about her. She is one of the 12 savvy contestants facing off in mind-bending games of wit and strategy on Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan which premiered on 26 September 2023. Keep reading and we shall tell you all about her.

Suh Yu-min On Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan

The Devil’s Plan also went through an open-recruitment process to find non-celebrities after it was done with bringing in the celebrity ones. Suh Yu-min of course was one of them.

Producing director Jung Jong Yeon of The Devil’s Plan is super proud of all his contestants including Yu-min. He has in great length described his contestants’ strength. When it was Yu-min’s turn he gushed that this particular contender of his is fluent in Korean, English, and Spanish, and should show an unexpected charm with her immense passion that even brought her to Korea from the U.S.

About Yu-min, one should also know that it was Angela Malhotra voicing her for Netflix’s English. Angela is an actress known for a few to several episodes of Modern FamilySuperstore, and Pinky Malinky.

In addition to Yu-min, celebrities, lawyers, professional Go players, and more, were invited to the game to compete to win the ultimate prize of 500 million won or $392,700. The concept of the show was such that the contestants were kept in a week-long camp. Then, their limits were tested through fierce mind-bending games to find the final winner. Among them, one was to be crowned as the brainiest player.

Another non-celebrity joining this competition was Kim Dong Jae. The remaining are Kwedo AKA Orbit, Ha Seok Jin, Cho Yeon Woo, Lee Si Won, Seo Dong Joo, Park Kyung Lim, Guillaume Patry, Kwak Joon Bin, and two non-celebrities: Seo Yoo Min, Kim Dong Jae, and Lee Hye Seong.

In this series that took place in South Korea, the participants, for one week, were made to live in a huge rectangle built inside a soundstage that served as their living space. Over the course of their stay, these people competed in battles of intelligence twice a day until the final round. Finally, one of them was crowned victor and he or she took in all the prize money. Who it was yet to be known as of the time of this writing.

At the beginning of the week, all of them are given what the show calls “pieces” which are treated like currency and can be lost or won at the end of each round of the game. These Pieces are used to buy items needed in the games, as bargaining chips, or in negotiations between contestants. Those who lose all their pieces are eliminated, and only two contestants the ones with the most pieces make it to the finale.

Ahead of the finale, there is a “main match” and a “prize match” every day, where the two who lose are sent to jail, disqualified from playing in the prize match, and locked in their cell until morning. Based on these matches, the final round’s prize money is determined.

Suh Yu-min Job

Suh Yu-min is an orthopedic surgeon. She graduated from NYU Medical School while making it to the Dean’s List in the Spring of 2013. Fast forward to 2023, she had been putting all that she learned into her practices in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in America.

During medical school, Yu-min specialized in organized healthcare education/training programs.

Before going to New York University, Yu-min also likely graduated from Wesleyan University.

It is also worth knowing that back in October 2022, Yu-min became the winner of the Basil Boyd Resident Research Award and the $1,000 prize. Her study “Serum Fructosamine as an Indicator of Perioperative Complications in Patients Undergoing Foot and Ankle Surgery” secured her this win.

Is Suh Yu-min Dating Anyone?

Suh Yu-min’s relationship status was not known as of September 2023.

Yet, she looked more like someone not dating anyone at the moment. At this time, it was also not understood if she had been married or in a serious relationship before.

Suh Yu-min Age

Suh Yu-min like many of her fellow opponents on The Devils Plan was 31 years old when she showed up herself to the show’s audience.

Is Suh Yu-min On Instagram?

At this point, if Suh Yu-min was on Instagram, she chose not to make it public. Or, maybe she just did not have an account on it. One could also not find her presence on other social media platforms.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Suh Yu-min From?

People may believe otherwise, but Suh Yu-min was not born elsewhere but in the United States. To be more precise, she was born in Chapel Hill, a town in North Carolina. The place is also home to a campus of the University of North Carolina, which is known for its basketball team.

  • When Is Suh Yu-min Birthday?

At the time of this writing, Suh Yu-min also had not already revealed her birthday.

  • How Tall Is Suh Yu-min?

Suh Yu-min stands below 5’4” in height.

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