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Camela Leierth Segura Bio, Husband, Family, Instagram

Musician Camela Leierth-Segura, who co-wrote Katy Perry’s famous track “Walking on Air” is still nowhere to be found. It’s been a while since Camela has been reported as missing as they say she has not been seen since late June. In this writing, let’s find out what really happened.

Camela Leierth Segura Missing

According to Camela’s missing person notice, she was last seen in Beverly Hills on 29 June 2023, which is right around the time her landlord forced her out of her Beverly Hills apartment. Another ‘missing person alert’ also cited that she was last seen driving a 2010 Ford Fusion with California plate 6KZJ725 in Beverly Hills in the middle of the night on June 30th.

At the time of this writing, the vehicle could not be located, and her cat too. People close to Camela declared that her 19-year-old cat Morris is also missing.

More people have come forward wanting to help the authorities with the case, telling them whatever little facts they are aware of. Her landlord in Beverly Hills said Camela was recently evicted, while friends and neighbors said she was struggling to pay rent.

Neighbors pointed out dead plants on her balcony and a “For Rent” sign outside. Her neighbors also pointed out the dead plants on her balcony and the “For Rent” sign outside. Harrison Silverman, one of the neighbors, said he would talk to her once a week, but he has not heard from her at all. Another nearest Shiva Bagheri said she has not seen Camela’s car in more than a month.

Camela Leierth Segura Career

Camela Leierth-Segura worked as a model and musician. She contributed to music as a singer and composer. She released songs of her own on YouTube and Spotify.

In addition to co-writing the song on Katy Perry’s album Prism, Camela sang the song “Stupid” in the soundtrack to Smala Sussie and “Always on My Mind” in SJ’s advertising campaign “Discover Sweden” and also “Too High” in one of Glocalnet’s commercials. Her was also seen and heard on the songs Vy från ett luftslott and Generation ex on the band Kent’s album Tillbaka till samtiden. Back in March 2008, she was at Kent’s two concerts in Baltiska Hallen in Malmö. Camela also performed songs on this stage. Not to miss, she also traded her voice for the band Starlet, now known as Dead Starlet.

Camela Leierth Segura Age

Camela Leierth Segura was born in 1975 in Nederluleå parish. So, she reached the age of 48 in 2023.

Camela Leierth Segura Family

Naturally, Camela’s family has been very worried for her and desperate for answers as to if she is safe.

Camela’s sister especially has been in contact with her friends from everywhere to help. One of them, Liz Montgomery, has also been out and about in the media telling them about Camela. She said how Camela’s family reached out to her for assistance after not hearing from her for several weeks. Liz herself has also issued a public plea to help locate her dear friend. Just on 9 August 2023, she appealed to people via social media to come to them if they think they have seen the lady in the pictures posted by her. In that case, she urged them to immediately either reach out to her, the family, or the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Liz updated the case saying “We are extremely worried about her safety, and despite our best efforts, the local authorities have not been able to locate her.” Camela, she gushed, means the world to them and time is of the essence. Also, she emotionally concluded that Camelas’s family in Sweden is “pleading” for everyone’s assistance.

It was Liz actually who for the first time reported her dear friend’s missing to the police in July after her family in Sweden was unable to contact her.

Camela’s other friend Cecilia Foss also said she hopes to think nothing bad happened to her friend. Nevertheless, she said, she can’t help also thinking that something bad has happened.

Camela Leierth Segura Husband

As of August 2023, Camela Leierth Segura’s relationship stats was not understood. At this point, almost no one talked about if she has/had a husband. Even Liz, her friend, who has been the most talkative one in this whole missing situation, also did not reveal anything as to if her friend is married, seeing anyone, or has been just single.

Camela Leierth Segura Height

Camela Leierth Segura stands 5′ 10″ in height. Her eyes are blue, her hair blonde and she weighed around 125 lbs before she went missing.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Camela Leierth Segura From?

Camela Leierth originally hails from Sweden, where her family still are based today. Before going missing though she had been calling Beverly Hills, California her home. Even before, she had been residing in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

  • When Is Camela Leierth Segura’s Birthday?

Camela Leierth Segura’s birthday is on April 15th and that makes him an Aries.

  • Is Camela Leierth Segura On Instagram?

As of 2023, Camela Leierth Segura was not on Insatgram. There was a ‘Camela Leierth’ Facebook. But, she did not seem to be very active here.

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