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Jett Puckett Net Worth, Age, Family, Campbell Puckett Husband

Get to know Jett Puckett, the husband of social media star Campbell Puckett aka Pookie. The couple went viral for the particular catchphrase which earned the couple millions of views. Who is Jett? Who are his family members? What is his job and how much is his net worth?

Read all about it as you scroll down this article.

Meet Jett Puckett, TikTok Star Pookie Campbell Puckett Husband

TikTok star Campbell Puckett and her husband Jett Puckett exchanged their wedding vows on 14 April 2018. The married couple are excited to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary in April 2024. Pookie’s social media post suggests that they have known each other at least since 2018.

Pookie and Jett met when she was working as a flight attendant and he was a grad student. “I walked up to the prettiest girl at a wine bar in Philadelphia, just started talking to her,” Jett detailed in a Jan. 11 TikTok. “Two days later, we were inseparable.”

According to Campbell’s blog, the couple were engaged just 10 months after meeting. Around that time, she and Jett purchased a home in Atlanta.

Campbell too posted about their relationship in January 2023 where she started the post by writing “The best day of my life🤍 7 years ago.”

In the post, Jett shared that meeting “Campbell in March 2016 began the happiest time of my life. After six months, I knew she was the one. My original plan was to propose on her birthday in March during our planned trip to Spain. I went out of my way to make her think I hadn’t bought the ring yet. January rolled around, and we spontaneously decided to go to Hawaii to escape the Philadelphia snow. I realized Maui would be even better than Spain but had just 48 hours to plan the proposal.”

But most recently, Jett and Pookie went viral for a catchphrase “Pookie is looking absolutely fire tonight.” Though the Georgia-based pair has been creating videos about their marriage for years, videos of their date night outfits took off in recent weeks when Jett began consistently complimenting Campbell’s outfit of the day (OOTD) with Pookie, his endearing nickname for his lady love.

“Outfit is fire, Pookie,” Jett commented in one video, while he observed in another TikTok that Campbell was wearing a “quintessential Pookie outfit today.” “Little known fact,” he remarked in the Jan. 1 video, which showed the couple preparing for a day out in Paris. “I particularly love Pookie in a hat.”

However, the video that captivated TikTok users was posted on Jan. 14, when Campbell and Jett were on their way to a group date with pals, dressed in a racy black bustier top and matching trousers.

“Taking Pookie to a new spot tonight with three other couples and Pookie looks absolutely amazing,” Jett remarked in the video, which has been viewed over 6 million times. “Good lord, babe!”

Since then, saying “Pookie” as a compliment has become a meme. Dunkin’ Donuts even joined the Pookie mania, captioning a TikTok video with a stack of doughnuts, “Pookie is looking absolutely fire today.”

The Pucketts don’t share any children now but they are dog parents to a French Bulldog named Pierre.

A little about Campbell, she was a former Miss Illinois Outstanding Teen at Miss America. She worked at Ole Miss Football from 2010 to 2013.

Moreover, she was a former Flight attendant at American Airlines. After that job, Campbell worked as an Associate District Manager at ADP.

Pookie is originally from Marion, Illinois.

Jett Puckett Job

Jett Puckett established his career in finance. He started as a part-time e-campaign manager at David Doss Campaign for State Senate in 2012. During that time, he also served as a summer law clerk at The Finnell Firm.

In 2014, Jett worked at ModusOne Health as a director of business development.

Jett was a co-founder of Lexalutions, LLC. Lexalutions, LLC has secured $2,000,000 in funding as of June 2013. It was an educational technology company to improve education through a technology solution that increased local school funding.

After the company closed in 2016, Jett worked at Citi as an Investment Banking Associate. After working there for a little over a year, he joined H2C Securities Inc. (H2C) as an Investment Banking Vice President.

Jett also served as a Chief Development Officer at Oak Dental Partners.

Most recently, Jett has been working at McLerran & Associates Practice Transitions as a Managing Director – Mergers & Acquisitions.

Jett is a graduate of Darlington School. He earned his BA in from The University of Georgia. He then earned a JD MBA from the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School and an MBA from The Wharton School in 2016.

How Much Is Jett Puckett Net Worth?

Jett Puckett’s estimated net worth should be at least $1 million.

Jett Puckett Age

In 2023, Jett Puckett reached the age of 33.

Jett Puckett Family

Jett Puckett is the son of Joy Blackwood Puckett and Dennis Jett Puckett.

His mom Joy is serving as an Account Executive at Proforma Albrecht & Company. She is a graduate of the University of West Georgia and Berry College. She is 66 years old. Whereas, his dad Dennis turned 66 in February 2023.

Jett’s paternal grandfather is named Hubert Puckett, the founder of Big Chicken in Marietta, Georgia. Hubert was born in 1933 in Atlanta. Growing up, he fell in love with Soap Box Derby, designing and racing cars throughout Georgia. Along with Soap Box Derby, Puckett designed buildings. In 1960, he began working for Dixie Steel, a subsidiary of Atlantic Steel Company.

Along with Soap Box Derby, Puckett designed buildings. In 1960, he began working for Dixie Steel, a subsidiary of Atlantic Steel Company.

The Big Chicken was added to the original restaurant, Johnny Reb’s Chick-Chuck-‘N’-Shake, in 1963, and KFC purchased it in 1974. The structure was rebuilt in 1993 after storm damage, and again in 2017, when the rooster’s moving eyes and beak were added. Puckett founded his own design company, U.S. Building Technology, in 1994 and continues to work on projects.

His firm has designed buildings in both Florida and the Bahamas. Among Puckett’s numerous accomplishments in a long and successful career, the Big Chicken is a permanent part of his legacy and a beloved piece of Marietta and Georgia Tech history.

Whereas his maternal grandparents are the late Wayne Claude Blackwood and Joyce Lunsford Blackwood. Wayne passed away on 15 September 2020 at the age of 82. He was a decorated WWII officer in Darby’s Rangers, which evolved into the U.S. Army Rangers. He met his wife Joyce in 3rd grade and never left her side for 75 years, including 63 years of marriage.

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  • Where Is Jett Puckett From?

Jett Puckett hailed from Rome, Georgia. He is now residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Is Jett Puckett On Instagram?

Yes, Jett Pukett is available on Instagram and Facebook.

  • When Is Jett Puckett Birthday?

Jett Puckett celebrates his birthday on 30 August.

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