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Bruna Ferreira Bio, Love Is Blind Brazil, Age, Job, Instagram

The concept of agreeing to date someone without even seeing him/her might be scary. But it indeed can be rewarding because only then you actually do date the person under the skin. Just look at Love Is Blind Brazil contestant Bruna Ferreira, she was one of the lucky ones who took love out of the show.

This Bruna Ferreira Bio explores her life.

Bruna Ferreira On Love Is Blind Brazil

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Brazil season 2 premiered on December 28, 2022, and once again, the viewers were introduced to brand new single ladies and gentlemen ready to find love in the pods. Our star, Bruna Ferreira was one of these participants who sadly left the show halfway through filming because she didn’t like being cooped up without friends, family, or social interactions. And also because she was frustrated with her love interest Paulo Lopes (which we’ll be discussing below).

For those of you new to the show, the spin-off Love Is Blind: Brazil follows the original plot where the couples are introduced through their respective pods, unable to see each other, but, able to communicate as much as they want. So, once they’ve decided, the potential husband/wife would then embark on a trip to a romantic destination, and meet each other’s family before deciding if they want to get married in the final ep or not.

Joining Bruna for the second installment of Love Is Blind: Brazil were her co-stars Flávia Queiroz (Nurse), Robert Richard (Personal trainer), Maíra Bullos (Social media manager), Guilherme Martins (Air traffic controller), Thamara Térez (Lawyer), Alisson Hentges (Administrator), Vanessa Carvalho (Psychologist), Tiago Chapola (Trade representative), Verônica Brito (Model), William Domiêncio (Accounting assistant), Amanda Souza (Image Consultant ), Paulo Simi Lopes (HR Specialist) and more.

And like the previous season, the hosts Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo (Brazilian celebrity couple) made the show even more interesting.

Reportedly, Love Is Blind: Brazil season 2 was filmed at the Mirante do Gavião Amazon Lodge in Novo Airão. The filming began in March 2022 and lasted up to 29 days.

Are Bruna Ferreira And Paulo Lopes Still Together?

Yes, as of 2022, Bruna Ferreira is still together with Paulo Lopes. Infact, they are engaged to be married. Surprising, isn’t it? Though Bruna exited early from the show (obviously not on amicable terms with Paulo), it seems she found him again after he quit the show as well.

For those who missed their romance on Love Is Blind: Brazil, well, you didn’t miss much. To be honest, Bruna and Paulo’s journey in the pods was far from perfect since Paulo was initially attracted to Amanda Souza. In fact, Paul and Amanda were not just fooling around, but the latter one even proposed,  to which Paul gladly said “Yes.”

However, Paulo backtracked almost as soon as they met because he knew he couldn’t deal with such strong women. 

So, it was only thereafter, Paulo went for Bruna. In the pods, they developed a genuine connection, and Paulo even ended up proposing to her. However, Bruna decided to leave the experiment halfway through, telling Paulo “All I wanted was for you to choose me in this life, but maybe next time… Maybe next time, okay?”

In response, Paulo then told Bruna that he “never gives up” and therefore wouldn’t be leaving the show. His only reason to stay was “When you give up on something, how can I believe you’ll fight for our relationship?” But after meeting Bruna in flesh later, Paulo had a change of thought.

Paulo Lopes is an animator who worked for Facebook, AXA,  Costa, and PageGroup Brasil. This talented guy has attended FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas,  Ecole superieure du commerce exterieur, Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, and Business and Information Technology School.

Also, he’s an avid traveler who has been to over 24 countries.

Here’s Paulo’s IG @paulosimilo and FB @paulo.similopes.

Bruna Ferreira Age

Bruna Ferreira was 29 years of age when she appeared in Love Is Blind: Brazil in 2022.

Sadly, her birthday wasn’t revealed.

Also, as compared to her co-stars, her age was right in the middle — comparably not too old not too young

Bruna Ferreira Job

Bruna Ferreira is an intensive care resident. The last we checked, she mentioned her job to be an “Intensive care resident” at Syrian-Lebanese Hospital.

This means, she probably earns around 20 thousand BRL per month (around USD 3800).

As for her education, she attended Hospital Heliopolis, a general hospital of the government of the state of São Paulo.

How Tall Is Bruna Ferreira?

Bruna Ferreira stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Bruna has a long face, brown eyes, and dark hair.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Bruna Ferreira From?

Bruna hails from Brasília, the capital of Brazil.

  • Where Does Bruna Ferreira Reside?

As of 2022, Bruna resided in her home country Brazil.

  • Is Bruna Ferreira On Instagram?

Yes, as of December 2022, find her on Instagram @brunaluana.f with 2.4K followers. Sadly, her profile was kept private then.

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