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Bruce Witkin Bio, Age, Married, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard

Bruce Witkin was Johnny Depp’s former bandmate and friend of 40 years. But it all ended when Bruce’s testimony was not so in favor of his best friend during the Depp/Heard divorce settlement hearing in 2017.

So, now that Johnny’s suing his ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million, Bruce, once again, is on the testimony stand. Keep reading this “Bruce Witkin Bio” to learn more about him.

Meet Bruce Witkin, Johnny Depp Best Friend

Bruce Witkin and Johnny Depp have shared a lot of adventures together. “This guy is someone I’ve known for 30 years. He’s a brother. We worked in bands together, we were on the road together, we lived together,” Johnny mentioned in an interview in 2007.

Together, they were a part of the band called The Kids, which Bruce started in Florida back in 1978. The duo even moved to L.A. together seeking fame and fortune.

Later, Bruce and Johnny also joined another band called the Hollywood Vampires,  where they worked with everyone from Paul McCartney to Marilyn Manson.

Sadly, their decades of friendship came to an end in 2017 after Bruce’s testimony at the Depp v. Heard divorce settlement trial. “I started to feel a distance in 2017. We had a gig, and I saw him. But he was really kind of distant and kind of f**ked up,” Bruce recalled.

Allegedly, Johnny even sent Bruce a text saying he stabbed him in the back and badmouthed him. And that was the last of their interaction.

Bruce Witkin At The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial

At Depp v. Heard trial 2022, Bruce Witkin touched upon themes that supported Amber’s case — jealousy, alcohol and drug use, and apparent signs of physical abuse.

According to Bruce, he saw bruises on Amber’s upper arm that looked like a grab and not a punch but he couldn’t exactly recall the date. However, he did remember seeing Johnny with a fat lip in the spring of 2016 during the rehearsal.

Also, occasionally vaping in the middle of the questioning, Bruce recalled Johnny sharing that sobering up wasn’t his “cup of tea.” He added that Johnny would talk about frustrations with Amber. However, there wasn’t as much anger as it was much like confusion, sadness, and why it wasn’t working.

Besides this, Bruce also confessed to seeing Johnny doing drugs with other bandmates including the likes of Joe Perry. He even witnessed Johnny doing cocaine from 2014 to 2016.

Moving on, Bruce also recalled how Johnny was spending a bunch and he talked to him about slowing down on spending or doing more movies.

Talking about Johnny’s jealousy of his romantic partners (including Bruce’s sister-in-law, Lori Anne Allison, and Vanessa Paradis), Bruce stated the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was always suspicious of their friendship with other male actors.

Specifically speaking about Johnny’s jealousy of Amber, he shared, “If she was on a film or doing something that he couldn’t be around it to see what was going on, I think he’d work himself up.”

Overall, Bruce shared that though he may have seen Johnny get involved in the wrong things, he never saw him being violent. He even tried to help the actor with substance, hooking him up with a therapist. But nothing helped.

Bruce Witkin Age

Bruce Witkin was 59 years of age in 2022.

He is a year older than his former friend Johnny.

Is Bruce Witkin Married?

Yes, Bruce Witkin married his wife Suzanne Allison on December 6, 1986, after 4 years of sharing a dating bliss.

His wife, Suzanne is Johnny’s first wife Lori’s sister. She was born in Jan 1961 and was also an aspiring actress. However, around 1994, she when auditioned to play the role of a photographer, the producers told her that they wanted a real photographer. So, she hated the experience, stuck to being a photographer, and left the acting to her clients.

Check her photography works here.

Bruce and his wife share a daughter named Veronica Witkin who was in the band called Glam Skanks alongside Vanessa McNiel and Millie Chan. Initially, the trio started their band in 2012 playing 70’s rock, glam, and punk cover songs. And now they have their own music like “Wild Soul/Pretty Boy,  Miss Androgynous,  Glitter City, – Rock & Roll Skank, and a few more.”

Veronica married her rock and roller husband on April 19, 2018

Bruce Witkin Career

Bruce Witkin is a musician (guitarist, bassist, and producer). He started his career alongside Johnny Depp and went on to be nominated for vocal production of Johnny’s voice on Sweeney Todd in 2008.

In Jan 2007, he also co-founded Unison Music, an independent music label with an eclectic roster of original talent. Alongside Ryan Dorn, on Unison Music, Bruce has recorded and toured with Adam Ant and Vanessa Paradis and has recorded countless artists including The Romantics, Joe Perry, The Blasters, LA Guns, and many more.

As for his contribution to the on-screen entertainment industry, Bruce has worked in the music department of I Chose Life: Stories of Suicide and Survival (2020), One More Time (2015), Into the Woods (2014), The Rum Diary (2011), and many more.

Bruce Witkin Family

Bruce Witkin didn’t talk much about his family.

However, we do have a few names associated with him — Lori A Depp, Suzanne A Witkin, Suzanne Witkin, Cristina Oldera, Bernard Witkin, Veronica Witkin, Veronica Witkin, and Sheila A Witkin.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Bruce Witkin From?

Bruce Witkin was originally born in Bronx, NY. But his family moved to Miami, FL, where his grandmother was. So, he grew up there.

But as of 2022, he resided in Los Angeles, California.

  • When Is Bruce Witkin Birthday?

Bruce receives his birthday wishes in June.

Coincidentally, he and Johnny share the same birth month.

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