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Sabella And Hanna Radostitz Age, Job, Parents, Twin Love

Sabella and Hanna Radostitz are among the 14 set of twins you’ll get to see at once on Prime’s Twin Love season 1. They have their own story to share as they are an adopted twins. So who are their parents? What job do they have? Where do they reside?

We got it all covered here.

Sabella And Hanna Radostitz On Prime’s Twin Love

Sabella and Hanna Radostitz from Washington, DC are among the twins who are appearing on Prime’s peculiar dating show Twin Love. The show invited 14 identical twins who were on a quest to find love in a social experiment setting.

Their bio reads, “Sabella and Hanna know how to work hard and play hard, but have never had much luck when it comes to dating. While Hanna is more outgoing and adventurous, she has only had “situationships” with men; Sabella is the sweeter, softer twin but also has never had a serious relationship. They have the same taste in men and even have tattoos of men’s initials they both regret getting.”

“Twin Love is a social dating experiment that explores the love lives of identical twins. Ten sets of twins will be split up and placed into two houses, creating identical casts, where they’ll begin a unique and compelling search for love,” the official synopsis read. “With double the fun and drama, the series will discover if their inherent similarities extend to their romantic desires. When separated from their twin brothers and sisters—some for the first time ever—will they pursue identical partners? Or will their choices be dramatically different?”

The featured twins will have to find out if their similarities translate to their romantic choices or how different they will be because of the show’s unusual style. The hosts of Twin Love, which is based on a model developed by ITV Studios Netherlands, are Brie and Nikki Garcia, better known as the Bella twins from Total Bellas and WWE.

The show premiered on 17 November 2023.

Sabella And Hanna Radostitz Age

Born in November 1996, Sabella and Hanna Radostitz are 26 years old as of 2023.

Who Are Sabella And Hanna Radostitz Parents?

Sabella and Hanna Radostitz are the adopted daughters of Rita Radostitz.

Rita is 64 years old since June 2023. She has been a Director of Philanthropy at Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide since 2008. Rita is a voracious reader and a lover of adventure who has traveled to more than fifty countries, most on her bicycle. She is a graduate of the University of Oregon (BA in Political Science; MA in Journalism and Nonprofit Management) who has fond childhood memories of playing hide and seek with her siblings in the labyrinth of campus science buildings while her father worked in the Physics Department labs.

Rita led the committee that organized TEDxU Oregon in 2013 and 2014. She has a JD from Villanova Law School. She’s served as a public defender in Washington and Oregon and as a capital defense attorney in Texas. She currently lives in Washington DC and works for the Military Commissions Defense Organization.

Sabella and Hanna’s grandmother Alice Radostitz who passed away at age 81. She was survived by other children Marirose Ford of Eugene and a son, Vince of Portland.

Sabella And Hanna Radostitz Job

Sabella Radostitz has a LinkedIn profile that states that she is working as a salon manager at Aveda Georgetown. She began her job in May 2019. Before that, she worked as a Social Media/Communications Intern at Epiphany Productions for four months in 2019.

Moreover, she worked as a Front Desk Coordinator at Silky Smooth Salon Services. She has also worked as a Sales Associate at rue21, at The Krusty Krab, and Sales at DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse.

Sabella graduated from Howard University in 2019 where she studied

Hanna is working as a Real Estate Agent at Keri Shull Team – DMV Real Estate. Her early years were spent growing up in Eugene, Oregon, where she learned from her mother how to invest in real estate. She recognized her interest in real estate after spending so much time with her mother on her investments.

Her family moved to four different homes before relocating to Washington DC, where Hanna attended Howard University. While studying for her degree in sociology with a minor in political science, she took a class on real estate – and discovered her true passion.

Hanna worked in a variety of roles in the retail industry, as a childcare professional, and more recently, as an assistant at a veterinarian hospital in Adams Morgan. Each of these positions has sharpened her customer service skills – from helping her customers find self-confidence, to teaching and comforting toddlers, to reassuring both pets and their people before an examination. Hanna’s calm and professional approach has led to happy outcomes all around. She brings that passion and professionalism to her real estate clients.

Hanna attended South Eugene High School and Theodore Roosevelt Middle School.

Sabella And Hanna Radostitz Height

Sabella and Hanna Radostitz stand tall above 5’7” In height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Sabella And Hanna Radostitz From?

Sabella and Hanna Radostitz are originally from Ethiopia. They arrived in the States when they were 8 years old. They are residing in Washington, District of Columbia, United States.

  • When Is Sabella And Hanna Radostitz Birthday?

Every year, Sabella and Hanna celebrate their birthday on 19 November.

  • Is Sabella And Hanna Radostitz On Instagram?

Yes, Sabella Radostitz is available on Instagram (@sabellamilan_xo) and Facebook (@sabella.radostitz). Hanna’s socials are IG (@hannamilan_xo) and Facebook (@hanna.radostitz).

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