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Campbell Puckett Age, Parents, Net Worth, Before Surgery

Campbell Puckett gained fame as “Pookie” on TikTok. She and her spouse have been dominating everyone’s FYP since a catchphrase went viral on the platform. How old is she now? Who are her parents? Did she perform any kind of surgery?

Here is what we know about Pookie AKA Campbell.

Meet Campbell Puckett, TikTok Star Known As Pookie

Campbell Puckett, a TikTok star, is best known as Pookie on TikTok and Instagram. She and her husband, Jett Puckett, are the prettiest couple now dominating our TikTok feeds.

The nickname ‘Pookie’ has divided the internet. The marriage has sparked so much uproar that even large names like Southwest Airlines have weighed in.

However, while her comment area is filled with viewers arguing about whether the duo is cute or cringe-worthy, their popularity continues to increase. A typical video will see Campbell glammed up alongside a grinning Jett as she goes over her dress options. The clothes include a mix of expensive pieces and the occasional Amazon discovery, and Jett also discusses his ensembles.

However, the primary talking point has been Jett’s now-famous commentary on his wife’s lavish outfits.

Per Campbell’s LinkedIn, she is an influencer and content creator at You Should Wear That LLC. She was an account executive at pep, LLC. She also served IST Management in the same role.

Campbell Puckett Spouse

TikTok star Campbell Puckett and her husband Jett Puckett exchanged their wedding vows on 14 April 2018. The married couple are excited to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary in April 2024. Pookie’s social media post suggests that they have known each other at least since 2018.

Pookie and Jett met when she was working as a flight attendant and he was a grad student. “I walked up to the prettiest girl at a wine bar in Philadelphia, just started talking to her,” Jett detailed in a Jan. 11 TikTok. “Two days later, we were inseparable.”

According to Campbell’s blog, the couple were engaged just 10 months after meeting. Around that time, she and Jett purchased a home in Atlanta.

Campbell too posted about their relationship in January 2023 where she started the post by writing “The best day of my life🤍 7 years ago.”

In the post, Jett shared that meeting “Campbell in March 2016 began the happiest time of my life. After six months, I knew she was the one. My original plan was to propose on her birthday in March during our planned trip to Spain. I went out of my way to make her think I hadn’t bought the ring yet. January rolled around, and we spontaneously decided to go to Hawaii to escape the Philadelphia snow. I realized Maui would be even better than Spain but had just 48 hours to plan the proposal.”

But most recently, Jett and Pookie went viral for a catchphrase “Pookie is looking absolutely fire tonight.” Though the Georgia-based pair has been creating videos about their marriage for years, videos of their date night outfits took off in recent weeks when Jett began consistently complimenting Campbell’s outfit of the day (OOTD) with Pookie, his endearing nickname for his lady love.

“Outfit is fire, Pookie,” Jett commented in one video, while he observed in another TikTok that Campbell was wearing a “quintessential Pookie outfit today.” “Little known fact,” he remarked in the Jan. 1 video, which showed the couple preparing for a day out in Paris. “I particularly love Pookie in a hat.”

However, the video that captivated TikTok users was posted on Jan. 14, when Campbell and Jett were on their way to a group date with pals, dressed in a racy black bustier top and matching trousers.

“Taking Pookie to a new spot tonight with three other couples and Pookie looks absolutely amazing,” Jett remarked in the video, which has been viewed over 6 million times. “Good lord, babe!”

Since then, saying “Pookie” as a compliment has become a meme. Dunkin’ Donuts even joined the Pookie mania, captioning a TikTok video with a stack of doughnuts, “Pookie is looking absolutely fire today.”

The Pucketts don’t share any children now but they are dog parents to a French Bulldog named Pierre.

Jett is working at McLerran & Associates Practice Transitions as a Managing Director – Mergers & Acquisitions. Regarding his education, Jett is a graduate of Darlington School. He earned his BA in . He then earned a JD MBA from the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School and an MBA from The Wharton School in 2016.

In August 2023, Jett turned 33 years of age.

Campbell Puckett Age

In March 2023, Campbell Puckett turned 31 years old.

Who Are Campbell Puckett Parents?

Campbell Puckett is the daughter of Cynthia Campbell Hunt. On Campbell’s 30th birthday, Cynthia wished her daughter, “My Best Friend’s Birthday 🍾#30thbirthday #celebration #momdaughter #bestfriends #likemotherlikedaughter #theysayitsyourbirthday.”

Besides Campbell, Cynthia also has a son named Logan Hunt.

Campbell Puckett Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Campbell Puckett’s is unclear, it is likely above $700 thousand.

Campbell Puckett Before Surgery

Campbell Puckett allegedly had a corrective surgery for her eyes. There are no before pictures for that but people have noticed that she has bulging eyes.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Campbell Puckett Birthday?

Campbell Puckett celebrates his birthday on 10 March.

  • Where Is Campbell Puckett From?

Campbell Puckett hailed from Marion, Illinois.

  • Is Campbell Puckett On Instagram?

On Instagram, Campbell Puckett has 186K followers. She is also on Facebook.

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