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Cameron And Ceara McKegney Bio, Age, Job, Twin Love

The internet’s favorite twins Nikki and Brie Garcia can be seen helping other twins find love in a new reality dating show called Twin Love, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video and Freevee on 17 November 2023. Once known as The Bella Twins, these host sisters present to viewers 10 sets of twins split up and placed into two houses of identical casts. Among them are Cameron and Ceara McKegney and so in the rest of the writing we shall exclusively discuss them.

Cameron And Ceara McKegney On Twin Love

So, in this social dating experiment called Twin Love, Cameron and Ceara revealed a lot of things about themselves. They said they both ended up being single at the same time, and it was just great timing as they could participate in this show. They gushed that they just kind of wanted to do something new, to meet new people and it kind of worked out in our their toward the end.

To say Cameron and Ceara are similar would be an understatement. In an interview meant to promote Twin Love, the two opened up about having always been so close growing up, playing the same sports and doing the same activities. After that, they had the same friend group, and both also chose to pursue similar careers, as models. Yes, they did go to different colleges and found different friends around that time, but even then, they eventually came around together.

However, despite the tight-knit relationship, the twin sisters happen to have notably different personalities. They even told the cameras on the show that they have particularly different interests when it comes to dating.

Ceara said while she is more upbeat and hyper, Cameron is more cool, calm, and collected. Also, while Ceara tends to go for the younger guys, the other feels like she is more into older guys. Cameron jokingly added that Twin Love just seemed like a fun opportunity and that if in case they met someone that worked with us, that would be even better.

Cameron And Ceara McKegney Age

Both Cameron (Lura) Mckegney and Ceara (Savannah) McKegney were born in 1997 making them 25 years old by 2022. So, for over a decade, these two are said to have been entertaining their friends unintentionally with their endless twin antics, gift of gab, and sisterly bickering. Among them, it is Cameron who is older than Ceara by a minute.

Cameron said that she is a more responsible and level-headed twin and Ceara is hyper, wild, and more ditzy. Other than that, they both share the same quick wit, mannerisms, and characteristics.

Who Are Cameron And Ceara McKegney Parents?

Talking to the show’s host on Twin Love, Cameron, and Ceara gave a clue that they have been through the “ringer” with family issues that contributed to trust issues in their relationships.

The McKegney sisters’ mother, Helen Hunter-McKegney of Waxhaw, North Carolina, passed away on 10 June 2020, at the age of 55. Helen was the daughter of Thomas R. Hunter and sister of Lesa Hunter Elder.

Cameron and Ceara fortunately have their father with them. He is called Matthew “Matt” Mckegney. He is a native of West Palm Beach, Florida and he turned 64 in 2023. On LinkedIn, he describes himself as a senior sales manager and business leader, who brings a record of success and expertise across the transportation, heavy equipment, industrial, and government markets.

Another person in the McKegney family is John Daniel Hunter McKegney. He is Cameron and Ceara’s brother.

Cameron And Ceara McKegney Job

Ceara McKegney, on her LinkedIn, describes that she has been working as an operations manager at Skyvisions USA since October 2023. Before that, she was a technical recruiter and accounting recruiter at Charlotte-based TEKsystems. Even prior, 2016 – 2020, she was at East Carolina University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication.

Speaking of Cameron, she has been the director of marketing for CHI OMEGA, which is a Delta Kappa chapter at the University of  North Carolina at Charlotte.

Cameron is also known to have been working as an operations assistant and manager at a company in the apparel and accessories retail industry located in North Carolina, United States.

In addition to all of that, Cameron and Ceara also have modeling jobs to go to. They both are represented by Marilyn’s Agency.

Cameron And Ceara McKegney Height

Both Cameron and Ceara McKegney stand to an identical height of below 5’7”. When asked by fellow twins Nikki and Brie, on Twin Love, how someone could tell them apart, Cameron wasted no time to tell them Ceara is the one with fake breasts.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Cameron And Ceara McKegney From?

Cameron and Ceara McKegney were born and raised in Charlotte. On Twin Love, they were the only North Carolina contestants. As of 2023, they were residing in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

  • Are Cameron And Ceara McKegney On Instagram?

Indeed. Both Cameron and Ceara McKegney can be found on Instagram. As of 17 November 2023, Cameron’s IG @cameronmckegney included 167 posts and 5,480 followers and the latter’s @cmck__ included 166 posts and 7,604 followers. Other than that, both also enjoyed sharing glimpses of their lives with their friends on Facebook and TikTok.

  • When Is Cameron And Ceara McKegney’s Birthday?

Cameron and Ceara McKegney’s birthday is on the same day, in December.

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