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Markis Oasis Bio, Parents, Girlfriend, Age, What Happened?

Markis Oasis, son of TikToker Christina Smith, is going through a health-related crisis. His mom has been updating his followers about her son’s progress since going into a coma. Who is Markis? Does he have a girlfriend? How old is he?

The answer unfolds below as this bio proceeds.

What Happened To Markis Oasis?

Markis Oasis is the son of DC-based TikTok influencer and single mom Christina “Tina” Smith. Christina posted a more urgent issue involving her oldest son Markis on July 28, 2023. She posted a video of Markis in the hospital bed with numerous tubes attached on July 28.

Christina said that on Saturday, July 8, “The devil tried to take my child in his sleep” in the caption of the video. The “perfectly healthy” 17-year-old Markis had an asthma episode while sleeping that resulted in cardiac arrest.

Markis’s heart stopped “three times,” according to Christina’s caption, and his girlfriend and younger brother had to start CPR on him before the ambulance arrived. Markis had no brain activity and was therefore “legally dead” when he got to the hospital. Fortunately, on July 18, in the intensive care unit, he regained control of his brain and heart.

“God is Real; He is Real. I can’t say it enough. Look at this Miracle 1st hand,” Christina wrote of Markis’s situation. “The devil tried to take my child in; he slept on July 8th from 6 am to 9 am. My child’s heart stopped three times. My baby brain had no function, he was legally dead, But my God, my God said to me, ‘Hold on, I got this; watch me work because he’s waking up. I just need to talk to him for a lil while.”

She then added: “And today, July 18th, my baby has all his brain functions, his heart is beating, he has a pulse his organs are healing in the name of Jesus.”

Christina has also set up a GoFundMe for financial support for her son’s medical expenses. As of this article, she has been able to raise $7840 out of $9000.

“The cost of transportation is becoming overwhelming,” Christina admitted in the GoFundMe description. “And on top of that, we have to try and move to somewhere that has special accommodation because he will need medical care when he is finally able to come home. We’re just asking for enough transportation back and forth to the hospital so we can be by his side every step of the way.”

In her most recent update on Markis from 12 August, Christina wrote, “He is doing well. He’s been trying to move his Limbs more he’s been trying hard to Talk and God willing he will have his Voice to Speak again soon. He had a more relaxed day he wasn’t In any pain today for the 1st time in a while & they gave him a new bed that has a tent around it so he doesn’t fall out and they took the restraints off of him. Thank you, Father God. I continue to thank you in advance for all the things you have done and are about to do. I thank you oh Lord I just give it all to you because I trust in you completely and I know Markis we’ll be healed.”

Markis Oasis Age

In 2023, Markis Oasis is 17 years of age.

Who Are Markis Oasis Parents?

Markis Oasis is raised by his single mother Christina “Tina” Smith. Born in December 1986, Tina is age 36. She celebrated her birthday on 25 December.

Christina is self-employed where she owns a jewelry business. She also graduated college in July 2023 which she flexed on her TikTok. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok where she has 43.9K followers.

Back in 2021, Christina launched another GoFundMe for Markis when he found himself in trouble with the law.

Besides Markis, Tina is a mom of other three sons.

Markis’s brothers are named Christopher Antonio Smith, Quinten Tarrell Markes Smith, and Tony. Christopher was born in 2009 and turned 14 in May 2023. Tina shared that she had “3 days of hard labor & both of us almost dying I gave birthday to a wonder premature baby boy at 6:02 pm.”

Quinten was born to Tina and Louis LPapi Limes in March 2012, now 11 years old. Christina gushed of her son, “He came into the world with a strong personality and nothing has changed he’s a sweet smart loveable child & We couldn’t ask for anything better he always cracking jokes or making silly faces keep a smile or everybody’s face around him. He’s just a joy to have in life period. So We YELLING HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY to our handsome Lil King Mommy & Daddy Love You.”

Moreover, Tina’s oldest and Markis’s older brother Tony reached age 20 in May 2023.

Markis Oasis Girlfriend

Markis Oasis has a girlfriend whose name is yet to be public. Per the bio of GoFundMe, Markis’s girlfriend is 16 years old.

Two of them recently welcomed a daughter they named Danielle Blessings Oasis. Danielle was born in June 2023.

Markis’s mom Tina posted a TikTok showing off her granddaughter to her followers. Tina also shared on Facebook that god told her to bring “Markis 2-month-old daughter to the hospital while he was in a Coma & lay here near his chest & it will wake him up.”

She added, “As you can see once his daughter was in the room and he heard her smelt her felt her heart beat his chest started to move like he was trying to breathe over the ventilator, his legs and arms began to twitch then his body started to left up. July 17th the next day he woke up out of that Coma. so when I speak about my God and how real he is I know 1st hand you can watch the #Miracle unfold but I know God’s work.”

Is Markis Oasis On Instagram And Facebook?

Markis Oasis is on Facebook (@markis.smith.372). But doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Markis Oasis Height

Markis Oasis stood tall above the height of 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Markis Oasis Birthday?

Currently, Markis Oasis’s birthday is not public yet.

  • Where Is Markis Oasis From?

Markis Oasis calls Washington D.C. his hometown as well as his current residence.

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