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Bryan Christopher Kohberger Bio, Age, Family, Instagram

Meet Bryan Christopher Kohberger, the Idaho students murder suspect. He was recently arrested in Pennsylvania. So, who is he? Who are his family members? How old is he? Is he on Instagram? Does he have a girlfriend?

This Bryan Christopher Kohberger bio answers all of your questions.

Meet Bryan Christopher Kohberger, The Idaho Students Murder Suspect

Bryan Christopher Kohberger is reportedly the murder suspect who has a connection to the killing of four University of Idaho students who were stabbed to death in November 2022. Bryan reportedly attends a nearby student and lives just miles away from where the victims were found.

According to CNN, Bryan was arrested in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, on an active arrest warrant for first-degree murder charges issued by the Moscow, Idaho, Police Department and the Latah County Prosecutor’s Office, according to the criminal complaint.

After the suspect was unveiled, people who knew Bryan also discussed him on Reddit. In a post that was removed from Reddit after the arrest was made public, a student investigator associated with a DeSales University study named Bryan Kohberger sought participation in a research project “to understand how emotions and psychological traits influence decision-making when committing a crime.”

The now-removed Reddit post said, “In particular, this study seeks to understand the story behind your most recent criminal offense, with an emphasis on your thoughts and feelings throughout your experience.”

Authorities requested information from the public earlier this month regarding a white 2011–2013 Hyundai Elantra they thought was in the “near proximity” of the crime scenes at the time of the murders. Following that call, cops previously claimed that a flood of tips came in. According to two law enforcement sources briefed on the inquiry, after tracing the ownership of the Elantra back to Bryan, investigators eventually focused on him.

The sources added that police believe Kohberger fled the region and traveled to Pennsylvania after the crime and that his DNA matched DNA found at the crime scene.

The sources stated that the suspect had been being followed by an FBI surveillance team in the vicinity of his arrest for a number of days. According to a law enforcement source, Kohberger traveled across the nation in the Elantra and landed at his parents’ residence in Pennsylvania right before Christmas.

Bryan’s former school friend Nick Mcloughlin told the Daily Beast he was “stunned” to see his old pal in custody. When Kohberger graduated his junior year, Mcloughlin remarked that he was “down to Earth.” But Kohberger returned “thinner than a rail” at the start of his senior year, had become “aggressive,” and had started boxing.

Recalling how their friendship soured, Nick Mcloughlin added: ‘He always wanted to fight somebody, he was bullying people. We started cutting him off from our friend group because he was 100 percent a different person.’

While prosecutors and detectives from the Moscow police department, the Idaho State Police, and the FBI attempted to establish enough probable cause for an arrest warrant, authorities kept Kohberger under surveillance. According to the law enforcement source, authorities followed Kohberger all around the country and also kept an eye on his parents’ home.

“This is not the end of this investigation, in fact, this is a new beginning,” Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson said Friday. “You all now know the name of the person who has been charged with these offenses, please get that information out there, please ask the public, anyone, who knows about this individual, to come forward.”

“Report anything you know about him, to help the investigators, and eventually our office and the court system, understand fully everything there is to know about not only the individual but what happened and why,” Thompson added.

Bryan Christopher Kohberger Age

At the time of his arrest in 2022, Bryan Christopher Kohberger was 28 years old. He was reportedly born in November 1994.

Bryan Christopher Kohberger Family

Bryan Christopher Kohberger was born to his parents Michael and Maryann Kohberger.

Michael celebrated his 67th birthday in June 2022 whereas Maryann turned 62 in February 2022 as she was born in February 1960.

In 2010, Bryan’s dad filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It’s unclear what he and his wife do for work now.

In one letter to the editor published in March 2008 in The Pocono Recorddaily newspaper, underneath the headline “I pray we consider the children, before the gun”, Bryan’s mom wrote, “I do not personally support abortion, and by all means do not support the death penalty. State-sanctified murder is still just that — murder.”

In another letter, published as recently as June 2022, Maryann, who works as a paraprofessional, teaching students under the supervision of certified teachers, reflected on the Uvalde, Texas shootings. “As I sat this morning, reeling from yet another school shooting, I found myself wrestling with which actions need to be taken to stop all the madness,” she wrote. “What is the answer? Gun control measures? Mental health intervention?”

Bryan has two older sisters – Amanda and Melissa. Melissa, who is currently 31, is a therapist in New Jersey, and Amanda who works as a counselor is 34 years old. Learn more about them here.

Despite the horrendous savagery he is said to have committed, both Melissa and his mother Maryann have previously spoken out against violence. Following the Texas mass shooting in Uvalde in May, Maryann sent a letter to a neighborhood newspaper in which she also attached a poem Melissa had written about the tragedy.

A relative told The New York Post Kohberger is ‘OCD’ about his eating habits and forced his family to buy new pots that had never been used to cook meat. “It was above and beyond being vegan. His aunt and uncle had to buy new pots and pans because he would not eat from anything that had ever had meat cooked in them. He seemed very OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)” the woman said.

Is Bryan Christopher Kohberger On Instagram?

Yes, Bryan Christopher Kohberger doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. His IG handle is (@bryan.c.koh).

Bryan Christopher Kohberger Job

Graduate student Bryan Christopher Koberger studies criminal justice and criminology at Washington State University.

Bryan completed his first semester as a Ph.D. student in the school’s criminal justice program earlier in December, the university acknowledged, according to CNN. He previously attended DeSales University as an undergraduate and graduate student. He received his bachelor’s degree in 2020, and early this year, a university official said, he finished his “graduate studies for the master of arts in criminal justice program.”

Bryan is a registered Libertarian, although does not appear to have had any active social media profiles at the time of his arrest.

‘Very strange kid. I worked with him for a bit at a pizza shop. Nice kid but just out there,’ commented one former colleague on social media. Lawrence Rosenberg, another college friend, said he attended classes at the Career & Technical Institute with Kohberger, but that he dropped out in 2014 without completing the course.

“He would always look bugged eye’d like on drugs and nobody in the class really never talked to him that’s why he only went for 2 years and left without taking the final exam,” he said.

Bryan Christopher Kohberger Girlfriend

Currently, there is no information about Bryan Christopher Kohberger’s dating life. It is unclear if he had a girlfriend at the time of his arrest or not.

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  • Where Is Bryan Christopher Kohberger From?

Bryna Christopher Kohberger is originally from Albrightsville, Pennsylvania.

  • When Is Bryan Christopher Kohberger Birthday?

Bryan Christopher Kohberger celebrates his birthday in November.

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